Review Post: The Difference Between Someday and Forever by Aly Martinez (Difference Trilogy #3)

The world took everything from us.
And we would stop at nothing until we took it all back—forever.

The Difference Between Someday and Forever, the much anticipated and stunning conclusion to The Difference Trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez is now live!

The world took everything from us.

As survivors of not only a plane crash, but two other impossible tragedies, we’d more than earned a life of peace. But time and time again, we were shown that fate had no intention of giving that to us.

Remi and I were soulmates. Plain and simple. Our love should have died in the depths of our darkness, but the sun still exists even when it’s not shining.

The secrets of our past threatened to destroy us at every turn, but for Remi, I would never stop fighting for our future.

The world took everything from us.
And we would stop at nothing until we took it all back—forever.

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*****5 Absolutely Amazing Stars*****

There are so many things that I want to tell you about this book and the absolutely magnificent ending that Aly Martinez crafted for Bowen and Remi. I want to tell you everything. I want to tell you how this last book, this epic and unforgettable ending, delivered it all. I want to tell you about how this book made me cry, made me laugh, made me blush, how it literally stole my breath multiple times. I want to tell you all of the things that made this book and this trilogy absolutely amazing. I want to give you every single detail and more sol that makes this story one of the best stories that I’ve ever experienced.

I want to tell you everything, but I can’t do that For a couple of reasons. One, because spoilers ain’t cool. Two, because my words will never do this authors words justice. And they deserve every bit of damn justice for what Aly Martinez creates and gives you in this book and ending. And three, this ending is one that you just need to experience for yourself.

Trust me when I say that.

I am an ending person. There is just something so utterly spectacular about a good ending. When you’ve spent a long amount of time with characters, when you’ve been able to understand every piece of them, when you fall and heart first in love with them and just traveled and experienced it all with them, you want an ending that they deserve. You crave that satisfying conclusion that delivers everything. You desperately hope and pray that the author will bring together an ending that will give you everything and more that you needed with the characters you loved from the start.

Good endings are what I live for as a reader. A good ending is what makes my reader heart happy. They are one of the many reasons why I love a good series, and I knew coming into this last book of this trilogy that I wanted the most epic and emotional and unforgettable ending for Remi and Bowen. And let me tell you, I got the most perfect ending for those characters in this book.

What Aly Martinez so beautifully and breathtakingly and thoughtfully creates in this last book with them will truly blow you away. It will eviscerate all of your heart and emotions. It will simultaneously heal every broken piece of you and them as they fight for their love. It will keep you on the edge of your seat through every twist and turn that comes their way. It will have you in all of what you get with them, what you feel with them, what you come to understand and live and take in with them. It will deliver everything you didn’t even know you needed with them. And I promise you it will also answer every single question you’ve had about their story and their journey together.

I truly could not have asked for a more fitting an epic conclusion for Remi and Bowen. Those two are soulmates. Those two are complicated and amazing and messy and wonderful characters that have owned my heart from the very first page of this series. Getting to see the two of them face every hurdle, every heartbreaking moment, and every bit of in between, has just seared them to me. They have permanently burrowed themselves so deep in my heart, so to say that I needed them to get that ending they deserved, is literally putting it too mildly.

I needed EVERYTHING for them.

I needed them to heal. I needed them to get the answers they sought. I needed them to be okay. I needed them to believe in themselves and each other. I needed them to experience more of the beautiful and absolutely mesmerizing love that they gave one another. I needed them to get the happily ever after that they had fought so damn hard for.

I don’t want to ruin anything about that ending that they so epically and magnificently give you, and I don’t want to spoil anything, but let me just say… I was not disappointed in what I got with those two at all. Not one little bit. They delivered it all and then some, and they gave me an ending that was beyond worthy of their journey and story together.

What Aly Martinez has delivered and created in this epic trilogy is something I will never forget reading.

This trilogy is a story of two characters who have a literally been put through the wringer. Two people who are soulmates, who are the endgame we all root for, but who have what feels like insurmountable challenges in front of them. They go through it all in this series. They have to fight for it. They have to put their hearts on the line. They have to be willing to feel everything and give it all for the chance and experiencing the love that they share. Their story will break your heart. But it will also give you life. It will put you back together again. It will amaze you in every way with the depth of what they share and feel. And while it might not be easy and it might not always be pretty, it is beyond worth it. And it is one of the most epic and exhilarating and all feeling romances I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

This book allows you to feel everything with Remi and Bowen. It allows you to understand their choices, their motivations, their drive, and every facet of their hearts and souls. It allows you to remember again and again why you need them to be together and find that chance at a forever live after everything they’ve been through. It shows you on every page why they are meant to be and it reminds you that the level of what they feel for one another and the emotion of it all is so beyond beautiful and breathtaking and just utterly spectacular. Getting to experience and live that and practically touch all of that with them as they fight like hell for one another and their love is absolutely everything.

It truly is.

I really don’t even have the right amount of words to accurately capture what Aly Martinez delivers in this final book. This story has kept me on the edge of my seat from the very start, it has made me cry all of the tears, and it has made me feel just about every emotion possible. There have been moments that have shattered me. Moments that have given me everything. Moments that have truly stolen my breath with what these characters go through and experience. Moments that have made me laugh my ass off and moment so full of joy and elation that you will feel the warmth and the happiness emanating from these characters and those moments. All of those moments come together in this final book to deliver the ending that these characters deserve.

I never could’ve asked for a better ending than what I got in this final book for Remi and Bowen, and the way that this author so thoughtfully and intricately brings together their story for this final chapter just reminds you again and again why they are meant to be, why they are truly soulmates, and why no matter what happens, those two will always find a way.

This book was the perfect conclusion for this absolutely mesmerizing and consuming love story, and it honestly was a shining example of why this author is one of the best authors I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. The way that she crafts her words, the way that she allows you to live and feel everything with her characters, and the way that she pushes them as characters just as much as she pushes you through every moment of her story, lets her writing and storytelling talent shine. This author immerses you in this world for a final chapter that will make you feel everything under the sun, that will show you that soulmates are definitely real, and that will show you love can truly see you through anything and give you the world, if you keep yourself open to it and fight like hell for the chance to have it.

Remi and Bowen make this ending theirs and I promise that if you have loved every book in this trilogy, you will not be disappointed in this ending. Not one little bit. This author culminates the story in a way that you will never forget and in a way that will have you feeling everything well after you reach that last page.

I finished this book days ago and I still can’t stop thinking about the ending and what I got with these characters. I still can’t stop feeling the heart and the emotion and the meaning behind what they built and shared in this entire trilogy, but especially in this last book. And I especially can’t stop loving every single thing about them.

Those two made me smile until my cheeks hurt, made me laugh so hard, shocked me to my core to the point that I literally lost my voice while reading their story because I was so taken with everything they threw my way. They made me cry so hard I hurt my sinuses, they physically hurt my heart, but they also put me back together again in a way that I will never forget. They showed me what it meant to feel everything, to love with your entire soul and being, and to fight with all you have for the chance at love and happiness and forever.

Aly Martinez so thoughtfully and magnificently crafted the perfect ending to a love story that I will never forget reading. This book captured the fire of these characters, every facet of their hearts and souls, and it emanated with one of the most epic and deep and true love stories that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. The way that it all comes together will blow your mind and your heart away, but will also have you knowing that you’ve just read the most fitting ending to the most incredible love story…and it doesn’t get better than that.

Remi and Bowen will always own a part of my heart after what they gave me in this trilogy. They may have made me work for it, and they may have made me shed quite a few tears along the way with them, but they made it so beyond worth it. They are love and the possibilities of them and everything they give you is so beyond worth it. They are so beyond worth it.

Their love story is one of fate, heartbreak, spark, connection, every single emotion, and a hell of a lot of paperwork….and boy is it everything.

So much glorious everything that will give the world and them and their love.

In the end, getting that, feeling that, living and experiencing that, and just being in the presence of that and them and their epic, feel it in your bones and marrow of your soul, love, is the absolute best.

The. Absolute. Best.

Excerpt from The Difference Between Somebody and Someone

“Sorry, is my mood killing your buzz?” I asked.
Her blue eyes sparkled in the glow of the airplane reading light. “It really is.”
I shook my head and went back to mindlessly flipping the pages of a magazine I’d bought at the terminal back in Colorado. I’d picked it up with hopes it would be a distraction from the cyclone raging within me on our way back to Atlanta. The minute she ordered that drink, I’d known it was a lost cause.
Her hand came across the armrest and landed on my thigh. “Bowen, stop. It’s not a big deal.”
It was the truth. Compared to everything we’d been through, our house could have been swallowed by a sinkhole and it wouldn’t have been considered a big deal.
Honest to God, I was lucky to still have her at all. It had only been nine months since we’d met, but we’d lived a thousand lives in that time. Unfortunately, that also meant we’d died almost as many deaths.
Terrifying, tortuous, agony-filled deaths.
We’d also found love though—immeasurable amounts of it.
I stared down at her engagement ring. I’d cashed out a huge chunk of my savings account and still had to open a line of credit with the jewelry store to buy the three-karat princess-cut ring. The payment was roughly the same as I paid for my truck each month, but the tears in her eyes as she’d sat in her hospital bed, clutching it to her chest the day I proposed, made it all worth it.
She was worth it. Every day, every tear, every worry-filled minute shaved off my life.
I’d do it all again.
If only I weren’t so helpless to save her. I loved that woman. Whole heart. Whole soul. Bend me, break me, crack me open and she would have been there. No matter how bad it got, she was always a part of me.
I wasn’t sure anymore if she could say the same.
“Bowen,” she whispered, just as she’d done so many times before. It was a plea. One she knew I’d answer no matter the situation. No matter how mad I got. No matter how much I feared losing her again.
My gaze instinctively lifted to hers.
She smiled and the sight caused an ache in my chest. It was a lie.
God, I missed her smile.
“Baby, I’m okay.” She tilted her head to her drink. “I hate flying. That’s all this is.”
That was a lie too.
My shoulders fell and a loud breath tore from my burning lungs, but I let myself pretend, my mind going back to a time when it could have been the truth.
I thought of the nights we’d shared multiple bottles of wine and made love, laughing and moaning under the covers until the sun crept across the horizon. She’d rested peacefully in my arms. No nightmares. No crying in her sleep. No insomnia. Just even breaths, her head on my shoulder, and her body wound around mine so tightly it was like a second skin.
But that was the past.
The unreachable, insurmountable past.
The plane jerked, forcing me back to the present.
“Shit.” She moved her hand off my thigh to grasp her drink as it sloshed all over her. “Crap, crap, crap,” she chanted, using a cocktail napkin to dry the dark-red pool of tomato juice on her white pants.
For a moment, I sat there and watched her struggle. It wasn’t the most chivalrous thing to do, but I was all out of grand gestures.
She unbuckled her seat belt and lurched to her feet, her phone along with a handful of ice cubes from her lap falling to the floor. “Damn, this is going to leave a huge stain.”
The plane jerked again and she stumbled forward, crashing into the seat in front of her before I could catch her arm.
“Dammit, sit down before you get hurt.”
Ignoring me, she bent over to fish her phone from under the seat. “Hit the button for the flight attendant. I need some club soda and a lemon. STAT.”
“No, what you need is to sit down.”
I gave her arm a tug and dragged her down to the seat. Using the tip of my boot, I swept her phone toward her. Aforementioned lack of chivalry aside, I was no contortionist; leaning over to pick it up was out of the question.
She folded her upper body over my lap and blindly patted around the floor. I fought the urge to run my fingers through the back of her hair. In the beginning, it would have been a no-brainer. I’d have curled forward and suggestively whispered in her ear, “Since you’re already down there…”
She would have grinned up at me, her whole face filled with mischief as she traced a finger over my zipper, ignoring anyone who dared to watch her as she replied, “You mean down here?”
I’d have grabbed her hand and made her stop even though I was the one who had started it. She had no filter. She always took it one step too far. I’d loved that about her when we’d first met. It was fresh and exciting, a far cry from the stuffy women I’d dated in the past.
But now, she was in the past too.
We were in the past.

About Aly
Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four hilarious children.
Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys movies that can surprise her with a twist, charcuterie boards, and her mildly neurotic golden retriever. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person.
She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine by her side.

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