Binge Reading

Binge reading and I go way back. We’re like old friends that get together once and awhile, and have a total free for all. Crap gets crazy, emotions are on edge, and coffee has never tasted so good than during a binge read.

What is binge reading you ask?

Binge reading is the act of reading multiple books within a very short amount of time. Those books could be from a series, or just from one author you love so much you read all of their works at once. It has side effects that can include, but are not limited to:

  • Not eating for long periods of time
  • Not moving from one spot for even longer periods of time
  • Relying on heavy amounts of caffeine to keep reading
  • Wearing yoga pants so that you’re comfortable when you’re not moving around while reading
  • Possibly lying in your own filth because showering just isn’t important

In case you’re wondering, I’ve probably had one or all of those symptoms while binge reading a book series or author’s works. Those things are just what happens when you binge read, and there’s not really a way to prevent those things from happening.

(For the record, there are ways to prevent these things from happening, but when you’re as addicted to books as I am it can be really hard.)

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Once, during what was my first binge read, I actually lost like 7 pounds because I wasn’t eating while I sucked in those books. I’m not really proud of that one, and I now try my best to eat and read at the same time. Call me Ms. Multitasker.

Remember to hydrate and eat binge readers!

I wanted to use this post to share with you all my last foray into binge reading, and hear from y’all what you’ve binge read. I know I’m not the only crazy book addict out there.

This last binge read involved 5 books that I promptly devoured in approximately 39 hours. About 1300ish pages later I was completely and totally in love with The Corps Security Series by the amazing Harper Sloan.

These books are hot with a capital H, and the characters in them are all freaking fantastic. (Especially Sway… He just brought a smile to my face!) Each book in this series follows one of the leading men in the Corps Security Group, while still giving you all the other characters you heart something fierce.

I absolutely loved every single word of these books, and I couldn’t put them down. Hence the binge read.

I started the first one at midnight on a Sunday, and by Tuesday afternoon they were all devoured. These books are filled to the brim with phenomenal male and female characters, a crap ton of emotion that you can’t help but feel, plenty of highs and lows, tons of excitement and energy, enough hot and spicy to get you fired up, and many moments that’ll leave you breathless and near tears.

(If you read my last post, you know that I have the emotional range of a piece of paper and tend not to cry while reading. Reading this series I almost cried TWICE which is huge! Those moments just got me, and I absolutely adored them!)

These books are just magnificent and I can’t recommend them to you enough. They were oh so worth a binge read, so if you’re looking for what needs to be read next, check out these books. (To see my reviews of the books, check out the Goodreads tab above.) The newest book in the series just released too, plus there’s 1 more book to be released, so it’s basically a win win for you!

You’re welcome.

So now that I’ve shared my latest binge read, I’d like to hear from you about yours. What series/author/books have you binge read, and what made them worth a binge read?

Binge reading ain’t for the faint of heart, so I can’t wait to hear from y’all about what books have been worth not being mentally present during the day because you’re so wrapped up in a book series/author.

To learn more about Harper Sloan and her fabulous books, check out the following links:

Website               Facebook                  Goodreads          Twitter                 Amazon


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