Hello 2015, You Gorgeous Son of a B.

So we are a bit over a week into 2015.

I know what you’re thinking…How in the hell is it 2015 already?!

This is the time when everyone really starts thinking about those infamous resolutions they made, and they start to wonder how likely they are to actually do them.

I myself am included in that group. I’m knee deep in those resolutions at this point, but this year I am bound and determined that I will accomplish at least one of them.

This year I want to do a lot of things, right along with everybody else.

I want to try and be healthier and happier.

I want to put myself out there more.

I want to write 50,000 words at least on the story that’s been rolling around in my head for years.


I want to read and review all 114 books that are currently residing in my real never ending book basket. ***

Let's all take a moment to look at the ridiculousness that is my overflowing never ending book basket...

Let’s all take a moment to look at the ridiculousness that is my overflowing never ending book basket…

Yeah I finally counted all the books in that son of a bitch, and let me tell you that was no easy feat.

Especially since counting accurately is apparently not my strongest suit.

Let’s just take a moment to realize that I own 114 paperbacks that I haven’t read. I’m kind of mad at myself for letting it get this bad, but then I’m kind of proud of myself for buying so many books.

I should get like a medal or something.

But I don’t have a book buying problem, or anything. Right?

Yeah we all know I’m delusional about my book buying addiction, but I’ve made the decision that I’ve got to get it together. I have got to read some of those books because they are all dying to be read, and some of those poor suckers are buried so deep in that basket that they haven’t seen actual light in years.

So I am saying here and now that this year is going to be the year I make a dent in the ridiculousness that is that basket. By this point next year I’m hoping most, if not all, of those 114 books will be on my bookshelf and not in that damn basket. And all of them will be reviewed on here.

Think I can do it?

giphyWell I personally can’t guarantee anything, like at all because lord knows I buy books about as often as a I breathe, but I am sure going to give it the good ole college try.

Fingers crossed.

I think this is going to be the best mother effing challenge. I am so excited to make my way through those books and that basket, and I hope you are too!

It ain’t gonna be easy and I am sure to buy 30 new paperbacks and countless more kindle books between the beginning and end of 2015, but in my opinion there are way worse things you can buy than books.

Like drugs, or Nickelback CD’s.

So who’s ready to hop on my crazy train and book reading adventure, and welcome in 2015 like a champ?

I’ve got 114 paperback books standing between me and meeting this resolution, and I for one can’t wait to dive head first into all of them.giphyAFGKAAYI

So hello 2015, you gorgeous son of a bitch.

Let’s get this hot mess express started.

May the reading, reviewing, and ridiculousness begin!

For a full list of the books in the Never Ending Book Basket click HERE.

***It should be noted that this list/number does not include the over 64 unread Kindle books I am currently hoarding. I am also going to work like crazy to read and review those ones too, so stay tuned!

They Say Step One is Admitting You Have a Problem

My name is Megan, and I am an addict. I have had this addiction for quite a while now, and I guess at this point it’s time to admit that it is probably never going to go away. My addiction has ebbed and flowed over the years, but I have to say that I am currently in the midst of full blown addiction. I deal with this addiction every day. It can get bad at night, and weekends are even worse. This is rock bottom. They say step one is admitting you have a problem, so here I am declaring it to the world.  I have a problem, and I am fully admitting it.

Now before you go calling A &E to set up an intervention, I guess I should tell you that what I am addicted to is perfectly legal. To fill my addiction I don’t have to break the law, go to any dangerous sketchy place in the middle of the night, or spend an arm and leg to fill my need. Even though it does cost me more money per year than I (or my mother for instance) would like to admit, I won’t be arrested anytime soon for my addiction, though I will probably wonder where all my money went. Some of you are already aware that I have this addiction, as I have had it for quite some time now. It is quite obvious it takes up a good part of my life. Some of you have even fed this addiction over time, but no blame or shame can be put on your shoulders. The true blame falls on me, and now the time has come to fully expose myself to the world, and proclaim what I have known for years.

I am addicted to books.

While I may admit my introduction to my addiction could be a tad more serious than it needed to be, the sentiment is still the same. For as long as I can remember I have loved books. I lovingly refer to the book store as my mecca. (And before you ask, I have actually said that out loud to multiple people in public places besides the book store) I have also spent more money than I am willing to admit on buying books. Let’s just say that inside of a good book is where I love to spend some time. For the record, let it be noted that when I say “some time” I really mean a crap ton of time, to the point that I have actually lost weight before because getting up to eat meant I had to stop reading. But don’t you worry, that has only happened a few times, and when I say a few I actually mean more times than I’d like to admit.

So what have we deduced so far, besides that I have a “slight” problem? I love to read. It is one of my biggest passions. Anyone who knows me knows that I can read, or talk about the books I read all day every day. If you think that is even a minor exaggeration ask me about a book I have read, or one that I am reading. I. Dare. You.

Finally we have come to the point where I explain the purpose of the proclamation of my book addiction. As I have previously stated about 45 times by now, I love books and reading, and in the never ending search to continue discussing the books I read, I decided to start this blog. My goal for this blog is simple. I want a new outlet to discuss the books I am currently reading, and maybe even a few I have already read, but can’t seem to let out of my mind. I also hope this blog will serve as a way for me to recommend books to others, as I truly think good books need to be shared with the world IMMEDIATELY. (Just ask those close to me, because I have frequently called them out of the blue demanding they read a book ASAP)

Thus, to save you all hours of my endless talking about books day in and day out in person, I decided that I should take to the internet and spread my thoughts to the World Wide Web. (Or the few friends and family members who may actually read this blog. Clearly I have very high expectations.) I will admit that this is my first real attempt at blogging, but I figured I would give it my very best try. Let’s be honest though, this just gives me another way to keep talking about something I love, and God knows I so enjoy doing that.

Whether or not the whole word or just my crazy band of merry book reader friends see this blog, I truly hope that these posts will bring about some great discussions about the many fantastic books out there today. That last sentence can essentially be translated into this: I hope to use this blog as a means to spread my book addiction to the world in a way that does not require an actual intervention in a conference room at the local Clarion Inn.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. My name is Megan, and I am addicted to books. It is an all too consuming problem, and I am admitting it freely here and now. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Well I have done that, and the time has come to accept my addiction.  Book addiction is not to be taken lightly, but when done correctly it is the best kind of addiction to have. Let me be clear that while I may be acknowledging here that I have a problem, it in no way means I am going to stop with my addiction.

You should join me on my path of addiction. It’s one hell of a ride, but so totally worth it.

I am a book addict. This is what book addiction looks like. Not so bad, right?

I am a book addict. This is what book addiction looks like. Not so bad though, right?