All The Mumbo Jumbo

All The Mumbo Jumbo is what I refer to as all the random, ridiculous, and fun posts that I write on The Never Ending Book Basket.

(Not that all my posts aren’t like that, but these ones just kind of hit it out of the park.)

Click on the title of each post to begin exploring all the ridiculousness, and I do hope you enjoy!

Happy Reading!

Where it all began:

Top Reads:

Film Adaptations of Books:

Random Reading Fun:

  • I’m a Giver (22 Books Recommended Just For You!) : My list of 22 (or more accurately 23) books that I HIGHLY recommend to any and all! (This post is not something you want to miss!)
  • Good Riddance: We bid Good Riddance to something at The Never Ending Book Basket, so click the link to find out what exactly that was…
  • Binge Reading: Many of us binge read, and there are many dire consequences of binge reading.  Click on this post to see the results of my latest binge read.
  • There’s No Crying in Reading: I apparently have the emotional range of a piece of paper when it comes to reading, but this post counts down the only 8 books that have ever made me cry.
  • I just spent the last 9 nights in bed with Colleen Hoover, and it was the best. My post about my latest binge read of Colleen Hoover’s books. This post is full of fun and crazy, and all things Colleen Hoover! It’s also got my take on synopsis’ for each of her books, which is hysterical.
  • 365 Days of Blogging: How in the hell did that happen? The Never Ending Book Basket celebrates its first blogiversary!! Eeek!! Be sure to check out this post for all the fun and crazy, and maybe a little Justin Timberlake.
  • Summer of Series: What happened when I set out to read all of my unread series! Check out this post for what series I devoured and loved, and to see what series I still have left to read!
  • Two Years of Blogging, Oh My, Oh My!:  I have managed to keep this blog alive for 730 days!! This post is a big old thank you post to all of you who’ve supported me these past 2 years, and it’s full of sass, humor, and gifs, so be sure to check it out!
  • Amazon, you hit like a bitch. Want to know what happens when a book blogger gets banned from Amazon? Well then be sure to check out this post.

The Best 5 1/2 Places to Find Books:


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