Review Post: Hats Off to Love by Kathryn Andrews


HATS OFF TO LOVE by Kathryn Andrews is LIVE!


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If you ask anyone to describe the great state of Kentucky, odds are they’ll most likely answer you with “Bourbon and horses,” but if you ask Rosie May, the only thing she’ll ever respond with is “Derby hats.”

Big hats. Small hats. Elaborate hats. Simple hats. You name it, she loves them all. Every. Single. One. Because of this, she’s always known she would one day own a Derby hat store. At twenty-five, she’s back in her hometown of Louisville, and her dream has finally come true. With the season officially underway, her brand-new shop is gorgeous, the inventory is stocked, and she’s ready to go. Her only problem is William Stokes Whitlock III.

Stokes is tall, insanely handsome, heir to one of the largest thoroughbred farms, and her best friend’s brother. He’s also annoying, incredibly boring, arrogant, and for over half of her life, her sworn enemy. Only now, it seems he needs a favor. As for why, he won’t say.

For two months, she’ll be his girlfriend, and in return he’ll use his society status to help promote her new shop. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. She thinks his timing couldn’t be worse, but the way he sees it, it’s the best. The best for who—that’s to be determined. 

How do they pretend to be in love when all they’ve ever felt is hate? Can she do this? Can they? Especially knowing it’s fake . . . or is it? 

Can Rosie set aside what she thinks she knows of the boy from her past to see the man standing in her present? With her heart at stake, she has to decide if she’s willing to go against the odds to place the biggest bet of them all . . . on love.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 Utterly Incredible Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Kathryn Andrews and her books. There is just something about the way that she creates her characters and stories that gives me everything. The vibrancy and personalities of her characters, the way her words bring it all to life, the way she captures the feels and the swoon and the pure connection of her characters…it’s just the best.

And let me tell y’all, Hats Off to Love is Kathryn Andrews at her best.

It is exceptionally written and crafted, and every word and page just pulls you in more. It is fun, effervescent, and just full of life and color and more personality than you can shake a stick at! It’s charming and swoony and so dang sweet. It’s a story that has so much heart, such true connection, and a lot of heart that will pull you in fiercely to these characters. This book truly has it all, and I can’t stop smiling when I think about all that I got with these characters along the way.

Simply put, this book was absolutely fantastic from start to finish and it is a book that you need in your life this very second.

Hats Off to Love has it all.

Fake dating. Check.
Frenemies to Lovers….check check.
Best friend’s brother….check check check.
Southern charm and so much swoon….all the checks.

This book was utterly amazing. From the very first page I was consumed, I wanted and needed more, and I had to get it all with Rosie and Stokes. Those two definitely kept me on my toes, and boy was I there for every second of it. They definitely knew how to push each other to the edge, and I was there for every bit of them dancing around the world of feeling and connection they had for one another. Those two will give you it all, and I promise you that they will both make it well worth the journey they go on together.

Hats Off to Love brings you into the heart of the Kentucky Derby season and into the world of southern high society, where the gossip is strong and the hats are even bigger.

This book follows Rosie and Stokes, two people who love to hate each other and push every button possible. They’ve known each other since childhood, and have been bothering each other ever since. So when Stokes comes to Rosie with an offer for them to pretend to be together, Rosie doesn’t know what to do with him or the offer. She’s an up and coming boss babe who is ready to take on Derby season, and he’s a local well known wealthy bachelor who always says the one thing ready to annoy her. He’s her best friend’s brother, and despite him annoying the hell out of her at times, she can’t help but feel a certain pull to him. She decides to take him up on his offer of fake dating because she can’t resist the opportunity to get help with her business and despite their well known animosity, she trusts Stokes.

What ensues between them in this book is fake dating, frenemies to lovers, goodness. This book is chalk full of moments that make these two question what is really happening between them and where it’s going. What started off as something fake, something to mutually benefit them both, soon becomes way more than either of them bargained for. Which leads both Stokes and Rosie to decide what’s real, what’s fake, and what could be.

Kathryn Andrews does the most phenomenal job of bringing this book and story to life in the most vibrant and enjoyable way. From page one I was invested in this story and rooting for these characters, and the more I got with them, the more I NEEDED them to give their hearts to one another. I loved how she created such life and vibrancy with Rosie and Stokes that they felt so real to me. These characters became a part of me as I read their story. I got to know them in every way, I fell in love with them hard and fiercely, and I just became so invested in what could be for them.

The way that Kathryn Andrews pours it all into Rosie and Stokes makes this book the absolute best to read and experience. I think I smiled through every page, had my heart melt and swoon the more the story continued, and just loved these characters through it all. That is all a testament to what this author creates in this book, and it really speaks to how Kathryn Andrews creates her books and stories and characters that I felt all that I did while reading it.

This book just felt so good to read and experience. It made my heart happy, it gave me all the feels, and it gave me a love story that I will never forget. It was equal parts fun, feisty, and fantastic from beginning to end. And it also just shows you that even your wildest dreams are possible if you take a chance, if you believe in yourself and those around you, and if you just go for it heart first.

Simply put, I loved everything about Hats Off to Love by Kathryn Andrews.

This book immersed me in a heart touching romance that made me blush, made me swoon, and that made me feel it all, all while giving me one hell of a love story. This book gave me a romance of two people with a searing connection that will pull them both into something more real than they could ever imagine. This story swept me up into its magical grasp, into a world of southern charm, derby hats and fast races, business dealings, and more vibrancy than I could have ever imagined. This book delivered an exceptional story of how something fake, soon became something so very real and something that was so much more than these characters could have ever bargained for…and that more, well it was everything.

Rosie and Stokes will give you it all in this book. Trust me. They will make you work for it at times, but you will love it and you will love them. You will love how they take this lively and connection filled journey together as they embark on a fake relationship that soon becomes something very real. You will love how deep things become between them and how that makes them both question everything they’ve ever felt and known about one another. You will love the banter and the spirit filled moments that are the heart of this book. You will love how honest and real things become between them and how that leads them to something truly unexpected, yet something so utterly beautiful.

You will just love them. You will love every single moment and morsel you get with them along the way, and more than that, you will just love you get to feel and live it all as they see what could be. And I promise you, they won’t disappoint you. Not one little bit.

Kathryn Andrews has done it again in Hats Off to Love. She brings it all to this story and makes it the most enjoyable read from beginning to end. This is a love story that I know I will not soon forget. It was everything I needed and more, and it has firmly cemented itself as one of my top reads of the year, and a sure favorite from this author. This book had it all, the love, the swoon and spice, the connection and pull, some serious charm, and lots and lots of fabulous hats.

What more could you want? Absolutely nothing. Trust me.

Review Post: The Difference Between Someday and Forever by Aly Martinez (Difference Trilogy #3)

The world took everything from us.
And we would stop at nothing until we took it all back—forever.

The Difference Between Someday and Forever, the much anticipated and stunning conclusion to The Difference Trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez is now live!

The world took everything from us.

As survivors of not only a plane crash, but two other impossible tragedies, we’d more than earned a life of peace. But time and time again, we were shown that fate had no intention of giving that to us.

Remi and I were soulmates. Plain and simple. Our love should have died in the depths of our darkness, but the sun still exists even when it’s not shining.

The secrets of our past threatened to destroy us at every turn, but for Remi, I would never stop fighting for our future.

The world took everything from us.
And we would stop at nothing until we took it all back—forever.

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*****5 Absolutely Amazing Stars*****

There are so many things that I want to tell you about this book and the absolutely magnificent ending that Aly Martinez crafted for Bowen and Remi. I want to tell you everything. I want to tell you how this last book, this epic and unforgettable ending, delivered it all. I want to tell you about how this book made me cry, made me laugh, made me blush, how it literally stole my breath multiple times. I want to tell you all of the things that made this book and this trilogy absolutely amazing. I want to give you every single detail and more sol that makes this story one of the best stories that I’ve ever experienced.

I want to tell you everything, but I can’t do that For a couple of reasons. One, because spoilers ain’t cool. Two, because my words will never do this authors words justice. And they deserve every bit of damn justice for what Aly Martinez creates and gives you in this book and ending. And three, this ending is one that you just need to experience for yourself.

Trust me when I say that.

I am an ending person. There is just something so utterly spectacular about a good ending. When you’ve spent a long amount of time with characters, when you’ve been able to understand every piece of them, when you fall and heart first in love with them and just traveled and experienced it all with them, you want an ending that they deserve. You crave that satisfying conclusion that delivers everything. You desperately hope and pray that the author will bring together an ending that will give you everything and more that you needed with the characters you loved from the start.

Good endings are what I live for as a reader. A good ending is what makes my reader heart happy. They are one of the many reasons why I love a good series, and I knew coming into this last book of this trilogy that I wanted the most epic and emotional and unforgettable ending for Remi and Bowen. And let me tell you, I got the most perfect ending for those characters in this book.

What Aly Martinez so beautifully and breathtakingly and thoughtfully creates in this last book with them will truly blow you away. It will eviscerate all of your heart and emotions. It will simultaneously heal every broken piece of you and them as they fight for their love. It will keep you on the edge of your seat through every twist and turn that comes their way. It will have you in all of what you get with them, what you feel with them, what you come to understand and live and take in with them. It will deliver everything you didn’t even know you needed with them. And I promise you it will also answer every single question you’ve had about their story and their journey together.

I truly could not have asked for a more fitting an epic conclusion for Remi and Bowen. Those two are soulmates. Those two are complicated and amazing and messy and wonderful characters that have owned my heart from the very first page of this series. Getting to see the two of them face every hurdle, every heartbreaking moment, and every bit of in between, has just seared them to me. They have permanently burrowed themselves so deep in my heart, so to say that I needed them to get that ending they deserved, is literally putting it too mildly.

I needed EVERYTHING for them.

I needed them to heal. I needed them to get the answers they sought. I needed them to be okay. I needed them to believe in themselves and each other. I needed them to experience more of the beautiful and absolutely mesmerizing love that they gave one another. I needed them to get the happily ever after that they had fought so damn hard for.

I don’t want to ruin anything about that ending that they so epically and magnificently give you, and I don’t want to spoil anything, but let me just say… I was not disappointed in what I got with those two at all. Not one little bit. They delivered it all and then some, and they gave me an ending that was beyond worthy of their journey and story together.

What Aly Martinez has delivered and created in this epic trilogy is something I will never forget reading.

This trilogy is a story of two characters who have a literally been put through the wringer. Two people who are soulmates, who are the endgame we all root for, but who have what feels like insurmountable challenges in front of them. They go through it all in this series. They have to fight for it. They have to put their hearts on the line. They have to be willing to feel everything and give it all for the chance and experiencing the love that they share. Their story will break your heart. But it will also give you life. It will put you back together again. It will amaze you in every way with the depth of what they share and feel. And while it might not be easy and it might not always be pretty, it is beyond worth it. And it is one of the most epic and exhilarating and all feeling romances I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

This book allows you to feel everything with Remi and Bowen. It allows you to understand their choices, their motivations, their drive, and every facet of their hearts and souls. It allows you to remember again and again why you need them to be together and find that chance at a forever live after everything they’ve been through. It shows you on every page why they are meant to be and it reminds you that the level of what they feel for one another and the emotion of it all is so beyond beautiful and breathtaking and just utterly spectacular. Getting to experience and live that and practically touch all of that with them as they fight like hell for one another and their love is absolutely everything.

It truly is.

I really don’t even have the right amount of words to accurately capture what Aly Martinez delivers in this final book. This story has kept me on the edge of my seat from the very start, it has made me cry all of the tears, and it has made me feel just about every emotion possible. There have been moments that have shattered me. Moments that have given me everything. Moments that have truly stolen my breath with what these characters go through and experience. Moments that have made me laugh my ass off and moment so full of joy and elation that you will feel the warmth and the happiness emanating from these characters and those moments. All of those moments come together in this final book to deliver the ending that these characters deserve.

I never could’ve asked for a better ending than what I got in this final book for Remi and Bowen, and the way that this author so thoughtfully and intricately brings together their story for this final chapter just reminds you again and again why they are meant to be, why they are truly soulmates, and why no matter what happens, those two will always find a way.

This book was the perfect conclusion for this absolutely mesmerizing and consuming love story, and it honestly was a shining example of why this author is one of the best authors I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. The way that she crafts her words, the way that she allows you to live and feel everything with her characters, and the way that she pushes them as characters just as much as she pushes you through every moment of her story, lets her writing and storytelling talent shine. This author immerses you in this world for a final chapter that will make you feel everything under the sun, that will show you that soulmates are definitely real, and that will show you love can truly see you through anything and give you the world, if you keep yourself open to it and fight like hell for the chance to have it.

Remi and Bowen make this ending theirs and I promise that if you have loved every book in this trilogy, you will not be disappointed in this ending. Not one little bit. This author culminates the story in a way that you will never forget and in a way that will have you feeling everything well after you reach that last page.

I finished this book days ago and I still can’t stop thinking about the ending and what I got with these characters. I still can’t stop feeling the heart and the emotion and the meaning behind what they built and shared in this entire trilogy, but especially in this last book. And I especially can’t stop loving every single thing about them.

Those two made me smile until my cheeks hurt, made me laugh so hard, shocked me to my core to the point that I literally lost my voice while reading their story because I was so taken with everything they threw my way. They made me cry so hard I hurt my sinuses, they physically hurt my heart, but they also put me back together again in a way that I will never forget. They showed me what it meant to feel everything, to love with your entire soul and being, and to fight with all you have for the chance at love and happiness and forever.

Aly Martinez so thoughtfully and magnificently crafted the perfect ending to a love story that I will never forget reading. This book captured the fire of these characters, every facet of their hearts and souls, and it emanated with one of the most epic and deep and true love stories that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. The way that it all comes together will blow your mind and your heart away, but will also have you knowing that you’ve just read the most fitting ending to the most incredible love story…and it doesn’t get better than that.

Remi and Bowen will always own a part of my heart after what they gave me in this trilogy. They may have made me work for it, and they may have made me shed quite a few tears along the way with them, but they made it so beyond worth it. They are love and the possibilities of them and everything they give you is so beyond worth it. They are so beyond worth it.

Their love story is one of fate, heartbreak, spark, connection, every single emotion, and a hell of a lot of paperwork….and boy is it everything.

So much glorious everything that will give the world and them and their love.

In the end, getting that, feeling that, living and experiencing that, and just being in the presence of that and them and their epic, feel it in your bones and marrow of your soul, love, is the absolute best.

The. Absolute. Best.

Excerpt from The Difference Between Somebody and Someone

“Sorry, is my mood killing your buzz?” I asked.
Her blue eyes sparkled in the glow of the airplane reading light. “It really is.”
I shook my head and went back to mindlessly flipping the pages of a magazine I’d bought at the terminal back in Colorado. I’d picked it up with hopes it would be a distraction from the cyclone raging within me on our way back to Atlanta. The minute she ordered that drink, I’d known it was a lost cause.
Her hand came across the armrest and landed on my thigh. “Bowen, stop. It’s not a big deal.”
It was the truth. Compared to everything we’d been through, our house could have been swallowed by a sinkhole and it wouldn’t have been considered a big deal.
Honest to God, I was lucky to still have her at all. It had only been nine months since we’d met, but we’d lived a thousand lives in that time. Unfortunately, that also meant we’d died almost as many deaths.
Terrifying, tortuous, agony-filled deaths.
We’d also found love though—immeasurable amounts of it.
I stared down at her engagement ring. I’d cashed out a huge chunk of my savings account and still had to open a line of credit with the jewelry store to buy the three-karat princess-cut ring. The payment was roughly the same as I paid for my truck each month, but the tears in her eyes as she’d sat in her hospital bed, clutching it to her chest the day I proposed, made it all worth it.
She was worth it. Every day, every tear, every worry-filled minute shaved off my life.
I’d do it all again.
If only I weren’t so helpless to save her. I loved that woman. Whole heart. Whole soul. Bend me, break me, crack me open and she would have been there. No matter how bad it got, she was always a part of me.
I wasn’t sure anymore if she could say the same.
“Bowen,” she whispered, just as she’d done so many times before. It was a plea. One she knew I’d answer no matter the situation. No matter how mad I got. No matter how much I feared losing her again.
My gaze instinctively lifted to hers.
She smiled and the sight caused an ache in my chest. It was a lie.
God, I missed her smile.
“Baby, I’m okay.” She tilted her head to her drink. “I hate flying. That’s all this is.”
That was a lie too.
My shoulders fell and a loud breath tore from my burning lungs, but I let myself pretend, my mind going back to a time when it could have been the truth.
I thought of the nights we’d shared multiple bottles of wine and made love, laughing and moaning under the covers until the sun crept across the horizon. She’d rested peacefully in my arms. No nightmares. No crying in her sleep. No insomnia. Just even breaths, her head on my shoulder, and her body wound around mine so tightly it was like a second skin.
But that was the past.
The unreachable, insurmountable past.
The plane jerked, forcing me back to the present.
“Shit.” She moved her hand off my thigh to grasp her drink as it sloshed all over her. “Crap, crap, crap,” she chanted, using a cocktail napkin to dry the dark-red pool of tomato juice on her white pants.
For a moment, I sat there and watched her struggle. It wasn’t the most chivalrous thing to do, but I was all out of grand gestures.
She unbuckled her seat belt and lurched to her feet, her phone along with a handful of ice cubes from her lap falling to the floor. “Damn, this is going to leave a huge stain.”
The plane jerked again and she stumbled forward, crashing into the seat in front of her before I could catch her arm.
“Dammit, sit down before you get hurt.”
Ignoring me, she bent over to fish her phone from under the seat. “Hit the button for the flight attendant. I need some club soda and a lemon. STAT.”
“No, what you need is to sit down.”
I gave her arm a tug and dragged her down to the seat. Using the tip of my boot, I swept her phone toward her. Aforementioned lack of chivalry aside, I was no contortionist; leaning over to pick it up was out of the question.
She folded her upper body over my lap and blindly patted around the floor. I fought the urge to run my fingers through the back of her hair. In the beginning, it would have been a no-brainer. I’d have curled forward and suggestively whispered in her ear, “Since you’re already down there…”
She would have grinned up at me, her whole face filled with mischief as she traced a finger over my zipper, ignoring anyone who dared to watch her as she replied, “You mean down here?”
I’d have grabbed her hand and made her stop even though I was the one who had started it. She had no filter. She always took it one step too far. I’d loved that about her when we’d first met. It was fresh and exciting, a far cry from the stuffy women I’d dated in the past.
But now, she was in the past too.
We were in the past.

About Aly
Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four hilarious children.
Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys movies that can surprise her with a twist, charcuterie boards, and her mildly neurotic golden retriever. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person.
She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine by her side.

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Releasing Now: The Difference Between Someday and Forever (The Difference Trilogy #3) by Aly Martinez

The world took everything from us.

The Difference Between Someday and Forever, the much anticipated and stunning conclusion to The Difference Trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez is now live!

The world took everything from us.

As survivors of not only a plane crash, but two other impossible tragedies, we’d more than earned a life of peace. But time and time again, we were shown that fate had no intention of giving that to us.

Remi and I were soulmates. Plain and simple. Our love should have died in the depths of our darkness, but the sun still exists even when it’s not shining.

The secrets of our past threatened to destroy us at every turn, but for Remi, I would never stop fighting for our future.

The world took everything from us.
And we would stop at nothing until we took it all back—forever.

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About Aly
Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four hilarious children.
Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys movies that can surprise her with a twist, charcuterie boards, and her mildly neurotic golden retriever. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person.
She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine by her side.

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Releasing Now: From the Embers by Aly Martinez

Our love was born from the embers, and together we would go up in flames.

From The Embers, an all-new standalone catastrophic romance from USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez is available now!

In the aftermath of tragedy, it’s strange the things you remember.
The deafening boom as the house exploded.
The paralyzing fear as I searched for my wife.
The blinding smoke burning my eyes as I carried her out.

But carved into my soul for the rest of my days would be the earth-shattering realization that the woman in my arms wasn’t my wife.

Bree and I were the only survivors—not that either of us were truly living after that night. As a single dad with nowhere else to go, I moved into her guest house. And somehow, through the guilt and grief, we forged an unlikely team.

It took years, but I watched the gradual return of her smile—slow and life-altering.
The two of us could sit outside for hours, talking about nothing, and it filled the massive hole in my chest with new life.

I may have carried her out of that fire, but the truth was, Bree saved me.

As we healed, the secrets and lies of the past smoldered in the ashes, threatening to ignite again.

Our love was born from the embers, and together we would go up in flames.

Be consumed by the fire, today!
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About Aly Martinez

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her husband and four young children.
Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys cheap wine, mystery leggings, and olives. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person.
She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a super-sized tumbler of wine by her side.

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It’s a Binge Read: Colleen Hoover

I can still remember the first time I read a book by Colleen Hoover.

It was a book I went into blind. It was a book so emotionally gripping, so breathtaking, and so heartbreaking yet utterly beautiful. It was a book unlike anything I’d ever read before.

That book made me cry in the middle of an amusement park ride line, and you know what? I fucking loved it. It was that book that brought me to Colleen Hoover and her books, and that solidified her as one of my favorite authors.

The first time I was lucky enough to meet Colleen Hoover, I told her that story…because it is truly something I will never forget. She gave me something with that book, and every book after, that will stay with me forever. Years later, I can still remember reading each and every one of her books, where I was, how I felt, what I was thinking.

The fact that after over almost 6 years of reading her books they’re all still with me? Well that my friends is the true tell of an amazing writing and storyteller.

And it’s just kind of the best.

Me and my favorite shirt, with my favorite line from Slammed.

Reading that book, Ugly Love, also started one of my favorite binge reads of all time. You see after reading Ugly Love, I went out to the bookstore and bought every book of hers that I could get my hands on. I then spent the next week and a half falling in love with a boy who was taking the lake, falling in love with a boy with a little less Hope, falling in love with finding a missing Cinderella, falling in love with the music of the heart…and it was THE BEST.

Ever since that binge read I have read everything I could get my hands on by Colleen Hoover. Through every new book she has continued to give me some of the most incredible, emotional, and beautiful stories that I have ever read. She has truly given me some of the best books of my reader life.

I have read her books. Lived them all. Felt every word and emotion…and then some. I’ve bought so many of her books for others, telling them “you NEED to read this book”, and talked about them with anyone that I could countless times.

Suffice to say, I’m hooked.

But I have a confession to make. A bad one.

I have been behind on her books for a couple of years now. Like real behind.

*ducks head in all of the reader shame*

But y’all I am making right, or should I say, I made it right.

You see, I realized I had to catch up…I had to right my wrongs….as Dorinda would say I had to make it nice…I had to catch up y’all!

So that’s what I did…and you know what’s funny? When I set out to catch up on her books, I realized that I had 8 books of hers to read. And you remember that first binge read I mentioned at the start of this post? You know the one that brought me to Colleen’s books in the first place? When I did that binge read, almost exactly 6 years ago to the day, I started with, you guessed it, 8 books of hers to read.

It felt like the best kind of kismet y’all.

So it only seemed right to write another post celebrating one of my favorite authors and the extraordinary reading experiences she once again gave me. Because y’all when I tell you you need to read a Colleen Hoover book, you NEED to read a Colleen Hoover book.

They will give you it all. And then some. And then some more. So much glorious more.

And when you reach the end of any or all of her books you will realize over and over again the true talent she has as a writer and storyteller. You’ll also realize that you’ve probably never read a book quite like hers before. That is truly just part of what makes her such a phenomenal author.

My latest binge read of Colleen Hoover’s books.

So here I am, doing just that. Shouting from the rooftop that if you haven’t read a book by Colleen Hoover, you need to.

You have to. It’s a must.

And in a nod to my first binge read of her books I thought I’d do the same type of write up with a quick summary of each book I read to give you a feel of what you’ll get with them.

You’re welcome in advance for the stellar summaries you’re about to read.

I will also preface these summaries with the note that since I was catching up on many of these books, some of them do relate to other series, so make sure you read them in the correct order whenever you do have the chance to read them.

The Synopsis’ You’ve been Waiting For:

Without Merit

This book has all the YA kind of feels. It’s quirky, definitely unlike any story you’ve read before, and it’s got some twists and reveals in it that will change it all. I loved how different this book felt, and I loved the YA feel to it because YA will always own my heart. And so will Merit and the rest of the crew in this book.

Read My Review of Without Merit


W.T.F That is all you need to know about this book….W.T.F. If there is one thing you will take away from this book it will be…..W.T.F. If there is one sentiment you will feel while reading this book, it will be W.T.F. And you will just LOVE it. I still can’t stop thinking about this book and I read it weeks ago!

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All Your Perfects

This book hurt my heart. It broke me at times. It was not a story of rainbows and butterflies, but more so a real, honest story of what happens when a perfect love becomes an imperfect marriage. This book will try to break you at times, but I promise you it will give you it all along the way. It hurts, but it hurts so good…and Colleen Hoover did these characters and their story the justice they deserve.

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Finding Perfect

Finding Perfect is a novella that continues the story from All Your Perfects, but it also connects into Finding Cinderella and the world of Hopeless….so to fully understand the PERFECTION of this novella, you should read Finding Cinderella (And really Hopeless and Losing Hope) and All Your Perfects first, and then you will just melt with what this story gives you.

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The second time I met Colleen at Book Bonanza in Colorado. (She’s signing All Your Perfects, which is actually still hurting my heart as we speak.)

Too Late

Too Late is another story that is a bit dark, all kinds of twisty, and that will have you wondering what in the world will happen next. This book was all kinds of consuming and it definitely took me for a wild ride, and I just loved it. I loved how it kept me guessing and wondering through every word, and yet still had that connection and heart that I live for when reading a book.

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Maybe Now

When I started reading this book, I don’t think I realized how much I needed to go back to the world of Maybe Someday. This book showed me that I really did need to go back. I needed to be back with Maggie, and Ridge and Sydney, and Warren and Bridgett. I needed more time with them, more music, more antics, more answers. I needed more music and the special kind of magic this world delivers. (*Disclaimer* This book does not have literal magic in it, so don’t go expecting rabbits coming out of hats or anything.) This book was the PERFECT amount of more. That being said you have to read Maybe Someday before you read this book, but just trust me when I say you’ll love them both, and that Maybe Now is everything you need.

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Regretting You

Boy did I love this book. Hard. Told from alternating perspectives of a mother and daughter going through one of the toughest times of their life, this book explores their journeys of truth, of love, of hate, of understanding, of healing, and so much more. This book has such an incredible dynamic that plays out between its characters that is beyond consuming to read and experience. Plus it feels so real. I’ve never gone though what Clara and Morgan have, but Colleen Hoover lets you get it all. Every high, every discovery, every low, and every raw moment in between. She gives you it all and lets you get it all…and that is just they best.

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Heart Bones

Heart Bones is Colleen Hoover’s newest book. It takes place on the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas, and I for one have never wanted to go to a place more than after having read this book. Like any Colleen Hoover Book, Heart Bones tackles complicated characters through an emotional story, with some heavy twists and turns thrown in. This book will give you it all and then some. I loved every bit of this book and how it gave me a love story, but more than that, it also gave me a story of finding out who you truly are and who you really want to be. This book combined so many pieces and so much heart to create such an incredible read.

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So there you have it y’all. A write up of my binge read of Colleen Hoover’s books.

The first time I met Colleen Hoover at Holiday with the Belles in Texas. You can’t tell, but I was really holding in my fangirling in this moment.

I have to say that I am so glad I finally caught up on her books because she is one of the best authors I have ever had the chance to read. She has given me stories that I will NEVER forget reading and characters that will always own a piece of my heart. There are still words of her that stick with me to this day. Moments with her characters that will come to my mind and really just remind me again and again why I love her books and everything she’s given me with them.

So really, if you take anything away from this blog post, I hope it’s the understanding that you need to read a book by this author. As soon as humanly possible. You could pick any book of hers to start with, and I guarantee that you will love it, that it will make you laugh, that it will make you feel, that it will just hit you in every way possible.

And honestly, that is just part of what makes a book by her so unforgettable, so consuming, and so utterly incredible.

So don’t be like me and wait 3 years to finally catch up on her books again. Don’t be like me and think that that’s a good choice, because it’s not. (And later on you’ll be like me, kicking yourself for waiting so long to read them!) It would be wrong to miss out on these books and stories and characters.

The moment you start any one of these books, you will get that. You will know that and feel that in your bones. And really, you’ll just be damn glad you read a book by Colleen Hoover.

Be sure to check out more about Colleen Hoover at the links below:

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Review Post: The Hardest Play by A.S. Teague

THP - BT banner

“The Hardest Play is everything I love about sports romance. A.S. Teague once again masterfully delivers a book full of heart that will surely stay with you long after the last page.”- L.K. Farlow, bestselling author

The Hardest Play, an all-new emotional new-adult standalone from A.S. Teague is available now!

the hardest play-eBook-complete

It’s easy to convince the world that you have it all.

I’m Quinn Miller­­––record breaking running back, professional football’s favorite rags-to-riches story, all-around good guy.

What’s not so easy? Repairing your reputation after mistakes both on and off the field leave you labeled as a disgrace to the league.

With only one team willing to give me a chance, I have no time for a relationship.

But after one night with Georgia Reed, the hopeless romantic with fiery red hair and an attitude to match, I’m hooked.

With Georgia cheering me on, it doesn’t feel like the world is against me anymore.

That is, until her father steps into the locker room as my new head coach.

Finding the woman of my dreams was the easy part; it’s keeping her that will be the hardest play of all.


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“Quinn Miller? Is that really you?”

I turned, and my eyes landed on a face that I hadn’t forgotten. “Georgia Reed.”

Her lips parted in a smile that lit up her entire face, and she jumped from the stool she’d been perched on next to where my sister had been sitting and threw her arms around my shoulders. “I thought I saw you walk in earlier!”

I wrapped my arms around her waist and gave a quick squeeze before pulling back and looking her up and down.

I’d met Georgia last year at my best friend, Aiden’s, Christmas party. Her brother was a famous orthopedic surgeon who’d saved Aiden’s knee after a devastating hit. The two of them had forged a friendship, and Dr. Hampton Reed had brought his sister along when he’d been invited to the famous Shaw Christmas Party.

I’d seen her from across the room that night, unable to miss the gorgeous auburn hair that she’d let flow down her back. I’d walked over to introduce myself, but her green eyes had sparkled when she informed me that she already knew exactly who I was.

I wasn’t sure what I’d said after that, probably something ridiculous and cheesy, but we’d spent the rest of the evening chatting.

“How ya been?” I asked.

She stuck the straw that was floating in a pink drink between her pink lips and lifted a shoulder. After a quick sip of a fruity cocktail she said, “Same old. What about you? I heard you’d been traded and was hoping I’d run in to you sometime.”

I’d completely forgotten that the Reeds lived in Atlanta, where my new team was, but suddenly, that shitty trade that I was forced to accept didn’t seem so bad after all.

“Hey.” I glanced over to where my sister was eyeing us, her lips pressed together to conceal what had to have been the biggest shit-eating grin ever and squinted at her before turning and looking back to where Georgia was still sipping her drink. “You know, I don’t know much about this town. You’re a local, right?”

“That I am. Born and bred in the great state of Georgia. You know, my parents, they probably could have been a little more original when they named me.”

“Any chance you’re free this weekend to play tour guide?” I asked, hoping that I sounded fun and flirty and not like the pathetic loser that I felt like.

Jamie choked on a laugh and tried to cover it with a cough. I swung my head in her direction just as she covered her mouth and quickly looked away from my death glare. God, my kid sister was an asshole.

I felt fingertips on my bicep, forgetting my stupid sister immediately when I glanced down to see the perfectly manicured yellow fingernails that were resting on my arm. “Let me make sure I am clear on what you’re askin’.” Georgia’s eyes were gleaming, and she stepped closer to me. “Now, am I going to show you the popular clubs and bars, the parks to take your dog, and the restaurants that cater to locals, and then you’ll thank me and we’ll go about our ways? Or is this tour going to consist of me taking you back to my place, and before I know it, your lips are on my neck and my dress is around my waist?”

My mouth fell open and I sputtered. “I, uh, I, what?”

“Well, you know at Aiden’s Christmas party, after you kissed me­­––”

“Woah!” I stepped back, her arm falling to her side. “What are you talking about?”

Her head shook back and forth. “I’m not sure if I should be insulted or not that you are this clueless. We had a drink outside around the fire pit, and then you leaned in and kissed me, remember?”

“That is not at all what happened!” I fired back incredulously. I’d had a couple of beers that night, but I never let myself get so drunk that I would completely forget kissing the gorgeous woman standing before me.

She frowned, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth, and I couldn’t stop my eyes from watching the way she worked it. No, I would most definitely remember if my lips had tasted hers. “It’s not? Are you sure?”

My eyes bugged out of my head. “I’m pretty sure we didn’t kiss. Think I would have remembered that.”

“Oh.” She frowned. “Maybe that’s just what I hoped would happen.”

*****5 Completely Unforgettable Stars*****

A.S Teague continues to be one of my favorite authors for a reason. Her writing, her incredible storytelling, and what she allows me to feel and live with her characters has solidified her as an author who I know will deliver an incredible story. The Hardest Play was no different. this story encapsulated her wonderful style of writing, her memorable characters, and it pulled my heart into every breath of the story. From the very first moment of this book I was completely consumed with an everything she was creating. I fell in love with these characters, I once again fell in love with this world, and I loved every emotionally unforgettable moment I got along the way in this story.

I have been a fan of this series from the start. From the moment I jumped into that unforgettable and life changing night in Vegas with these characters, I knew that I wanted each and every one of their stories. A.S. Teague has thoughtfully crafted and created each of their stories in a unique and special way that has pulled me to them even more than I thought possible. I have loved all of these characters from the moment I met them in The Hardest Route. With each addition to this series, I have fallen more in love with them all. Their sense of family. Their unyielding friendships. Their loyalty. Their love. And their dynamic sense of fight and determination that defines them all in the best way.

A.S. Teague has created a magnificent series of interconnected standalones that I never wanted to see end. As sad as I was to say goodbye to these characters that have completely stolen my heart, A.S. Teague brought it all, and them, to a fitting close. I truly could not have asked for more from this book. From the feels, to the instant connection, to the deeply meaningful and emotional story, this book had it all. Combine that with the literal fire that is Georgia and the perfect level of honesty and sweetness that is Quinn, and you have yourself one hell of a story.

I absolutely loved getting these character Story. The connection between Georgia and Quinn is fierce. it is undeniable and it is their right from the start. I love getting to be there as that connection was given its wings, and as the two of them tried to see what could be. What started off as something neither of these two could fight, a pull so strong I never saw it stopping for anything, soon turned into a heavy dose of reality and some serious emotional anguish. when they’re real world comes crashing down around these two it will literally steal your breath away. It will also break your heart in so many ways for all of these characters because of the struggles and the consequences that they face because of those struggles. But you will also love that it is those moments that are the catalyst for the magnificent story this author creates.

A.S. Teague once again uses her incredible writing to let you fully understand her characters. She lets you get who they are at their core. She lets you get them, she invests you in them on the deepest of levels, and then she has you rooting for them with all that you have. The more you get into her words and this story, the more you get with these characters, and the more you love and understand them. The way she uses her words and thoughtfully crafted storytelling to peel back those layers of these characters, to show you them and their true selves, to let you understand their motivations on the deepest of levels, is nothing short of everything.

Every word of this book will sear you to Quinn and Georgia.

The more you get with them, the more you will absolutely love them. You will love the honesty and the rawness of their connection. You will love how right it feels to see them together. You will love that right from the start it feels so different between the two of them and so special. You will love that every word with them just solidifies the feelings and the emotions and the thoughts you have towards them. you will love that even though these characters don’t have an easy story, that you get to be there right in the thick of it with them as they fight for it, as they give it their all, and as they see if they can make it work.

This author makes it so beyond easy to love them, to believe in their connection, and to root for them with everything that you have. That speaks to everything that she creates with them that even on the darkest and hardest of moments, you have hope, you have fight, and you have so much belief in the two of them. Quinn and Georgia are life and so so special. They are perfect for one another, they have a connection and a fire that is practically tangible, and they have a love story that will truly take ahold of you with all that it has.

I have to tell you that Georgia and Quinn are kind of the best. Getting the two of them combines with the other amazing characters that make up this world will have you equally laughing and smiling as much as you get those feels. Griff, Aiden, Mel, Brooke, and the rest of the gang are back and better than ever. the family that all of these characters free together will just melt your heart through every word.

I have to say that one of my favorite parts of this book was getting to see the relationship between Quinn and his sister Jamie. They definitely have a very complicated story and relationship for a lot of reasons, but through it all you see the love that connects them and that brings them together. You see how much they do care for one another even in the hardest of situations, and you see that wall things might not be easy, that those two truly do what they can to make the best out of anything.

Quinn is a man with a heart of gold who is beyond thoughtful and so caring. That combined with the fact that he can make you swoon in about a second flat makes him the full package. He is a man who would do anything for his family, but he is also a man who has the weight of the world on his shoulders. This story is very much about what happens when his obligations, his loyalties, his family, and his love all coincide together. It is definitely not easy for him to find his way through all of those dynamics and moving parts, but this story allows you to fully connect with him as he tries to make sense of it all. As he’s tries to find that happiness he has been searching for forever. As he’s trying to do right by his sister. As he tries to see if he can make it work with Georgia.

Georgia is pure fire, personality, and sass. She is a girl who knows what she wants and goes after it with all that she has. She is honest, tells it like it is, and keeps everyone on their toes…especially Quinn. This story makes her face some very big things right along with Quinn. It forces her to take stock of what is truly important to her, what is the truth and what is real, as well as what she knows deep within her heart. Georgia was a character that I just loved from the moment I met her. (Which wasn’t actually in this book…so go find the book she’s introduced in because you NEED that book in your life stat.) She is life and color and voice. She is fierce and loyal to a T. She is the best, and is also so real. I loved that about her, and I loved every single second of her story with Quinn.

The Hardest Play it’s a story about so many things. It is a story of love, family, and friendship. It is an emotionally moving story about just how far you are willing to go for the ones you love and the ones who make all the difference. It is a story that pushes these characters to their emotional limits, but that simultaneously reveals the best of them and their hearts. It is a story of second chances and of new beginnings. It is a story about some of the most heartbreaking experiences that will bring many tears to your eyes, but in the same breath it is a story of love. Real, feel it in your bones with all you have, shout it from the rooftops, fight for it, love.

Quinn and Georgia’s love story was everything. It was consuming, exceptionally written and crafted, and it was emotional and meaningful from start to finish. Every word of Quinn and Georgia’s story in The Hardest Play will give you life. It will pull you to them, it will have you fighting right along with them for what could be, and it will show you the truly healing power of love.

I know that that sounds a little bit cliche but honestly it’s the truth. This story had me believing and knowing in the power of love. Love can heal you. It can restore you. It can give you everything. It can hurt you and it can threaten to break you, but it can also give you the world if you let it, if you trust it, and if you believe in it. This story allows you to experience every facet and part of love, and in the end it will have you knowing that Quinn and Georgia share the best kind of love story. A love story that is real, full of authentic emotion, and unforgettable.

The Hardest Play is one of the best books I have read this year and is hands down one of my favorite books by A.S. Teague. This author continues to wow me with her words, her characters, and her stories, and this book was no different. It gave me it all. Georgia and Quinn still own a piece of my heart as we speak, and I honestly can’t say enough good things about them. They are genuine, they are real, they are easy to love and root for, and that is just a fraction of what makes their story so special.

As sad as I am to say goodbye to this world and these characters, I could not have asked for more from this story. It was everything I needed and more. When I turned that last page and reached the end, I did so with a heart that was bursting for these characters and so in love with everything I had read, and that is the true tell of a good love story.

A.S. Teague created a phenomenal story and series from start to finish, and I am telling you, you need these characters and words in your life. You need them and you will love them with all that you have because they will put it all on the line when it really matters. They will show you the true meaning of love, family, and friendship, and in the end, they will have you knowing with your whole heart that that is truly all you need.

Author pictureAbout A.S. Teague

A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap.

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It’s a Cover Reveal: Last Slice of Pie (Starving for Southern #2) by Kathryn Andrews

Title: Last Slice of Pie
Series: Starving for Summer #2
Author: Kathryn Andrews
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Sports Romance/Southern Fiction
Release Date: August 21, 2019
Cover Design: Julianne Burke from Heart to Cover, LLC
Lexi Jarvie
Pie isn’t just a dessert, it’s a way of life. 
Pies, fillings, jams, jellies, honey, they’re all a part of my award-winning business, Firefly Kitchen. After being left behind, by everyone, I was determined to make it all on my own, and I have. I love what I do, I love what I’ve created, and I love who I’ve become. Yes, it’s small, but it’s mine, and nothing or no one can stop me now. Not even Bryan Brennen. He may have returned, but it won’t be long before he leaves. And regardless of which way you slice it, some things can’t be forgotten, no matter how sweet the taste.
Bryan Brennen
Football isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life.

I’ve spent more years than I can remember chasing my dream. When you come from nothing, it’s even more important to become something. The unstoppable drive and incomparable determination that is ingrained in me has gotten me to where I am now; twenty-eight years old and undoubtedly the best professional quarterback in the league. To be happy is to be perfect. Plans, plays, passes, I’ve mastered them all, but it was never just for me, it was for her, too. Only she doesn’t know it, and now, ten years later, I’m ready to tell her.
She’s a small town girl. He’s a household name. 
Off the field and out of the kitchen, will they break and crumble, or finally get their second chance at the biggest game of them all . . . love.
“How long has it been?” Jack asks as he walks up into our conversation. There’s a fork sticking out of his mouth, and I can’t help but roll my eyes. You would think after how much pie he shoved down his throat yesterday he’d be in sugar shock, but nope, he’s back at it again today. 
Catching my expression, he grins. “What? I can’t help that it’s all so good.” His eyes widen as he spots the two new boxes, and he tips his head. “What kind are those?”
I pick up the boxes and hand them to him. One says grasshopper pie, and the other says cherry.
“Yes! Can I take these home?” he asks, his voice so hopeful.
“Sure, and it’s been a while since I’ve been back—years, in fact,” I answer as I look at Jack. I’m certain my frown relays that it’s been more than just a few years, but only I know that the true answer is never. I’ve never gone back home.
He tucks the boxes under his arm, the sleeve of his clean shirt bunching up. He’s already showered and ready to go.
“I understand.” He nods and then breaks eye contact. “I don’t really have any one place I call home, so I haven’t been anywhere in years either. We moved around a lot with my father’s career, and now they’re retired in Scottsdale. I love the water way too much to think about staying there long-term.”
I agree. I love the water, too, which is why many people were surprised when I bought my house on the river instead of downtown or on the island with my other teammates. The minute I walked out the back door, which faces northwest, I knew it was the one for me. Yes, the river cuts through the city, but the view across from me is undeveloped, wooded, and it makes me feel like I’m not in the city. It’s perfect. 
“What time is the ceremony? Want me to go with you?” Reid asks. I should have known he would offer. He’s loyal and a true friend like that. Not many would give up their day off to drive two hours in the car, stand in the heat, and then drive two hours back.
“It’s at ten, and thanks, but no thanks. I might make a few stops while I’m there.” 
Not a few stops, just one, maybe, but I don’t tell them that. 
Tossing my cleats and helmet into my locker and my dirty clothes into my bag, I grab a towel, wrap it around my waist, and turn to find both Reid and Jack staring at me. It’s like they know tomorrow is more of a big deal than I’m letting on, so I slip into my role as a leader and try to assuage their concerns.
“Don’t worry, boys.” I smile real big and see both of them shift away from the uncertain tension that had set in between them. I throw out my arms and begin walking backward toward the showers. “I’ll be back and on the plane for our game this weekend first thing the following morning.”
If only it were that simple.
Kathryn Andrews loves stories that end with a happily ever after. She started writing at age seven and never stopped. Kathryn is an Amazon Bestseller for her much loved Hale Brothers Series and is a chi-lit, contemporary romance, and new adult writer. 
Kathryn graduated from the University of South Florida with degrees in Biology and Chemistry, and currently lives in Tampa, Florida. She spends her days as a sales director for a medical device company and her nights lost in her love of fictional characters.
When Kathryn is not crafting beautiful worlds that incorporate some of her most favorite real life places, she can be found hanging out with her husband and two young sons, while drinking iced coffee and enjoying the sun. To find out more about Kathryn and her novels, visit:

Review Post: Written With Regret by Aly Martinez

WWR - BT banner.jpg

Written With Regret, the first in an all-new emotional duet from USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez, is available now!


Every little girl dreams of the fairytale. The one where the white knight rushes in to save her from the clutches of evil. They fall in love, have babies, and live happily ever after.

By that definition, my life should have been a fairytale too.

When I was eight years old, Caven Hunt saved me from the worst kind of evil to walk the Earth. It didn’t matter that I was a kid. I fell in love with him all the same.

But that was where my fairytale ended.

Years later, a one-night stand during the darkest time imaginable gave us a little girl. It was nothing compared to the pitch black that consumed me when I was forced to leave her with Caven for good.

At the end of every fairytale, the happily-ever-after is the one thing that remains consistent. It wasn’t going to be mine, but there hadn’t been a night that passed where I hadn’t prayed that it would be hers.

I owed Caven my life.

However, I owed that innocent child more.

And that included ripping the heart from my chest and facing her father again.


Download your copy today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


Amazon Worldwide:

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*****5 Absolutely Amazing Stars*****

Written With Regret is Aly Martinez at her absolute best.

This book is one of the most unforgettable stories I have EVER read. The story you get in this book, the dynamic and interweaving layers it presents to you, the AMAZING characters it sears to your heart, and every single incredible word of this book is just a fraction of what makes this one of the best stories I have ever read. I truly have never read a book like this one before, and I’m completely positive that with the exception of the follow up to this book, I never will read another story like this one.

It is that magnificent. It is that consuming. It is that unique.

It is everything.

As I am sitting here writing this review I want to tell you all the things about this book and how utterly breathtaking and outstanding it is, but I also want to tell you nothing about the story because this is a story you NEED to experience for yourself. You need to go into this story blind. You need to just read the blurb and jump in heart first, because experiencing this story for yourself will take your breath away. LITERALLY. There were so many moments when reading this book when I felt the physical effects of what these characters were going through and when I could not breathe or move because I was so consumed in what was unfolding before me.

So trust me, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, just jump into this book ready for the emotional ride of your life.

I guarantee you have never read a book like this one. Ever. I promise you you will be completely owned by every word of this story. And I am telling you now, be prepared for one of the most emotionally consuming, heartrending, and breathtaking stories you will ever have the chance to experience.

From the very first moments of this book until the very last, your heart and soul will be on edge, will be feeling it all, and will be loving every word of what these characters give you. This story will push you right along with them to the limits. It will make you think and feel EVERYTHING, and it will have you wondering how in the hell it is all going to come together with the intricate and well thought out pieces this story delivers. You will love every piece of this exceptionally thought out story that you get in this book, and when you reach the last page of this book, you will be desperate for more.

More emotions, more answers, and more of this incredible world and these characters that will consume you within everything it has.

While I don’t want to tell you much about the story itself, as to not give away too much, I will tell you that these characters and what they give you in their story will touch and pull and break at every part of your heart. Caven and Hadley’s story isn’t easy. At all. It is quite the opposite really. It is messy, full of their own flaws and past mistakes, it is more complicated than an episode of Game of Thrones, with both of their pasts being an integral part of what continues to make their present and future so damn hard to fight for. Their story is full of emotional ups and downs, and it will have you guessing at what is really happening with every single word you read, as you sit their feeling it all. You will feel their struggles, you will bask in their triumphs, and you will break with them as the past and present collide in ways you didn’t even think were possible.

And through it all you will live and breathe and feel and experience every lick of what they are sharing, what they each feel themselves, and what this story does to them and the dynamic and interweaving layers of their lives come to be.

I think what I loved most about this book was the fact that this story and these characters weren’t easy. They weren’t just two people trying to figure things out and having things immediately go their way, they were two very distinctive characters who were desperately trying to not let the demons of their past rule their lives. They were two characters who fought with all that they had for what they wanted, for what they knew was right, and for the life they wanted so badly. They were two characters trying to redeem themselves for the choices they’ve made and the life altering consequences those choices brought to not only them, but those around them. Both Caven and Hadley were two characters tied together by so much more, who were trying to find some semblance of happiness in the seconds.

Their story is wholly unique and so are they. Written With Regret is about what happens when they come together, as they face the past and the consequences of their choices, and as they fight like hell for the future they so desperately want to have. This story is completely theirs, and I am telling you, it will move you, break you, shock you, tear at every part of you, all while giving you it all and you will LOVE it so much. This story will make you think and question everything. It will make you wonder what happened all those years ago, and what could be in the next moment. It will have you rooting for Caven and Hadley and the little girl that connects them, and it will have you dying for all of the answers you want and need and have to have.

This story is not a fairy tale. It is not a story of boy meets girl, they fall in love, and that’s it. This story is more. So much more. This is a story of darkness, of heartbreak, of unimaginable anguish and pain. This is a story of the twists and turns your life can take in the beat of a heart. This is a story of fight, of steadfast determination, and the power and gloriousness of redemption. This is a story of the light that can be found in the dark, and what it truly means to live in the seconds. This is a story about what happens when the person who saved you all those years ago might just be the person to save you one last time, even if it means sacrificing your heart in the process.

Written With Regret is an emotional, consuming, and truly unforgettable read from start to finish.

I promise you will not see these characters or their story coming. You may think you know what you’ll get when you read this book, but I promise you, you have no idea what this book will deliver to you. And that is just part of what makes this one of the best books I have ever read. This story will own every single part of you from beginning to end, and will have you NEEDING the second part of this duet like you need your next breath.

Aly Martinez truly outdid herself with this book. I have loved each and every one of her books fiercely, and she is the queen of duets in my opinion. She writes one helluva story, and this one is no different. Yet in a way it is. It is more. It is more emotional. It is more consuming. It is more twisty and turny and bursting with moments that will stop you and your heart in their tracks. It is more of everything.

What Aly Martinez creates in Written With Regret is her best writing yet. I say that with all of her books because she continues to deliver unforgettable stories with an outstanding level of writing and storytelling, but this story really takes the cake. It really changes the game. It will push your mental and emotional boundaries, it will make you feel every ounce of what these characters do, and the way she so thoughtfully brings her words together to create this story will have you knowing with every fiber of your being that you have just read one exceptional story.

Written With Regret lets her writing talent shine through the emotional roller coaster these characters take you on. And you know what? You will love every second of that ride, you will LOVE having a front row seat to it all, and in the end, you’ll just want that ride to keep going and going because that is how amazing it is.

This book is one of the best books I have ever read. It is full of emotions and feels and heartbreak, but at its core it is a story of redemption, second chances, and the fight that defines you and your story. Written With Regret is brimming with emotional honesty and heart, and I loved every single second I got to spend within its pages with its characters. I can’t wait to continue this story in the follow up because I have no doubt that Aly Martinez will once again blow me away with everything she creates for these characters.

So are you ready for the emotional ride of your life?

Because buckle up buttercup and be ready for Caven, Hadley and every word of Written With Regret to give you one helluva reading experience that you will NEVER forget.

And trust me, you will love every second of this ride because it is nothing short of everything.


Life had never been easy for me. Chaos had been following me like a dark cloud, looming and hovering, casting its shadow far and wide despite how bright the path in front of me should have appeared. After growing up the way I had, where happiness had been more of a privilege than a choice, I knew better than to believe that that moment would be anything other than fleeting.

And one second later, the universe proved me right.

I opened the door to see who had rung the bell—a cursory check revealed an empty hallway.

And that’s when I heard it: the sound that changed not only my entire life in the present, but my life for all future days to come.

At first, it was just a grunt, but as if that baby could feel my gaze, the minute my eyes made contact, it let out a sharp cry.

Confusion hit me like a lightning bolt, sending me back a step. I used the door frame for balance as I took in the yellow blanket with a hole only big enough to reveal a pale-pink face.

“What the fuck?” I breathed. Glancing around the hall, I waited for someone to jump out and start laughing. When no one spoke up to issue a punchline, I took a step closer and repeated, “What the fuck?”

I was utterly unable to process the absurdity in front of me.

Of course, I knew the facts.

It was a baby.

On my doorstep.


But the why in that equation was glaringly absent.

“Uhhh,” Ian drawled, peering over my shoulder. “Why is there a kid at your door?”

“I have no idea,” I replied, staring down at the squirming and now-screaming bundle. “It was just there when I opened the door.”

Ian shoved me to the side so he could stand beside me. “You’re shitting me, right?”

“Does it look like I’m shitting you?”

He looked from me to the baby, then back again. “How did it get there?”

We were two incredibly smart men who had created a technology empire out of nothing. But, clearly, a baby was too big for either of us to wrap our minds around.

I swept an arm out and pointed to the kid. “I have no clue, but I’m assuming it didn’t catch a cab.”

A light of understanding hit his eyes. He moved first, stepping over the crying baby and hurrying down the hall, searching around the corner near the elevator before returning alone.

The party continued behind me, but even with the door open, the loud chatter was no match for the ear-piecing cries happening in that hallway.

Veronica suddenly appeared beside me, her body going solid as she stammered out. “Is that…a baby?”

“Back up,” I urged, throwing my arm out to block her path as though the infant were going to suddenly morph into a rabid animal. And let’s be honest, I knew nothing about babies. Anything was possible.

Ian dropped to his knees, scooping up the wailing child. Meanwhile, I stood there like a gawking idiot, paralyzed by a weight I didn’t yet understand.

“Call the pol—” He stopped abruptly and reached into the top of the child’s blanket. “Oh shit,” he whispered, his wide, panic-filled eyes flashing to mine.

“What?” I asked, stepping toward him to get a better look at the kid. Only it wasn’t that tiny baby cradled in his arms that made my heart stop and bile rise in my throat.

There, in my best friend’s hand, was a folded piece of notebook paper that had been tucked into the child’s blanket. From the looks of it, the paper was unremarkable in every sense of the word. Blue lines, white spaces, hanging remnants from where it had been haphazardly ripped from a spiral bound notebook. Even the crease was crooked. But it was my name scrawled on the outside in messy, black ink that made it the most remarkable paper in existence.

I snatched it from his hand and, with blood roaring in my ears, opened it.


I’m sorry. I never meant for this to happen. This is our daughter Keira. I’ll love her forever. Take care of her the way I can’t.

Written with regret,


The hall began to spin, my head feeling like every ounce of blood had been drained from my body. The thundering in my ears faded and the loud chatter of my guests, who were suddenly aware that something was happening at the door, roared to life.

And then the chaos finally found me all over again—the past playing out in my head like my life flashing before my eyes.

I sucked in a deep breath and looked at the baby in his arms. The blanket had fallen off its head just enough to reveal a patch of fine hairs, more orange than its mother’s red.

“Call the police,” I declared, turning on a toe and walking back into my apartment, leaving Ian standing in the hall with Hadley’s child.

Shoving through the crowd of concerned onlookers, I headed straight to the bottles of liquor lining the counter. I didn’t bother with ice or even a glass. I threw back that bottle of vodka, hoping like hell the burn of the alcohol could numb the panic coursing through my veins.

Through it all, that baby never stopped crying.

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Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her husband and four young children.

Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys cheap wine, mystery leggings, and olives. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person.

She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a super-sized tumbler of wine by her side.


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It’s a Cover Reveal: The Hardest Route by A.S. Teague

THR - CR banner.jpg

The Hardest Route, an all-new emotional and romantic standalone from A.S. Teague is coming March 21st and we have the beautiful new cover for you!

the hardest route-eBook-complete.jpg

My friends used to tell me ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ Clearly, they lied because a few months later, I found out my one-night stand was pregnant.

I couldn’t handle a baby. I was Griffin Rockwell, the best wide receiver the league had ever seen. But what choice did I have? My baby girl was coming whether I was ready for her or not.

Brooke turned out to be an amazing woman and mother. For seven years, we were the MVP’s of co-parenting—and even better friends.

That all changed when tragedy struck our makeshift family and I was faced with the terrifying possibility of losing the one woman I was quickly realizing I couldn’t live without.

I was at the height of my career and on the path to becoming the greatest of all time.

But keeping my family together, with Brooke by my side, might prove to be the hardest route of all.

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A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap.

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Review Post: Across the Horizon by Aly Martinez

“Sometimes love happens when you least expect it.” That was what my husband’s mistress told me the day I found out about their affair.

I didn’t believe it until five minutes later when mouth-watering celebrity chef Tanner Reese walked up, tossed his arm around my shoulders, and told my cheating husband to take a hike.

Tanner and I couldn’t have been more different. He spent his weekends at clubs, rubbing elbows with fellow A-listers. I spent mine in yoga pants with cheese boards and a glass of wine—or six.

Our relationship shouldn’t have worked, but it did. That is until Tanner proved to me that even though love happens when you least expect it…

So does heartbreak.



To say that I was ready for this book is the understatement of the century. From the moment I entered this world and met Tanner Reese in The Darkest Sunrise, I NEEDED his story. I needed him. I needed into his head and his heart and I needed all the minutes and hours and days with that man.

And let me tell you, getting into his head and getting his story did not disappoint. Not one little bit.

How do I even begin to explain my love of Tanner Reese?

First, he is the best. Like the absolute best. He is hysterical. He is swoony. He knows how to hold hands like a boss. He is hot AF. He is endearing in a way that is completely irresistible. He is real and so much more than the persona he puts out to the world.

He is Tanner Reese. He’s just him.

And when you read this book, and get to know him, you will realize that that is the best way to describe him. Tanner is Tanner, and nobody could be him, except for him. That is how distinctive his character is.

Across the Horizon is a story of what happens when love and connection and fire comes at the exact wrong time. It is a story that will have you laughing hysterically at the banter of these characters. It is a story that will take ahold of your heart with everything it gives you. It is a story that will make you smile and swoon through every single word. It is a story that will give you it all.

This book is a story of what happens when two people who have no business being together, can’t seem to stay apart, no matter how hard they might try to fight it.

This story follows Tanner Reese and Rita Hartley, two characters who live in very different worlds, yet share more with one another than they ever thought possible. Rita has just broken up with her philandering husband and Tanner has his own relationship mess to handle, but when these two are thrust together in one of the most memorable moments ever, they start to realize that there might just be something so real and so right building between them. Across the Horizon is there story of finding that one person who might just change everything at the exact wrong time.

It is a story filled to the brim with banter, one helluva connection, and a spark that just won’t quit for nothing between its two main characters. And that is just part of what makes it one of my top reads of the year.

What I loved about this story was Tanner and Rita. I mean they made this book. They made it beyond enjoyable. They made it so a page didn’t go by where I wasn’t laughing hysterically at their banter, humor, and personalities. They pulled my heart in with all that they had with how real they were, how honest they were, and how heartfelt they were with where they were at and how they were doing. Not to mention, they had a spark that created a tangible level of build and intensity that was practically palpable on every page of this book.

Rita and Tanner were just phenomenal. They were them from start to finish. Flaws and craziness and all. They were so authentic, so easy to love and relate to, and so easy to root for. From the very start of this story I loved them both, felt completely consumed by them both and what was building between them, and I just could not get enough of them.

I couldn’t get enough of the connection they shared. I could not get enough of how real they could be with one another, and how they had such an exceptional way of knowing and seeing each other. They just immediately understood each other. They immediately saw the truth in each other. They immediately felt a pull that was so intense and so right, even if the timing was so wrong. I just could not get enough of everything that Aly Martinez so phenomenally brought to life with them.

Aly Martinez created a completely unforgettable, vibrant, and wholly enjoyable story in Across the Horizon.

She brought us back to a world, to a group of characters, and to a story that will always hold a piece of my heart. The way that she exceptionally brought Tanner and Rita’s story to life was everything. It really was. The way that she brought me back to a story and a world that I LOVE was everything. The way she wove in Tanner and Rita’s story, without spoiling anything from The Darkest Sunrise and The Brightest Sunrise, while also giving me a new perspective on moments from those stories and that world was EVERYTHING. (It also highlights the shear talent this woman has as a writer that she was able to give me more, without spoiling or giving away too much of the other story that this one connects into. Allllll the snaps for Aly Martinez on that one!)

The way that she put me right in the thick of it with Tanner and Rita as they opened their hearts to one another, as they cut through all the layers, and as they really saw and started to feel for one another was everything.

It was everything and then some.

I really can’t say that enough.

Across the Horizon was the exact book I needed. It was funny, it was light, it was refreshing and full of a life and vibrancy that I could not get enough of. What I loved about this book was that it was on the lighter side for an Aly Martinez book, yet it still had her distinctive writing, and it still had a level of emotion and feels to it that brought tears to my eyes a few times. I loved that as much as she made me laugh while reading this book, she gave me the feels too. She gave me the heart of this story and these characters in a way that seared me to them as everything with them unfolded. She invested me so deeply in them and their journeys as characters, while also keeping me on my toes and reminding me how precariously close those two were to the edge of a cliff.

Trust me when I say that Aly Martinez delivers it all in this book. And while you might think Across the Horizon won’t shock you or emotionally murder you just a bit because of its humor and fun…don’t give up hope quite yet, because Aly Martinez always has a trick or an emotional murder weapon up her sleeve.

Tanner and Rita were also just the best. And in case you’re wondering, Rita Hartley is the perfect match for that man. Tanner Reese is his own force to be reckoned with, and that man needed someone that would keep him on his toes. Rita Hartley is that woman. She is a force to be reckoned with herself. She is fire, she is strength, and she completely understands the appeal of Robb Stark so clearly she is amazing in so many ways. But more than that, she is the perfect woman for Tanner Reese. She gets to him. She makes him want to be the best he can be, and she makes him nervous. She is no wilting flower that girl, and even though I love Tanner with my entire heart and want to keep him to myself forever, if I had to share him with someone, it would be Rita.

Those two share something that is so real and that will touch every part of your heart. It might be the wrong time for them, they might have a world of hurdles in front of them, and it might be crazy, but it’s them. And it works. You will absolutely love getting to be with Tanner and Rita as they feel what they do, and as they try to figure it all out. Their story will give you many memorable moments that will have you laughing your butt off, that will have you feeling all the feels, and that will have you believing with every ounce of your being that these two people belong together.

I truly can’t say enough how much I loved this book and how much I NEEDED this story in my life.

Across the Horizon was everything I needed and more.

It was a story that I have been wanting and needing ever since first meeting both Tanner and Rita. It is a story that gave me life, gave me the feels, and gave me two dynamic characters with a banter and a connection that just wouldn’t quit. This book was exceptionally written and crafted. It was a light and funny read that still packed an emotional punch that will steal your breath away. This story is one that I will never forget, and as I sit here writing this review all I can think about is how much I already miss Tanner and Rita.

I miss their craziness. I miss their banter. I miss their lovable selves that just owned their craziness and everything that they were doing and feeling. I miss their honesty. I miss their palpable connection.

I miss them. So much.

What Aly Martinez created in Across the Horizon with them was phenomenal in every way. She created a story that was worthy of them and that exemplified who they truly are. She made this book that I never wanted to leave, and she made them two characters that I loved and felt for with all that I had. She gave me everything with those two, and she made them both so distinctive and memorable in a way that only she could with her writing.

She gave me it all.

She gave me Tanner. She gave me Rita. She gave me a ninja warrior course, a new love and appreciation of Game of Thrones, the breathtaking meaning of hand holding, and most of all, she gave me a love story that was vibrant, perfectly authentic and heartfelt, and so very fun and so very real.

And honestly, I will forever love what I got with Tanner and Rita in this book because it was everything.

Everything I needed, everything I wanted, everything that was deserving of Tanner and Rita, and everything that I have come to love about a book by Aly Martinez.

I shifted the phone to my other ear and asked her, “Did you just get in bed?”

“If, by bed, you mean carrying a glass of wine out back to swing in the hammock, maybe.”

I bit my bottom lip, my head falling back against the headrest. For most men, this would have been an innocuous statement. But for a hammock connoisseur like myself, this was the normal guy equivalent of her saying that she liked to give blowjobs during halftime.

“You have a hammock out back?”

There was a delay in her response, which was followed by a subtle kiss of her lips on what I assumed was a wine glass. “Don’t knock it until you try it. It’s one of the most underrated luxuries in outdoor furniture.”

“Oh, I’m not knocking anything. Rope or quilted?”

“Mayan, actually.”

“Oh, sweet heavenly baby Jesus, she’s beautiful and knows her hammocks. I’ve never been so turned on in my life.”

She giggled, pausing for another sip. “You know, if you leaked this hammock fetish to the press, you could probably increase demand by five million percent and singlehandedly lower the country’s unemployment rate.”

Okay, so at some point during the day, she’d figured out who I was.

But! Even with this knowledge, she was trying to avoid a date with me and was not elbow-deep in planning our televised wedding. This was a definite plus in my book.

“Yeah, but then, when I talked to beautiful women like yourself, I’d have no idea if the hammock was your idea or a ploy to impress me.”

“Jeez, that’s sad, Tanner,” she said, her sweet Southern accent like a wave rolling over my name.

I’d meant it as a joke, but it was the absolute truth when it came to dating. Early on in my career, I’d done a rapid-fire interview about my personal life. One of the questions had been: What would your ideal woman order on the first date? Truth be told, the only thing I hoped my ideal woman would order was something she wanted. I didn’t factor into that. But I’d been on my last question in my last interview of the last day of a month-long press tour. My face had hurt from fake smiling, I’d been in desperate need of a shower, a smoke, and sleep, and my mind had been mush, so I’d prattled off the first thing that had come to mind: shrimp and grits.

That one little answer somehow made it onto my Wiki page, and after that, every woman I’d taken out ordered shrimp and grits. One of them even had a shellfish allergy and nearly ended up in the hospital. And this insanity was not limited to women outside of the spotlight.

I’d once gone on a date with America’s princess of pop, Levee Williams. We’d hit it off at a charity event. For one of the most famous women in the world, she was a surprisingly nice girl, gorgeous, and funny as all get out. But the first time I took her out? One guess what she ordered.

I was at the end of my rope with dating and lost my freaking mind before storming out like an asshole. That night, as I was reporting shrimp and fucking grits as an error to Wiki, I noticed that her page listed it as her favorite food. I’d never had the balls to contact her again, and I once hid behind a palm tree on Rodeo Drive when I heard the clamoring of paparazzi calling her name. But that’s neither here nor there.

In short, while finding a woman was all too easy, dating was hard.

But that wasn’t about to stop me from trying with Rita.

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four young children.

Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys cheap wine, mystery leggings, and baked feta. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person.

She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a super-sized tumbler of wine by her side.

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