Review Post: Singe (Guardian Protection #1) by Aly Martinez


SINGE is the first book in an ALL NEW smokin-hot standalone series by Aly Martinez is live! 

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She was my nightmare. Every time I closed my eyes, I watched her fall into that inferno. Over and over, I failed to save her.

I hadn’t been able to reach her, and the guilt only burned hotter over time. Four years later, I was the unreachable one.

Heroes aren’t always saints. Sometimes, we’re nothing more than jaded sinners driven by sleepless nights and hearts full of darkness.

And then I met her. She was a dreamer who managed to soothe my scars and heal my wounds.

But, as the flames closed in around us, I feared I wasn’t the right man to save her. That is until I realized she was the one woman I’d burn the world down to protect.

My Review

*****5 Unforgettable, Emotional, & Real Stars*****

Aly Martinez continues to be an author that blows me away with the power, emotion, and unadulterated intensity and distinctive personality she perfectly weaves together in all of her stories. When I read a book by her, her words aren’t just letters on a page. They’re real, raw, consuming words that I live and breathe a feel every single ounce of. They’re honest and heartbreaking in the most enrapturing way. They make you smile and cry and ache for her characters something fierce, and through every single page of her stories you know you’re getting it all. And then some.

Every single one of her books has been like this, yet with each new book she so thoughtfully crafts, she adds a new and distinctive layer to what she’s creating that pushes your feelings, your heart, and your very soul right along with her characters. She puts you right in the thick of it in every single unforgettable story she creates, and through every turn of that page you sink further into the literal amazingness she is creating.

The way that Aly Martinez weaves this all together through all of her books, yet makes it feel phenomenally different and unique with every new story she creates exemplifies the power and magnitude of her writing and storytelling.

Aly Martinez’s writing is a league of its own. Each new story, each new world, and each new set of characters she lets me so fully experience continue to blow me, my mind, and my heart away with all they have. With the most amazing blend of all-feeling emotion, searing heat and connection, dynamic characters that burrow themselves so deeply into my heart, and a story that just doesn’t quit, her books continue to give me everything.

Singe, the first book in her new Guardian Protection Series, continued to build upon the love I have for all of Aly’s characters and stories. This book opened up a whole new world of characters for me to love and claim, along with some old faces that tugged at my heart in that special way. This book brought this world to life in the fiercest and most emotional of ways, with a story of what happens when two people are reunited with their biggest dream and their most unforgettable nightmare in the same moment.

What ensues in this book is a story exceptionally singed with the deepest of fears and regrets, the most authentic honesty and hope, and two unforgettable characters who would do anything to protect what they both feel so truly.

From the very first word of Singe you are put right in the heart of what Rhion and Jude share together. You are shown and given the chance to experience every step of their journey in this book. From the intense moment they first meet that changes their lives forever, to what happens when they come face to face again for the first time, to what they both go through as they navigate their world of feelings, their pasts that are currently crashing full force into their presents, and their deeply felt connection that equally brings them to life and threatens to tear them apart in the same breath.

Every single word and moment of Singe allows you to feel and experience what Jude and Rhion go through in this story as they try to make their way through what this reunion of theirs means. Aly Martinez allows you to dive deep into the minds and hearts of her characters in a way that gives you them in the most honest, vulnerable, and authentic way. She allows you to see the real them, to understand their fears, doubts, and worries, and she allows you to understand exactly why things have gone the way they have for both of them. She lets you get their highs and how much they let these two soar, she lets you get the heartbreaking lows they’ve had and continue to share, and she gives you every single second in between that pulls your heart to theirs as they share what they do.

Singe is a story of second chances, do overs, and equally hopeful and harsh realities. It’s a story of who you were, who you want to be, and who you ultimately become through the fight of your life. It’s a story of what happens when you experience a moment that literally takes you to your knees and eviscerates you in the most burning and emotional of ways. It’s a story of how the ashes leftover of your heart, your soul, and your very life can ultimately rise again if given the right spark to bring you back to life.

It’s a breathtakingly emotional and intense story of what could’ve been, what should’ve been, and what will be with Jude and Rhion as they attempt to put themselves back together in the way they always needed to be.

Their story isn’t easy. In fact I think it broke my heart more times than I could count because of how emotional and real and aching it was. Yet through every single moment I cried, and every single moment that threatened to break me along with them, I felt how much these two shared, and what could be. Along with that dark emotion that runs through these pages is the most alluring spark, brimming with hope and feeling and connection that pulls you through it all with Jude and Rhion.

It’s that spark that invests you whole heartedly in these characters. It’s that spark that shows you that even though what they share might be closer to a run through an inferno filled maze, than a walk in the park, it is beyond worth the burn. It’s that spark that gives you the honest, visceral feelings these two share as they attempt to overcome the past that threatens to consume them. It’s that spark that makes this story the literal perfection that it is. It’s that spark that breaks you, makes you, and exudes from you through them as you experience their emotionally breathtaking story.

From the very start of this book Jude’s character was a force to be reckoned with. I felt so much for that man as he lived and fought through this story as everything came his way. That man has been through a lot, and in this book you get the phenomenal opportunity to experience what it’s like to feel the overwhelming amount of feeling that man does. You get to understand him, you get to love him, and you get to be there as he tries to break free of the guilt and emotion that consumes him on a daily basis. I have to say that I think what I loved most about Jude was that he was real. So. Damn. Real. He wasn’t perfect, he made some not so great choices, and he didn’t always say or do the right thing, but he tried. He fought. He persevered in a way that touched my heart again and again, and he didn’t quit, even when most would.

Jude has his fair share of demons, and every moment in Singe lets you be with him as he tries to combat them, as he tries to overcome them, and as he tries, along with the help of a special little lady, to show the world, and mostly himself, that they will not define him.

Now it is no secret to me that Aly Martinez knows how to create a character with the best amount of personality and fire. And boy did she do that with Rhion Park. The second I got in that girl’s head, I loved her with my entire heart. I loved her honesty, her vibrant charm, and how that girl was no wilting flower. Rhion has some chutzpah to her, and she isn’t afraid to say what she feels and thinks and just believes. It was that perfect combination of honesty and tenacity that showed me it all with that girl. Through every page of this book I got to see the many sides to her character that just sent my heart to her more. I got to see and experience the side of her that was real and said it like it was, the side that felt with her whole heart and poured herself into what she knew to be right and true, the side that fought with all that she had to find and prove the reality of it all, and the side that showed just how amazing she was.

Rhion has been through it all. She’s lost and won and fought more times than you can count, yet her heartfelt optimism, honest and vulnerable hope, and tangible determination shows you just what you need to with her. It exemplifies everything about her, and will have you rooting for her with all that you have as Rhion fights for the reality she knows is there.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Aly Martinez knows how to create a pull and connection between her characters that literally sparks off of the page in the most mesmerizing way. That was beyond true with Singe, and with everything that Rhion and Jude were sharing together. The ties that bind those two together were ever present through every page of this story, and the way that Aly pulls you to them as they pull closer to each other is everything. It’s raw and visceral, and coupled with the deeply felt emotion and past they share makes for an inferno level of heat that will make you melt and blush and feel it all whenever these two are together.

It’s that consuming heat coupled with the deep and true feelings they share that pulls you through it all with Rhion and Jude. It’s what gives you that glimpse and that hope of what could be. It’s what shows you that while these two might not have it the easiest, what they do share is worth fighting for, worth breaking down every wall for, and worth feeling it all if it means they get to share what they do.

It’s all of that so seamlessly and thoughtfully woven together through Aly Martinez’s magnificent writing that makes Singe one of the most emotionally enrapturing, perfectly heated, and exceptionally crafted stories that I have ever read.

Singe is a story that opens your heart and yourself up to everything that happens between Rhion and Jude, all while having you know that this new series will be one that you will LOVE. I’ve already got my heart beyond ready for what this new world of characters and set of stories will bring, and I have no doubt that Aly Martinez will continue to blow me away with each story she creates within it. She’s done it before, and I know she’ll do it again because her writing, her characters, her stories, and the emotional and unforgettable mark they leave are just that. Unforgettable. In every way possible.

Singe was a story that I felt and loved and lived every single word of. It was a story that gave me two characters, and their heart aching story that made me smile, made me blush something fierce, and made me love them both with all that I had. This book opened my heart up to them, and showed me what it was like to experience what they did together, and I can’t say enough how exceptional that was to get.

It was everything all wrapped up into an all-feeling, real, and soul touching story that I know I won’t soon forget.

If you’ve loved Aly’s others books, if you’ve never read any of her books, or if you’re just looking for your next read that’ll blow your heart away in the most amazing way, then I am telling you, you NEED this book and these characters in your life. This very second.


aly martineez

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Aly Martinez is a stay-at-home mom to four crazy kids under the age of five- including a set of twins. Currently living in South Carolina, she passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine at her side.

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Review Post: Undone (An Outside the Cage Novella) by A.S. Teague

TITLE:  Undone: An Outside the Cage Novella
AUTHOR: A.S. Teague
GENRE:  Contemporary/Sports Romance
After promising to complete the bucket list, we set off on the adventure of a life time. But, with every new excursion, a new set of problems arise.
We may be doing it for him, but we’re losing ourselves with each task completed. Can we keep our promises without ruining each other?
My Review

*****5 All-Feeling and Emotional Stars*****

When you fall so truly in love with a set of characters, getting more of them is always a win. Especially when those characters are ones you’ll know you’ll never forget. When that something more with those characters is a consuming and all-feeling journey that gives you it all, well then you’re really winning. And let me tell you, Undone is a novella that truly gives you it all with Breccan and Sidney.

Having loved every single word of Breccan and Sidney’s story in Undisputed, I was beyond excited to get more of them. Their emotionally mesmerizing story in Undisputed squeezed my heart more times than I could count, so I knew that their story in this novella would most likely be the same, and boy was I right about that thought. This story hurt my heart, made it soar and squeeze more times than you can shake a stick at, gave me all the feels, and had me living and breathing and experiencing it all with these two as they went about doing finishing something they always promised they would.

What you get with Sidney and Breccan in Undone is an utterly emotional, phenomenally crafted, and a completely enrapturing story that will make you smile, make you cry, and have you feeling it all from beginning to end.

Undone takes place after the events of Breccan and Sidney’s story in Undisputed, in the in between of that last chapter and their epilogue together. So it pretty much goes without saying that you have to read that book before you read this part of their story. Plus their story is amazing, so you HAVE to read it. You have to.

This chapter of Breccan and Sidney’s relationship follows what happens when those to set out to complete the bucket list they didn’t want to have to complete, at least not without the person who created it. It follows every emotional up and down that comes their way as they check off those boxes that represent the wants and dreams of a young boy. With every new item they check off, Breccan and Sidney soon find that they both have a world of feeling they don’t necessarily know how to handle. That coupled with their own journey with their relationship makes for some serious feels, and some moments that will literally take your breath away with how much they make you feel.

The more items those two check off the list, and the more their relationship deepens, the more Breccan and Sidney realize that they might not be as prepared as they thought they’d be for everything that comes their way. Through every turn of the page in Undone you will breathe and feel and just live it all with them as they fight to keep themselves, their love, and the life of one exceptional little boy alive and together.

What I got with the two of them within the pages of this story was real. It was so so raw and intense at times. There were many moments while reading where I ached for these two and what the events of this story were bringing their way. At the same time, there were so many moments in this book where my hear soared and melted for every ounce of love and adoration these two had for one another. This book and its events aren’t the easiest on Breccan and Sidney, but they are real, emotional, and so unforgettable.

Through every page this story will remind you why these two need to be together, why they must continue with this list, and why their love is worth every ounce of fight these two have.

And don’t you worry your pretty little head too much, because while this book definitely puts Sidney and Breccan, along with their hearts, through the wringer a bit, it is also bursting with so much of their literal amazingness.

It has Breccan, his undeniable charm and personality, and so much of what makes him one of the most endearing men that will completely sweep you and your heart off your feet. This book exemplifies how far that ma has come since we first met him in Undisputed, and every word of this story just sent my heart to him even more. Not to be outdone, Sidney was just as amazing, authentic, and so beyond easy to love in this story. My heart went to that girl on every page of this story, and seeing and experiencing her heartfelt and hard fought tenacity as she faced everything that came her way in this story had me loving and respecting her with all that I had.

The connection and fire these two have is also bursting from every single page of this story, and will have you blushing and melting with everything those two share. What I love about Breccan and Sidney is that everything they share is so distinctive to them and their journey. Those two have fought like hell to get where they are in this story, and even though this story brings on more fight, it brings out the best and most heart squeezing moments with them. Undone perfectly captures what is so special about these two, and will have you rooting for them with all that you have that they will find a way to make it through all the emotional ups and downs that come their way, in order to end up exactly where they need to be.

Told through A.S. Teague’s phenomenal writing, Undone gives you it all with Breccan and Sidney. It gives you their heartache. It gives you their emotions and every feeling that consumes them. It gives you their undeniable love and spark. It gives you every single moment of their consuming journey together as they realize what life, love, and healing are all about. Through it all you will be with them, feeling and living this story with them, and that is all because of what A.S. Teague so exceptionally creates in every word of this story.

Undone is the perfect novella for these two that seamlessly continues everything that made you fall in love with them both in the first place, while deepening that love and connection you feel with them as they fight for the future they both want and so truly deserve.

I loved everything about this story. I loved being back with these characters and in this world. I loved that throughout this book A.S. Teague allowed me to feel so much with these characters. I loved every moment that made me smile and laugh and feel and tear up because that showed me how in this I was with Breccan and Sidney, and it truly doesn’t get better than that.

The raw, real, and authentic moments you get with them in this story are everything. I am telling you, you will love every second of what you get with them in Undone, and when you reach that last page, you will do so with so much love and heart for Sidney and Breccan, and the literal amazingness they share together.

So seriously, run yourself to this story. Let it consume you, let it take ahold of your heart and give you all the feels, and let it give you the life and love of these characters. It would be wrong not to.

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About The Author: A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap

Review Post: Chased by Hazel James



By: Hazel James


Paige Landry
I finally made it. I graduated nursing school, and I found the perfect job. Things were great until a tornado blew through the emergency room, turning my life upside down. I don’t know if I can ever go back to the way things were before. Tornado survivors have a choice to rebuild, or pack up and move away. I’m twenty-two, and I know that one day I want the American dream: a husband, 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. But that’s the thing with rebuilding.

What happens when the next tornado hits? Will I be blown away again?

DH Rhoads
Adrenaline. It’s fueled me since I was thirteen. It’s what I discovered while I chased tornadoes across Oklahoma. It’s what I craved on combat missions in helicopters in Afghanistan. It’s what I lived for, until one day when everything changed. Now, adrenaline is my drug. It numbs me when the memories become too much to bear. It reminds me that I don’t deserve a wife, 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. I’ve seen what tornadoes do to white picket fences. It’s ugly.

I’m the tornado. I’ve already destroyed one family. Don’t chase me.

My Review

*****5 Thrilling and All-Feeling Stars*****

Chased by Hazel James was an utterly consuming, mesmerizingly vibrant, and all-around amazing whirlwind of a story that I loved and felt every word of. Every single word of this book was so phenomenally and thoughtfully crafted, and bursting with the best amount of charm and personality. From the very beginning of this story I knew I was beyond hooked into what I was getting within its spectacular pages with these wonderful and distinctive characters. The more I experienced this story, and the more I got into those characters’ heads, the more I knew that this book was not one I would soon forget.

Whether it was the enthralling thrill of this read, the phenomenal and exceptional crafting of emotion and feels throughout its pages, the authentic characters that seared themselves to my heart with all they had, or one of the many other aspects that made this book what it was, I loved this book with all that I had, and it was truly phenomenal in every way.

This book was like chasing that most lucrative and enrapturing storm that you equally want and need in your life, but that still manages to scare the bejesus out of you in a way because of how raw and intense and consuming it is. With the perfect combination of feels and emotion, heat and connection, and some serious charm and distinctiveness thrown in, Chased was easy to feel, experience, and just love.

Getting what I did with DH and Paige through Chased brought those two straight into my heart, allowed me to understand them on the deepest and truest of levels, and had me feeling it all with the two of them as they shared what they did together. I will tell you right now that their story isn’t always easy, and there were many times my heart squeezed something fierce for those two because of what they went through together and on their own individual journeys. While it wasn’t always easy on those two, it was beyond worth it to get what you do with them, and I am telling you you will LOVE every single intense, all-feeling, and real moment those two share.

Chased had so many aspects to it that set it apart, and that had me feeling, living, breathing, experiencing, and just loving it all, and I know it is a book that I’ll always remember for so many reasons.

What I absolutely loved about this book:

  • Did someone say storm chasers? Now I must admit that I am a HUGE fan of storm chasing and every exciting, intense, and consuming moment that comes with it. Since I’ve only read one other book that allowed me to follow a storm chaser, I was beyond ready to see what I would get with that aspect in this book, and let me tell you right now, Hazel James did not disappoint. The way that she throws you right into the thick of the storm with these characters, both literally and figuratively, makes this one helluva intense read that has you experiencing it all with these characters. Whether it was the storms DH was forever chasing, the storm brewing within him as he tried to face the darkness of his past, or the storm of feelings that entered both his and Paige’s lives from their first meeting, these two certainly know how to hook you in with all that they have, while simultaneously having you love and crave that chase and everything that comes with it.
  • DH and his own healing. DH is quite the charmer and a man that will have you smirking something fierce, but underneath that wonderful personality is a heart that is bleeding and breaking with what he’s been through. From what he experienced in his childhood, to the web of complicated and heartbreaking feelings and memories he has a result of a day that changed everything, that man has a world of feelings and past going through him. That past and the tight hold it has on his heart and future creates quite an emotional and mental struggle for DH, which Hazel James so authentically and emotionally captures. In Chased you get to be there through every word of DH’s struggle, through his fight, and through every ounce of what he pours into the healing that could be. My heart was with that man, feeling it all with him through every word as he faced it all, and I am telling you, there is no way you won’t love him, feel for him, and root for him with all that you have as he takes that journey of healing on full force.
  • Waking up Paige! Paige was a fun, authentic, and so easy to love character that I connected to from the very first pages of this book. I loved that girl’s personality, and how she had her own vibrancy and charm in spades. That girl felt so real with what I got with her in this story, and with everything that came her way, she started to evolve a bit herself. The start of this book finds Paige starting off the life she’s always wanted and dreamed of. She’s in a new town, starting her first big girl job, and is bound and determined to live the life she always thought she wanted. The thing is though, with one storm and unforgettable encounter with a man unlike any other she’s met, Paige soon starts to realize something more. She starts to wake up, to take a long hard look at her life and what she wants, and soon that girl finds herself on a path she never thought she’d be on, yet one she can’t for the life of her want to get off of. Everything I got with Paige as she evolved, and went on her own journey of realizing what she wanted, what she needed, and what she couldn’t live without was nothing short of spectacular.
  • A charm and vibrancy that is literally amazing. To say that Paige, DH, and the other amazing characters of this book had some serious charm and vibrancy is putting it too lightly. The personality bursting out of this book set it apart in the most memorable way, and had me simultaneously laughing, melting, blushing, and just basking in every word and moment with these characters. Hazel James does an incredible job of bringing out that vibrancy and personality in a way that sets these characters apart from any other you’ve read, and it’s that wonderful and charming distinctiveness that will have you heart going to them and rooting for them through every word of this story. The way that personality comes out from the supporting characters of this book, the town they reside in, in addition to everything DH and Paige give you will have your heart beyond in it all as this story unfolds.
  • The growing of what could be. Over the course of this book, Paige and DH start to realize that their friendship might be leading to something more than they ever thought could be, though there are many obstacles of both past and present that stand in their way. These two share a world of connection and a world of emotion between them that makes every part of their journey full of emotional twists and turns that put them through the wringer. And then some. But let me tell you, what I felt most of while reading Chased was the possibilities of what could be, and it was those possibilities that pulled me, my heart, and these characters through every all-feeling and emotional word of this book. Whether it was the possibilities of what could be between DH and Paige, the possibilities of their own individual futures, the possibilities of what could happen when the pain and emotion of the past turned into the healing and hope of the future, or just the possibilities of what their hearts could feel…those possibilities made this book the amazing thing that it is.
  • One wild heartfelt ride from start to finish. From start to finish, Chased was one thrilling and all-consuming ride that had my adrenaline pumping, my cheeks blushing, and my heart loving what I was so authentically experiencing. The way that Hazel James perfectly balances those intense, adrenaline filled moments, with those moments that touch and squeeze your heart will have you feeling it all in this story. It will have you NEEDING more with these characters, more with what could be, and more of that unforgettable chase that will sweep you up in more ways than one. Through it all, and through Hazel James’s phenomenal writing, I lived this story. I lived and understood and loved its characters with everything I had, and it truly doesn’t get better than that.

Chased was an all-consuming read that took me and my heart for one helluva ride. This story was about so many mesmerizing and all-feeling things, and it gave me two endearing, vibrant, and easy to love characters that I loved with all I had. Their story in this book was filled with their personalities, their wonderful charm and dynamic, and it had me feeling and believing in the possibilities of what could be.

With an emotional journey and evolution that will have tears falling from your eyes, and your heart squeezing more times than you can count, Chased is an utterly meaningful and emotional story that will take your breath away and show you that some chases are worth everything.

I truly can’t say enough how much I loved and felt and just enjoyed every single word of this story. It was so fantastically written, so enjoyable to read and experience, and so damn good. It gave me a story that was equal parts thrill ride, romance, and heartfelt emotional journey. The way Hazel James so phenomenally wove together the different aspects of this story put me in it all, had me believing and fighting and rooting for what could be, and in the end, had me knowing that this story was everything.

Read this book y’all. Read it. Live it. Breathe it. And take it all in, because the chase, the feels, and the journey within it are beyond worth it.

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Review Post: Dirty Dealers by Tia Louise


Dirty Dealers

By: Tia Louise


My job is to protect.
I’m the best, the king’s elite.
She’s the only thing strong enough to make me look away.

Logan Hunt is a guard. He’s constantly aware of his surroundings; he searches and rescues. He’ll take a bullet.

His new assignment is to protect the queen regent, keep his eyes on her at all times. He’s more than up to the task…

Until a face from his past returns, and the one mission he’s sworn to complete becomes his biggest liability.

DIRTY DEALERS is an all-new stand-alone CONTEMPORARY ROMANTIC SUSPENSE coming Jan 24, 2017. It features secrets, lies, double-crosses, angst, a touch of darkness, and panty-melting sexytimes.

My Review

****4.5 All Consuming Stars****

Dirty Dealers was an intense, consuming, and wholly enjoyable read that I could not put down. This story wove together a phenomenal story of second chances, more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at, and a connection and love so tenacious and strong that it truly took my breath away. From the very first page of this book, I was completely swept into the world I was so authentically thrust into, and I could not get enough of these characters and the enrapturing story they were allowing me to experience with them.

This book is exactly what I needed and I loved it so so much. Equal parts intense and consuming, full of shocks and action filled moments, all while giving me an emotional and heat filled second chance romance, this book checks every box and delivers on every level.

Now it is no secret that I love me some books by Tia Louise something fierce. I am a HUGE fan of her One to Hold Series, so I was definitely eager to see what this new world would bring. What I got within the pages of this book was more of her spectacular writing and storytelling that mesmerized me in more ways than one. What I love about Tia Louise’s writing is that it makes the world and the characters she creates so vivid, authentic, and real. She lets you feel every ounce of what her characters do, she gives you so much with them, and through every page of her stories she puts you in the thick of it in the most tangible and enjoyable way.

Dirty Dealers was no different. This story completely swept me up, and through the way that Tia Louise gave me these characters and their unputdownable story, I was beyond hooked into every word that I was reading. With the perfect level of feels, fiery heat, and heart, this story not only had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it would all work out, it also had my heart feeling it all for and with these characters through every phenomenal page.

This book and this story were so well crafted and written, and through every turn of that page, I found myself sinking further into its depths in the most amazing way, and I truly can’t say enough how downright phenomenal that was to experience.

What I absolutely loved about Dirty Dealers:

  • Second chances are my jam. Second chance romances are my favorite kind of love story to read, and Dirty Dealers showed me that again and again through every page of this story. What I loved about getting to experience Kass and Logan’s second chance was that from the very beginning I felt the depth of what those two shared. I felt their past and how real it was, I felt their present and how much that fire and connection was still there, and through every page I hoped that those two would find a way to have that future they both so deserved. Kass and Logan’s second chance at it all was full of so much passion, so much hope, and so many feelings that were so deeply rooted, my heart was seared to both of theirs from the start. Getting to experience their second chance at it all, as they shared what they did, and poured their hearts out was everything, and I loved it.
  • Kass’s endearing self. Kass was a girl who I couldn’t help but love. She was smart, so kind, and she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. After reading her story, my heart couldn’t help but go to her, and through every part of this story I loved and felt for her so much. What I loved about her character was that even though she wasn’t put in the easiest of positions, she still did whatever she could to make things right. That showed me so much about her character and her genuine self, and it had me knowing that that girl deserved the best of everything. I loved her, I rooted for her, and Tia Louise let me get and understand her in the most authentic way, and that is just part of what had me so connected to her character.
  • The one and only Logan Hunt. Now I love me a strong male character, and boy did Logan Hunt deliver on that repeatedly throughout this book. There was no length that that man would not go to for the woman he loved, and for what he knew was right, and I felt and experienced that with him through every word of this book. What I loved about Logan was that he had a heart of gold and the tenacity of the energizer bunny, and that coupled to make him a man my heart just went to. Logan definitely goes through a lot in this book, and many of his feelings, along with his job and skills are put to the test in more ways than one, but through it all that man was there, giving it his all for what he knew was right. I loved that man, his presence, his strong sense, and the strength of his heart and the feelings within it, and I am telling you, you will LOVE him too.
  • A fire and connection you see and feel every word of. What Kass and Logan share is full of fire and connection and a longing that has stayed with them both for years. Dirty Dealers shows exactly what these two share, and how deep those feeling and that connection goes. From the very first moment those two were together I could feel exactly what they were sharing, and I knew that they were going to give me one helluva story. What I got with them was so much more. It was real, it was raw and so darn intense, and it had my heart squeezing and simultaneously melting for what they shared. While there was still so much standing in their way, Kass and Logan fought on, and that fight coupled with all their feeling was the absolute best.
  • The intense and consuming twists and turns. Tia Louise crafted such an enrapturing story in Dirty Dealers that was filled to the brim with twists and turns. This story had me beyond consumed and needing to know what would happen next as all of the pieces came together. The way that Tia Louise wove together the different characters and pieces of this story had me needing more answers, while experiencing those twists and turns of the story in the most vivid and intense way. This story is romantic suspense in the best way, and how it captures the heartfelt love story, with the action packed nature of it all had me beyond in this story. Tia Louise’s spectacular writing allowed me to get it all in this story, and that is just one of the many reasons I loved it so much.
  • A world I can’t wait to get more of! This book opened up a whole new world of characters for me, and I for one can’t wait for more of it all! Tia Louise made every page of this book feel so real, and that had me loving every word of the world she so thoughtfully crafted. I loved the specific and dynamic nature of this new world, I loved the fantastic characters that came along with it, and I loved what I got and how in this story I felt. This series has everything that I can’t wait to get more of…the love, the action filled twists and turns, and every firework worthy moment that has me feeling, living and breathing it all in the most authentic and phenomenal way.

Dirty Dealers was a story about how some loves never truly go away. It is a story about second chances, the fight you have in your heart, and just how far you’re willing to go for the one that matters. This story was real, it was intense as all get out, and it gave me two characters who shared a world of feeling and some serious fire together. Reading and living every word of Logan and Kass’s story was wholly enjoyable, all-consuming, and bursting with their wonderful dynamic and love.

Through every word of this story I was in it with them as they fought for each other and what they knew had to be done. While their story wasn’t always easy, it showed me so much about the two of them, and had me feeling so much with them along the way. Those two proved to me again and again that their heartfelt connection was fierce as ever and ready to be felt, and I could not get enough of it all with them.

If you are looking for a phenomenally written story, with dynamic and enjoyable characters who share so much that will have you and your heart on the edge of your seat, then run yourself to this book this very second. Dirty Dealers was such a good book, and what I got within its pages was one of the most consuming stories I’ve read in a long time, and I’m telling you, you need to read it!

Buy The BookAmazon:


Tia Louise is the Award-Winning, International Bestselling author of the ONE TO HOLD series.

From “Readers’ Choice” nominations, to USA Today “Happily Ever After” nods, to winning the 2015 “Favorite Erotica Author” and the 2014 “Lady Boner Award” (LOL!), nothing makes her happier than communicating with fans and weaving new tales into the Alexander-Knight world of stories.

A former journalist, Louise lives in the center of the USA with her lovely family and one grumpy cat. There, she dreams up stories she hopes are engaging, hot, and sexy, and that cause readers rethink common public locations…

Books by Tia Louise: One to Hold (Derek & Melissa), 2013 One to Keep (Patrick & Elaine), 2014 One to Protect (Derek & Melissa), 2014 One to Love (Kenny & Slayde), 2014 One to Leave (Stuart & Mariska), 2014 One to Save (Derek & Melissa), 2015 One to Chase (Amy & Marcus), 2015 One to Take (Stuart & Mariska), coming Feb. 22, 2016!

Paranormal Romances (all stand-alones): One Immortal (Derek & Melissa, #SexyVampires), 2015 One Insatiable (Koa & Mercy, #SexyShifters), 2015


Connect with Tia: Amazon Author Page: Facebook: Website: Http:// Pinterest: Instagram & Twitter: @AuthorTLouise

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Review Post: Jail House Rock by Liberty Laine

☆☆☆99CENTS and FREE IN KU☆☆☆
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I’ve got ninety-nine problems and all of them begin and end with the Coletrain twins.

Especially Millie Coletrain.

I don’t know whether to kiss her or spank her.

Either way, she’s mine.

Warning: This is an erotic novella with laugh out loud ridiculousness, insta-love, a smart-mouthed heroine, and an over-the-top alpha bail bondsman.


My Review

*****5 Fun & Steamy Stars*****

Jail House Rock was a quick, fulfilling, and phenomenally enjoyable read that had me laughing out loud and blushing on every single page. The antics of Millie and Jake had me loving those two something fierce, and had me eating up every bit of what I got with them while reading this story. This story was equal parts laugh out loud funny, heart meltingly sweet, and over the top in the best way that will have your heart feeling on fire in more ways than one. Liberty Laine completely creates a fast paced and well written read that delivers in every single way possible.

From the very first page of this story I was completely swept up into everything that Jake and Millie were sharing. With a story premise that had me needing to know what would happen next, and a serious amount of spark and connection between these two characters, Jail House Rock delivers a story that is fun, steamy, and downright consuming in the most authentic way. Through every turn of that page I got more of Millie’s fire and sweetness, I got more of Jake’s protective and heart melting self, and I got more of all that those two share together. With the best dose of unforgettable personality and charm, those two found themselves in my heart lickity split, and I loved every single word of this story with them. Their feelings were very real, very insta-love, and very heated to say the least, and that combined to make one helluva story.

Liberty Laine’s fantastic writing gives you so much with these two. The charm and vibrancy they add into every word and page of this book will have your cheeks hurting because you’re laughing and smiling so hard. I could not get enough of what this writing duo was giving me in this story, and I’m already counting down the days until I can get more of their words! Their writing perfectly balanced a quick paced story full of some serious intst-love, while also giving me some serious feels, spark, and some truly mesmerizing moments, and I really can’t say enough how much I loved that!

If you are looking for a well written, consuming, and all-around enjoyable read, then you need to run yourself to this book this very second. It was fun, full of charm and so much humor, and it gave one helluva love story with some serious heat, and I truly can’t say enough how much I loved it! Jail House Rock is was insta-love, fast paced stories are made of, and it is a book I know you will love to pieces!


Review Post: Franco (Bright Side #3) by Kim Holden


Franco by Kim Holden

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Franco Genovese is the drummer for world renowned American rock band, Rook. He’s got it all. A killer smile. Tattoos. Talent. Razor sharp wit and humor. And a heart as big, and generous, as they come.
Life is good. Steady. Uncomplicated. Just the way he likes things.
Until one night at an unassuming L.A. bar changes everything.
Enter Gemma Hendricks.
She’s a successful young architect from Northern England with an adorable smile, sarcasm for days, and an unparalleled trusting heart.
The attraction is instant.
So is their friendship.
It’s also temporary because they’ll both be heading home, thousands of miles apart from each other, in a few days.
Or is it?
There’s something Gemma wants more than anything else.
And when Franco propositions her to provide what she’s looking for, everything changes.
Will it transform friendship into love, or will it be their ruin?
Note from the author: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is recommended for mature audiences.


My Review

*****5 Unforgettable Stars*****



You know those books that just feel damn good to read? You know the ones I’m talking about. Those are the books that feel like pure magic to experience. The ones that blow you away with all that they have, while simultaneously pulling you in with every phenomenal word. Those books that feel like a hug of sorts. Strong. Solid. Heartwarming. Right. Inviting. Good. Those books are the ones that sweep you up, give you all that they have, and literally leave you breathless from page to page because of what they so spectacularly give you.

Those are the books I live for.

Those are the books I love.

Those are the books that stay with me well after I turn that last page.

Those are the books that show me why reading and books are so amazing.

Franco by Kim Holden is a book like that.

In fact, every single book I have read and experienced and loved by Kim Holden has been a book like that. I could literally use every positive adjective in the dictionary, and I still wouldn’t come close to capturing the true beauty and meaning and unforgettable feeling of what it’s like to read a book by her. Her books are magic. They’re exceptionally written. They’re full of feeling and meaning and so many moments and characters that I will never forget. They’re everything.

Each and every one of her books have been some of my top reads of all time, and Franco is no different. This book was good. Damn good. It felt beyond wonderful to be back in this world with these characters, and the color and vibrancy and charm I got within the pages of this book made my heart happy a million times over. This book brought me back to a world where I feel as if I belong, a world where I feel like I’m one of the gang, and a world that feels pretty freaking amazing to be a part of. Kim Holden brings that world to life in such an authentic and enjoyable way that had me basking in every single word I got of that world I’ve come to love so much.

Franco is a mesmerizing and all-feeling story about so many things. It’s a story about what happens when one chance encounter changes everything. It’s a book about living your life, taking what comes your way, and figuring out what to do when you’re faced head on with what you want, and more so, what you need and can’t live without. It’s a story about finding what you love, living your life with all that you have, and fighting with all you have for the dreams you have. This book is one of life, love, and being in the right place, in the very right time, and how with one meeting, everything you thought you knew and wanted can change.

What you get between Franco and Gemma in this book will have you smitten with those two. Trust me on that one. They will steal your heart, and you will gladly give it over to them with what they so phenomenally give you in this book.

From the very first page of this book, I think Franco owned every part of my heart. The charm, the goodness, and the genuine sweetness of that man melted me through every page of this book, and getting to be there as he went there, as he put it all on the line, and as he opened up himself and his heart to what could be was everything. And I mean everything. Gemma was a gem of a character, and I mean that whole heartedly. That girl beats to the tune of her own drum, lights up every single moment she is a part of, and will have you smiling through every single second you get with her. What I loved about Gemma was how real she was, how truly unforgettable she is, and how honest and open and vulnerable that girl was when it really mattered.

Franco and Gemma share something so real, so right, and so damn good. What I experienced with them in this book had me believing in them, had me fighting for what could be, and had me loving and feeling and living every word of where this story took them. Through every twist and turn, and through every emotional up and down, I was with them heart and soul, loving and rooting for them with all that I had.

My heart was in every single word of what Franco and Gemma shared, and I think what I loved the most about the two of them was the friendship that pulled them through everything. It was that solid and very real friendship that brought me to them in the first place, and it was that connection and ease with them that had me invested in everything that could be with them. What Gemma and Franco share will certainly make you blush, will have your heart melting on more than one occasion, but most of all it will have you believing in the possibilities of what could be.

It was those all-feeling and consuming possibilities with those two that had me smiling, laughing, melting, and loving every single second of what I experienced with them in this book.

The way that Kim Holden connects you so truly to her characters completely sets her books in a league of their own. That was one of my favorite aspects of reading Franco because the connections I felt to him and Gemma, and the continued connections I felt towards the other characters of this world seared my heart to them all even more. I felt like I was a part of this book. I felt like I was with these characters, and like they were some of my closest friends that I understood, and loved, and just enjoyed being with. Kim Holden completely creates that connection, and she makes these characters, their personalities, and their charming and distinctive nuances feel tangible.

And honestly, reading this book just made me want to reread this entire series of books just so that I could spend more time with them all. That speaks to what Kim Holden so authentically creates in these books that I want and crave more time with all of her unforgettable and distinctive characters.

I don’t think I can accurately articulate what it felt like to experience this story and its dynamic characters. I’ve spoken of the magic of this world, and how good it feels to be within the pages of this book, and that is something I can’t say enough. Franco feels like you’re in the exact place you need to be while you’re within its unforgettable pages. It feels real. It feels like coming home. It feels right. And through every page it amplifies those feelings more because that’s what Kim Holden so brilliantly crafts.

Like the lyrics of a song you never want to have end, Franco is a story of two people who meet by chance, yet can’t seem to get enough of one another. This book follows their intertwined story together as they feel, as they live, and as they connect on so many levels on their journey together. Through every turn of that page in Franco, my love for these characters, what they were sharing, and for what could be amplified, and in the end, I couldn’t have asked for a better book.

This book made me feel. It made me smile and laugh and it brought some happy and fulfilling tears to my eyes on more than one occasion, and I really can’t say enough how much I felt, and breathed, and lived, and loved every single word of it.

Simply put, Franco is a mesmerizing story of possibilities, taking chances, and feeling with all that you have. It is a story that’s full of meaning, spark, and a tangible goodness that will literally sweep you up into all that it has, and won’t truly ever let you go. And let me tell you, it doesn’t get better than that, or this book.

Franco was another amazing book by Kim Holden. This book just solidified the love I have for this author and her words, and it has me already needing the next incredible dose of her words that I can get my hands on. Kim Holden is one of my favorite authors for a reason, and every word of Franco reminded me of that again and again. When I reached the last page of this book, all I wanted to do was start the book over again to get back within its literal goodness. I also wanted to give Kim Holden a hug to thank her for another incredible reading experience that I soon won’t forget.

The charm, the authenticity, the distinctiveness, the feels, the pull, the goodness, and everything else in between made this book a consuming and unforgettable read.

This book was everything.

It was Franco. It was Gemma. It was Gus. It was Scout. It was Bright Side. It was Jamie and Robbie. It was good. It was real. It was honest.

It was everything. And then some.

I am telling you, if you haven’t experienced this world, these characters, or Kim Holden’s phenomenal writing, then you are missing out. You NEED these words in your life. You need Franco and Gemma, and you need those bloody wankers, because let me tell you, they give you it all. And then some.


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Check out more on Kim Holden and her books at the following links:

Facebook Website Goodreads


Review Post: Unforgettable (Family Justice #5) by Suzanne Halliday


There’s a baby explosion happening for Family Justice and people are
starting to joke that there must be something in the water!

First came the surprise of a lifetime for Stephanie and Calder.

Then came Lacey’s shocking reveal of a second pregnancy during a harrowing ordeal for Cameron.

The big news that Alex and Meghan were starting a family was greeted with joyous enthusiasm but a second shocking reveal hovering in the wings rocks everyone’s world and shakes things up at the Villa.

Victoria and Draegyn along with the rest of Family Justice bring plenty of surprises and some interesting announcements along the way as we catch up with the whole Bendover crew.

Get ready for a bit of drama and plenty of Family Justice fun!

Find out how Finn is faring as the new co-owner of Whiskey Pete’s

Does Carmen have a new and very surprising love interest?

Is Remington Bissett coming out of her self-imposed shell or has she decided that a certain arrogant transplanted from Boston saloon owner, isn’t worth the aggravation?

What about Brody, Heather and Bella Mia?

Parker and Angie ~ are those two ever going to get married?

As if that’s not enough, hold on a minute!

Is that Paddy O’Brien in the desert and did someone say Alex’s parents

decided to retire and return to Arizona?

It’s another heart-warming, sexy and full of laughter chapter in the lives of the Justice Brothers and the family they’re creating in the desert southwest.

Come along once again as we journey to Bendover, Arizona and see if happily ever after is still the order of the day. 
 My Review

 *****5 Unforgettable Stars*****

Let me start this review by saying that I will literally NEVER get enough of this series. I will never get enough of Family Justice, or the crazy, wonderful, and completely heart melting antics that lovable crew gets into. I will never get enough of all of the love those characters share for each other, and how that bond, loyalty, and steadfast love they all share for one another sears them together so fiercely, just as much as it sears each of them to me. I will never get enough of Suzanne Halliday’s all-consuming writing that continues to wholly invest me in these characters, their stories and lives, and their world all the more with what she so exceptionally gives me with them all.

I will never get enough of the full on love I feel for these characters, their intertwining journeys together, and how I continue to feel as if I am more and more part of the Justice family and crew with every turn of that page.

I will never get enough of it all because this series is just that damn good, that damn well written, and that damn perfect.

I would read about these characters making waves and taking names in their nursing home because that is how much I LOVE them, and how much I need them all in my life. Suzanne Halliday has completely created that need for more of them all. The individual and strong connections I feel to each of her dynamic characters is something that I treasure, and it has me feeling, experiencing, loving, and practically basking in every second I get with this crew.

The way that I have fallen in love with Alex and Meghan, Tori and Drae, Lacey and Cameron, Parker and Angie, Brody and Heather, Calder and Stephanie, Remy and Finn, Carmen, Ben, Duke, and every single other unforgettable character of this series is something that I will truly never get enough of. Each new book of them strengthens that fierce love and adoration I feel for all of their characters, and it has me simultaneously loving what I’m reading, while also knowing that I will need more of them all, because that’s how much I love them. That’s how much I feel for them. That’s how much I’m invested in them all.

Every single chapter of the Family Justice Saga has been one that I have loved, but I have to say that there was something particularly special about Unforgettable, the fifth installment in this series. Not only did I have the chance to get back with some of my all-time favorite characters, I got to experience once again how their lives were progressing, and experience all of the ups, downs, and unexpected twists and turns that just seared my heart to them all the more. Getting to be there with every single one of them as they faced shocks, challenges, the best of the best, moments that stopped them in their tracks, and everything in between was nothing short of spectacular.

It was everything, and then some. And then some more after that because this is the Family Justice crew after all, and that wonderful bunch never fails to give anything but their all when it comes to their friendships, their loyalty, their heat and sparks, and of course, their completely enrapturing love.

The events of Unforgettable finds a bit of baby fever sweeping the Justice Family, and I for one couldn’t have been more ready to see where that would bring all of these couples and characters. And let me tell you something right now… that baby fever will sweep you up right into its magical, all-feeling, and heart melting spell, and you will love every single second of experiencing that in this story. This chapter of the saga was practically a baby explosion, which pretty much melted my heart on every single page of this book. Not only were my favorite fictional characters creating something so amazing with the literal new life bursting from the pages of this book, they were giving me more of them, their unyielding love, and their unforgettable journeys that were beyond perfect, and I truly can’t say enough how much I loved that.

Unforgettable is the next chapter that continues each and every one of the incredible and interwoven stories that makes this series the phenomenal thing that it is. This next chapter gives you it all with these characters in a way that pulls you in even more to each and every one of them as they face what comes next. What I loved about this book, and all of the others books before it, is that with each book I got to see where these characters were headed, how they had changed and grown since I last left them, and I got to experience what the next chapter of their lives was like.

Suzanne Halliday does an exceptional job of making what comes next for all of these characters feel so real, so authentic, and so damn right for their individual stories.

Each new chapter with them all pushes these characters just enough, makes them think and feel and live with all that they have, while simultaneously strengthening the bond they all share as they all keep living the lives they were meant to have. Unforgettable, and everything Suzanne Halliday gave me within its pages, did an extraordinary job of making what came next feel like the most magical thing on the planet. The love, the friendship, the bond, and the level of family that burst from the pages of this book was beautiful, emotional, and simply put, unforgettable.

Getting to be there every single step of the way as these characters have fallen, and fought, and just felt all that they has been nothing short of everything. And let me tell you, I look forward to many more chapters to come with them all because I have to know what happens next. I need more of them all, and I can’t wait to be back within their wonderful world as soon as humanly possible. I don’t think I will ever be ready to say goodbye to them, so I’m really hoping that goodbye doesn’t come anytime soon because I love these characters too much to not have them in my life.

This book brought about a lot of change for so many of these characters, and getting to be in their heads and experience it all with them was magnificent because it not only let me understand them on a deeper level, it connected me even more to what they were going through because I got it. I got how it affected them, how it pushed them, how it changed them, how it blew their minds and their hearts, how it made them want more, cherish more, and feel everything in between. I got it all because of the phenomenal level of understanding I had with their characters, and I got it because of how fantastically Suzanne Halliday crafted each and every one of their stories.

Feeling all that I do for these characters had me loving every single word of this book, the memorable and distinctive time I got with each of them, and all of that speaks to what Suzanne Halliday has really created in this series.

That tangible magic, investment, connection, fire, and sense of family has put this series and these characters in a league of their own.

I have to say one of my favorite aspects of this book was getting more of Remy, Finn, Carmen, Duke, and many of the other characters that make up the extended Family Justice. Getting to experience more of them, their specific charm and vibrancy, and seeing where this next chapter brought them all made me NEED more of them something fierce. It also had me knowing that some very big and interesting things are coming these characters way (here’s looking at you Remy and Finn!), and I for one can’t wait to get all of that and more with them. I especially can’t wait to learn more about Remy and some other characters who make appearances in this book, and I am beyond sure that their stories will blow me away with all that they have.

I have no doubt that whatever the next chapter in this saga brings for all these characters, Suzanne Halliday will find a way to make it distinctly Justice, completely unforgettable, and even more wonderful because she does that every single time she writes a book.

Suzanne Halliday balances the time you get with all of her characters so perfectly that every turn of that page brings your heart to them all, while letting you get so much with them that has you craving the next dose of them you’ll get. Unforgettable proved again and again the extraordinary talent of this author, and on every page I was reminded why this series is so good. The level of heart, heat, and feels on every single page of Unforgettable had me relishing in what this book and its characters gave me.

If you have loved this series, then I am telling you that you will LOVE this book. It will burst your heart into a million wonderful pieces, while simultaneously melting you, sending your love to these characters, all while bringing the best kind of blush to your cheeks and one big old smile to your face. And if you haven’t started this series yet, then I am telling you, you NEED it in your life like you need your next breath.

With the perfect level of family, friendship, love, connection, and romance, Unforgettable gives you the whole Justice gang in a way that just has you knowing that everything you’re reading is so right, so perfect, and so Justice, and it honestly doesn’t get better than that.

It truly doesn’t get better than this series, these characters, or their world, and Unforgettable will give you it all as you experience the true literary magic that is Family Justice. And just you wait, because what this book and Suzanne Halliday so phenomenally gives you will have you in full on love with it all, all while counting the days until you can get back into this world once again.

“Am I interrupting anything?” A deep voice drawled from the doorway. Cam looked up and saw Alex lurking in the doorway.
“Hey! Great timing and no, not interrupting. Our old buddy Roman, here,” he said with a powerful thwack on the man’s back, “was just picking my ball hairs out of his teeth.”
Roman jerked to attention when he realized who stepped into the room and threw up a smart salute. “Major,” he said with a deferential nod.
Alex saluted back and immediately stuck out his hand in welcome.
“Who moved the fucking rock and let you crawl out?” the big man said with his usual sardonic bite. Then he took control of their clasped hands and drew Roman in with a laugh. The handshaking, backslapping, bro hugging fist bump routine played out again with Alex giving the guy ten tons of grief.
“Jesus, don’t let his wife see you saluting,” Cam chortled.
Roman smirked. “Why?”
“Because she’d fall down laughing and then I’d have to beat the snot out of you to restore my manhood. That’s why,” Alex quipped.
“Sounds like my kind of lady.”
A thousand dirty references hung in the air unspoken. Cam almost crapped his pants when Big Daddy reacted like a fifty thousand volt Taser hit his nuts.
“She’s pregnant and if the hairless balls of a man-pussy are what she wants for lunch, I’ll come looking for yours.”
That my friends, Cam thought with laughter, is what we call a home run. Alex had the best putdowns.
Roman went from stunned to cracking up and gave Cam a knowing look. “Oh,” he chuckled. “I see how it is.”
Cam nodded and returned the look, “I just bet you do.”
Alex and Roman were a lot alike when it came to control issues. Probably explained why Roman went off on his own to do private security rather than stay with Justice. He didn’t take orders well and had a terrible time playing nice if he wasn’t in the mood. All traits which only became more pronounced after the guy’s wife and kid died.
“Look at you guys,” Roman joked. “Wedding rings and private planes. If I ever feel like getting old and settling down, I’ll set up camp in Bendover. Great name by the way. Very apropos.” His amused snicker was directed at Alex who flipped him off with great flair.
“I hate to break this knitting circle up but we have a meeting waiting on us.” Alex’s meaningful look reminded Cam it was a workday. “Roman,” Alex said with another hearty handshake. “It was good to see you. Good luck with your search mission and all joking aside, you know we’d welcome you here any time.”
“Thanks Alex. That means alot coming from you. And I was just being a dick about you being married. I’m glad you found someone to put up with your shit.”
After a handshake and some muttered goodbyes, Roman left with a nod at Alex. Cam hoped the guy found what he was looking for. In more ways than one.

Suzanne Halliday writes what she knows and what she loves – sexy adult contemporary romance with strong men and spirited women. Her love for creating short stories for friends and family has developed into a passion for writing romantic fiction with a sensual edge. She finds the world of digital, self-publishing to be the perfect platform for sharing her stories and also for what she enjoys most of all – reading. When she’s not on a deadline you’ll find her loading up on books to devour.

Currently a wanderer, she and her family divide their time between the east and west coast, somehow always managing to get the seasons mixed up. When not digging out from snow or trying to stay cool in the desert, you can find her in the kitchen, 80’s hair band music playing in the background, kids running in and out, laptop on with way too many screens open, something awesome in the oven, and a mug of hot tea clutched in one hand.
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Review Post: Size Matters (A Perfect Fit #1) by Alison Bliss


Size Matters (A Perfect Fit #1)

By: Alison Bliss



The rules of (fake) engagement . . .
Leah Martin has spent her life trying to avoid temptation. But she’s sick of low-fat snacks, counting calories, and her hyper-critical mom. Fortunately, her popular new bakery keeps her good and distracted. But there aren’t enough éclairs in the world to distract Leah from the hotness that is Sam Cooper – or the fact that he just told her mother that they’re engaged . . . which is a big, fat lie.

Sam sometime speaks before he thinks. So what started out as defending Leah’s date-ability to her judgmental mother soon turned into having a fiancee! Now the plan is to keep up the fake engagement, stay “just friends,” and make Leah’s family loathe him enough to just call the whole thing off . But Sam has an insatiable sweet tooth, not only for Leah’s decadent desserts but her decadent curves. Her full lips. Her bright green eyes. Yep, things aren’t going quite according to plan. Now Sam has to convince Leah that he’s for real . . . before their little lie turns into one big, sweet disaster.

My Review

*****5 Phenomenal Stars*****

Alison Bliss continues to be one of my favorite authors for so many reasons. Her books never fail to make me laugh out loud with their vibrant and sass filled humor, her characters never fail to sear themselves to my heart through every single second of charm and wonderfulness I get with them, and her enrapturing stories never fail to allow me to feel and experience it all as her thoughtfully crafted stories unfold. Her stories are ones that you feel and experience every word of, and all of her books are some of my most favorite reads ever.

The way that Alison Bliss blends her smart dialogue, her banter filled and fiery characters, and the best and most distinctive charm that envelops you in with all that it has creates a book that literally gives you it all, and I truly can’t say that enough.

Going into Size Matters I knew that I would be getting a story that was exceptionally written, and I knew that it would be sure to make me laugh and blush and feel it all as I experienced what this book had to offer. And you know what? I got just that, and so much more while reading Size Matters. I got a story that made me feel it all. I got a story that had me melting and falling right along with these two. I got a story that was so darn good to read, and then some, and that was just part of what made this such a fulfilling and enjoyable read.

Size Matters was a story that was easy to connect and relate to through every word, while simultaneously being the perfect escape that I needed, and I truly can’t recommend it enough!

What I loved about Size Matters:

  • Leah and her sassy and relatable self. Leah was such a relatable, smart, and strong female character to get to know and love in this story. What I think I loved the most about Leah was that she never failed to bring that sass and fire, while also having those real, honest, and vulnerable moments too. Alison Bliss completely created Leah’s character in a way that made her easy to love and connect to, while also giving her the same thoughts, feelings, and reactions that most women feel. The way that she balanced that strength and vulnerability had me loving Leah’s character to pieces, all while loving being with her every step of the way as she found more of that strength and realized what she wanted. Leah is a gem of a character who will make you laugh and smile and just feel so much, and that is truly just a fraction of what I loved about her in this book.
  • Sam’s trying to figure it all out. Sam was such a phenomenal male character to get to know and love in this book. He was such a good guy trying to figure out how to make a unique situation work, and I loved every second of this book with him as he tried to fix it all, while also trying to figure out what he was feeling for Leah. What I loved about Sam’s character was that even though he had those moments where he was a bit of a butt, and he was definitely still trying to figure it all out, he was still a good guy through and through. He also made me laugh and blush through so much of this book, and that had me rooting like crazy for this man through everything and every feeling that came his way in this story. Sam is real, so sweet, and a man that will steal your heart in no time flat, and I dare you to try to resist what that man brings to the table. His missteps along the way as he tries to wade through the world of feelings and connection he’s starting to feel will just make you love him more. Trust me on that.
  • A sweet and fiery connection. The connection that Sam and Leah share is one fire from the very first second those two meet each other in this book. That instant connection between them is fierce, firing through every page, and it continues to grow and grow the more these two are together. It’s that same fire that soon finds these two in a predicament neither of them expected to be in, but the closer those two get, and the more they get to know one another, the more they realize they might be feeling a whole helluva lot for one another. What I loved about their connection was how I got to be there through every part of it. I got to see that first spark, I got to experience that flame growing, and I also got to be there when the fireworks between Sam and Leah exploded in the most mesmerizing way. That coupled with how sweet and blushworthy what these two share is will have you falling for them in no time flat.
  • Build, build, and more glorious build. One of the best parts of this book was getting to experience the glorious build that happens between Sam and Leah. There is such an all-feeling build and tension to what those two share, and the way that Alison Bliss thoughtfully crafted that and brought it to life on the pages of this book made my heart race again and again. What I loved about that build was that it pulled me in so much to what I was reading, it invested me in what those two were fighting so hard against, and it simultaneously had me knowing that what these two could share was so beyond worth it. That build was equally consuming and exciting, and the way that Alison Bliss creates it and brings it to life will have you beyond in this story, feeling it all with Leah and Sam.
  • That oh so wonderful charm. It wouldn’t be an Alison Bliss book without some serious charm, and Size Matters was no different. Whether it was Sam and Leah, or the fabulous supporting characters, every single character I got to know in this book found a way to charm their way into my heart. Whether it was their personality or their banter or everything in between, I loved getting to experience that charm and vibrancy. That made reading this book so enjoyable and so fun, and it made all of these characters feel even more real because of that distinctive charm they all had. I loved getting that in this book so much, and I for one can’t wait for more of it as this series continues!
  • Authenticity for the win! I have to say one of my favorite aspects of this book was how real and relatable all of these characters were. All of their thoughts, reactions, and feelings were easy to understand and relate to with how great of an understanding Alison Bliss gives you of their characters. I also found their struggles and questions and doubts to be wholly honest and endearing in the same moment because I think at one point, all of us have felt the exact same thing. That authenticity, and how it burst from every page, made this story even more real, even more fantastic to experience because of how it felt getting all of that with these characters, all while making it even more of an incredible read. All of that made me love what I was reading even more, and every page just strengthened that love fiercely.

Size Matters was a phenomenally written, wholly enjoyable read that made me fall oh so hopelessly in love with every single thing that Sam and Leah were sharing. I found this story to be so real and authentic, so easy to love and fall right into, and so utterly fantastic from start to finish. This book made me laugh, smile, blush, and feel it all along the way with these two as they tried to sort out their unique predicament and the world of feelings they were sharing. From the very first page of this book I was hooked, and I truly can’t say enough how much I loved this book.

This was such an incredible start to this series, and I for one can’t wait for more! This book proved over and over again how phenomenal of a writer Alison Bliss is, and how much I LOVE her stories. She literally never disappoints, and the way that she so outstandingly crafts this story will have you loving every single moment you get within its pages.

This book was one that I loved every single word of, and I am telling y’all you will love it. From its charm, to its incredible characters, to its banter and sparks, to everything in between that pulls you in even more, you will be hooked. Size Matters is a story that is so easy to fall right into, so easy to love, and so darn phenomenal. Trust me on that one!

Just a little tease….



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As the youngest of five girls, Alison Bliss has never turned down a challenge…or been called by the right name. Her writing career may have started out as a dare by one of her sisters, but Alison hasn’t put her pen down since.

She grew up on a small island off the Texas Gulf Coast, where most of her childhood vacations consisted of camping or hunting trips to the deer lease. Although she’ll always be a Texan at heart, Alison currently resides in the Midwest with her Iowa farm-boy husband and their two sons. With so much testosterone in her home, it’s no wonder she writes “girl books.”

She’s an animal lover, a closet video game enthusiast, and believes the best way to know if someone is your soul mate is by canoeing with them because if you both make it back alive, it’s obviously meant to be. Alison’s an avid romance reader who enjoys penning the type of books she loves to read most: fun, steamy love stories with heart, heat, laughter, and usually a cowboy or two. As she calls it, “Romance…with a sense of humor.

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Review Post: Over the Edge (Bridge Series #3) by Meredith Wild

 Over The Edge by Meredith Wild 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

 ********Available 22nd November********

“An intriguing, sexy story about unexpected love and balancing others’ expectations against your heart”
NYT Bestselling Author Shayla Black
“The third book in Wild’s Bridge series is a fantastic read, certain to woo new readers and satiate her returning fans. Over the Edge checks off all the boxes: it’s emotional, intense and extremely sexy. Wild taps into an often thought of as taboo fantasy — one woman sharing two men — and makes it a possibility, allowing the reader to live vicariously through the main character. While this is part of the Bridge series, it’s also effective as a standalone novel.”
RT Book Reviews

Olivia Bridge has always been a good girl—good grades, good friends, and a good job that her wealthy parents handed her. Desperate to carve out a life that is truly hers, Liv walks away from it all and takes on the challenge of helping her brothers open a chain of fitness centers in New York City. Just as she’s beginning to find her footing in a new place, she’s caught between two men who couldn’t be more determined to turn all her goodness inside out.
Will Donovan has the capital to make the Bridge brothers’ entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Taking their uptight sister to bed seems a reasonable perk for the risk. Liv is the smartest, sexiest prude Will’s ever met, and he can’t wait to break her down.
Life is too short for Ian Savo to play by anyone’s rules. Sharing women with his friend isn’t anything new, so when Will introduces him to Liv, he can’t wait to get a taste. But falling for the same girl, or falling at all, was never in the plans…
The Bridge Series follows Cameron, Darren, and Olivia Bridge, three siblings living in New York City. Desperate to break away from the crushing expectations of their wealthy and privileged and equally broken family, they carve out a new path together. But can they find real love along the way?
Each book follows a different sibling’s journey and can be read as a standalone.

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My Review

*****5 Fiery, Emotional, and Unforgettable Stars*****

Just when I think that there’s no way that Meredith Wild can possibly top the immense love I have for her phenomenal books, her unforgettable characters, and her utterly consuming stories, she goes and does just that.

Over the Edge was viscerally heated, sensually passionate, and an all-around mesmerizing story that simultaneously melted my heart while lighting it on fire with everything that Will, Olivia, and Ian were sharing.

To say that I loved this book, is pretty much the understatement of the century, and let me tell you, if I could give this book all the stars in the world I would. Meredith Wild and her exceptional writing never fail to deliver a story that allows me to become fully encapsulated within everything she’s creating. She not only lets you read her stories, she lets you feel them, she lets you take them in and breathe every unforgettable word of them, and she lets you experience every ounce of emotion and feeling they so authentically give you.

And let me tell you that is just a fraction of what makes her books some of my all-time favorite reads.

Over the Edge proved Meredith Wild’s extraordinary writing talent over and over again, and with every turn of that page, I fell harder and harder under the passionate and spellbinding magic she was creating with her dynamic characters.

From the very first page of Over the Edge I was pulled into everything that Olivia, Will, and Ian were sharing. I was hooked in by their unique charm and vibrancy, and the more I got with each of them, the more I started to fall hard and fast for that firework level connection that exploded from the three of them. That fire between them burst from every single page of this book, and created an indescribable level of pull through every word of this story. The more I felt that fire and pull from these characters, the more I needed them, and the more I NEEDED more of their story, and let me tell y’all, what I got with them was nothing short of everything.

This story is probably my favorite of Meredith Wild’s books to date, and the raw, intense, and phenomenally real story I got within its pages was everything I never knew I needed in my life. Olivia, Will, and Ian’s story together is not one you will soon forget, and I am telling you that this is a book you need in your life. Perfectly crafted, with the best level of blush inducing spice and firework level connection, with enough romance and feels to have you melting on every page, Over the Edge is a story that truly gives you it all.

Now I will be the first to admit that I went into this book thinking that it was going to be a love triangle, so I prepared myself for some serious build, some heart pulling angst, and a glorious level of heat that I knew Meredith Wild would deliver as this story unfolded. Well come to find out, this book was so not a love triangle, which was good for my heart because from the very first pages of this story I LOVED both Will and Ian, along with Olivia, and there is no way I could have chosen between them if my life depended on it.

As it turned out there was no choosing to be done because Over the Edge is no love triangle, it’s an unforgettable ménage story that will push your heart to its very limits with its sensuality and honest emotion as Olivia realizes that she is falling hard and fast for two different men…at the same time.

Over the Edge explores what happens when the straight laced Olivia Bridge realizes that she is having true, very real, and very serious feelings for two men. Both Ian and Will have shared women before, but never one quite like Olivia, and soon those two men realize that this smart and vibrant woman has the ability to bring them, and their hearts, to their knees. What may have started out as a bit of fun between these three soon becomes something more than any of them were prepared for. Soon the fire they share begins to burn them and their hearts in ways they never imagined or thought possible, and they all soon find that they might be a bit more out of depth than they originally thought.

Told through Meredith Wild’s exceptional writing, Over the Edge is a distinctive and utterly consuming story that explores what happens when the fire and feelings you have can no longer be denied, and how those fire and feels can take you to the most unexpected of places that you never knew you needed to have.

I have to say that one of my favorite aspects of this story was not only experiencing the unbridled passion Will, Ian, and Olivia were sharing, but also getting to fall head over heels for those three and their individual stories.

Whether it was Will’s story of setting out on his own two feet, getting exactly what he wanted and never knew he needed, all while trying to find a way to handle what was put on his shoulders. Whether it was Ian’s story of trying to realize what he did want out of life and what he could actually have if he allowed himself to have it, all while trying to overcome the heart squeezing and emotion filled past. Whether it was Olivia and her own individual journey of self-discovery as she tried to make her own stamp on the world, while simultaneously trying to show those around her that she wasn’t who they thought she was, all while trying to figure out if she could handle everything that was coming her way in this story.

Whether it was any of that, or any of the other amazing aspects of this book, Meredith Wild weaved together three dynamic characters, three incredibly emotional, passionate, and real journeys, and three people who never knew what was really missing in their lives until all of the pieces finally came together.

Over the Edge was truly a story that I will never forget reading. It was a story that was filled to the brim with vibrant characters, an unforgettable dynamic that I felt through every single page, and it gave me a story unlike any other that I have read. This book gave me three unique characters and their intense story together as they tried to figure out what could be, what they could and couldn’t handle, and what they were willing to fight for with all that they had. Olivia, Will, and Ian’s story in this book carved its way straight into my heart with how honest, open, and real those three are in this book. That coupled with the intense connection of what they felt for one another and how far that connection took them all, seared my heart into this book.

I have no doubt that Over the Edge and everything it had will leave its spectacular and distinctive mark on me for long to come, and that is just part of what makes it the incredible read it is.

Now I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention how much I loved being back in the world of The Bridge Series. To say that I have loved the Bridge siblings is not doing them the immense amount of justice they all deserve, and to get the chance to be with them all one last time had my heart feeling like it was practically bursting with the love I had for all of them. Over the course of this series I have fallen for each and every one of them, and I will never get enough of the emotional and life changing journeys I got with each of them.

Whether it was Cam and Maya and their second chance at it all, or Darren and Vanessa’s literal fire as they tried to make it work, or Olivia, Ian, and Will’s story that will simultaneously touch your heart and set it on fire, the Bridge Series is one I will never forget.

Meredith Wild has completely invested me in each and every one of these characters. She has allowed me to fall head over heels for them all through every one of these books in this series. Through every emotional up and down, through every exceptional twist and turn that literally stole my breath again and again, and through every unforgettably intense and real moment, she had me knowing that these character, their stories, and what they each so authentically gave me was something truly exceptional, and for that I can’t say thank you enough.

Over the Edge was the perfect conclusion to this series, and it gave me the closure I crave and need when I say goodbye to a set of characters that I have come to know and love. This book with its heat, its intense passion, and its moments that melted my heart, made me blush, and let me feel it all gave me three characters I know I will never forget. It was everything. And then some. And then some more after that.

This story was the ultimate Meredith Wild book, full of fire, literal spark, and smart and authentic characters my heart immediately went to and stayed with, and I truly can’t say enough how much I LOVED it.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally crafted book that will give you it all, then you need this book. If you’re looking for a book that will sweep you up into its literal spark, while having you blush and melt a bit more on every page, then you need this book. If you are looking for a set of characters that will sear themselves to you with everything that they have, then you need this book. If you are looking for a story that will speak to every part of you, all while having you fall hard and fast for what it’s creating, then you need this book.

If you’re looking for a damn good book, then you need this book in your life this very second.

Trust me on that.

What you get in this book is the ultimate romance that literally gives you it all. The heat, the feels, the characters, and everything in between is there in Over the Edge. It’s there and it’s ready to give you it all from its very first page, so do yourself a favor and get to experiencing it this very moment because it would be so wrong not to.

Meredith Wild is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of romance. Living on Florida’s Gulf Coast with her husband and three children, she refers to herself as a techie, whiskey-appreciator, and hopeless romantic. When she isn’t living in the fantasy world of her characters, she can usually be found at








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Releasing Now: Unraveled (Undisputed #2) by A.S. Teague


Title: Unraveled
Series: Undisputed #2
Author: A.S. Teague
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: November 17, 2016

I had it all––until I didn’t.When my job, my livelihood, and my passion are suddenly snatched away from me, I’m left scrambling to keep my head above water. Desperate, I’m forced to walk into the last place I ever thought I’d go. Little did I know that I’d come face-to-face with the woman who would help me pick up the pieces of my unraveled life.Rebecca Toler’s living the dream––or so I thought.

Beautiful, funny, and tough as nails, she answers to no one. In other words, she was born to be mine.
One problem—she hates me.

It’s time to take my life back, and I’m starting with her.

But, as I’ve learned over the years, sometimes the toughest fight of your life is outside the cage. 

*Each book in the Undisputed series can be read as a complete standalone novel

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Free in Kindle Unlimited
My Review

*****5 Fiery and All-Feeling Stars*****

A.S. Teague is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors with her downright phenomenal books that pack the best amount of feels, fight, and firework level connection. My love of this author’s unforgettable words was solidified by every thoughtfully crafted word in Unraveled, and the more I read, the more I knew that I was loving every single word, experience, and moment this book was so authentically giving me.

Simply put, this book was the best blend of it all. Experiencing Ryker and Rebecca’s fiery story was consuming to say the least, and I loved every second I spent within Unraveled getting to experience every bit of what those two were sharing.

From the very first page of this story through the very last, A.S. Teague swept me up so fully into the literal fire and spark between Rebecca and Ryker, and I truly could not get enough of everything those two shared as they fought, as they felt, and as they fell for one another.

Unraveled is a story about what happens when two people cross paths, and how that one moment changes everything. This is a story about finding yourself in a place you never wanted to be, and where you go from there. This is a story about discovering what you truly want and need out of life, and how you’re going to go about getting it. And in the end, this is a story about what happens when the fight and fire you have brings you to exactly what was missing from your life.

I loved every single word of this book, and I really can’t say that enough. From the feels, to the level of extraordinary fight and determination of these characters, to all the unforgettable moments I got with them, Unraveled blew me away with everything it had, while simultaneously showing along the way how utterly talented A.S. Teague’s writing is.

What I loved about Unraveled:

  • Rebecca’s got some sass. Rebecca Toler is no lady to mess with, and the literal sass and fire from that girl was enough to have me loving her from the very first moment I met her. What I loved about Rebecca was that she completely owned who she was. She wasn’t afraid to push those buttons that needed to be pushed, and she wasn’t afraid one little bit to do what needed to be done, even if people thought she was a bit crazy for doing it. The dynamite personality of that girl will have you smiling and laughing and just basking in the wonderfulness of that girl and her sass, and I am telling you that you will love her so much. The lengths to which that girl and her sass will go to do what’s right, to figure out exactly what she wants and needs, and to do what needs to be done will have you heart loving every second you get with her. Trust me on that one.
  • Ryker’s determination. Ryker was a character that my heart went to from the very start of this book. That man is a fighter through and through, but the start of this book finds that man unraveling before your eyes as he’s stripped of everything he once knew, but let me tell you now, that man’s determination knows no bounds. Ryker is a man who isn’t afraid to do what’s necessary, and that’s exactly what brings him face to face with Rebecca. It’s that same extraordinary level of determination that shows Ryker he has to get closer to Rebecca, no matter how much she tells him they’re not going to happen. The fight and determination shows the true lengths of Ryker’s tenacity, and the way that man goes the extra mile to do what needs to be done, to be the man for Rebecca, and to get to exactly where he always needed to be is nothing short of spectacular.
  • All that glorious fight. Unraveled has a whole heck of a lot of amazing fight through every single page, and that is something that will have you loving this book so much. You have Ryker’s fight to try to put his life back together after losing it all. You have Rebecca’s fight to keep Ryker away. Then there’s Ryker’s fight to show Rebecca and everyone around him who he really is and what he’s all about, all the while you have Rebecca’s fight to figure out what’s right, what she wants, and what should be. And don’t even get me started on the level of glorious fight that comes when Rebecca sets her mind to what she does in this book…because let me tell you, that fight is everything. The level of authentic, emotional, and endearing fight in this book reveals so much about these characters and their tenacity, and it is what truly sets this book apart. That fight is everything and then some, and you will love every single second of it in Unraveled.
  • Feels, feels, and more feels. Along with that glorious level of fight in Unraveled, you also get some serious feels that will have your heart melting on just about every page. What I loved about Rebecca and Ryker’s story in Unraveled is that while it had that fight and that back and forth, push and pull, it also had the feels to go with it. It had those moments to melt your heart, to steal your breath, and to give you all the butterflies as you were falling right along with those two. A.S. Teague gives you those feels and the fire behind them all. Getting that with Ryker and Rebecca will have you rooting for them with all you have, while simultaneously basking in those feels that feel so damn good.
  • A connection that never quits. The firework level connection between Ryker and Rebecca was something that sparked and jumped off of every page of this book. From the very first moment those two are together the sparks fly, the chemistry flows, and the build ensues. Through every turn of that page, that build and tension between them grows to a palpable level to the point of explosion…and let me tell you, that explosion when it all comes to a head is heated, visceral, intense, and so very Ryker and Rebecca. That connection and spark between them continues to grow through every part of this story, and it’s that connection that will invest you in everything those two share. You will love them, you will feel for them, and you will be hoping and rooting with all you have for them because of what they share in Unraveled, and I am telling you that fire you get with them is exceptional.
  • Family is family. One of my favorite aspects of this book had to be the feeling of family between the characters. While Unraveled is a standalone novel, you get back with all of the characters you fell in love with during the first book in the series, and you also get more characters to love with all that you have. (Here’s looking at you Gram!) The friendships, the connections, and the loyalty between these characters that you feel and get to watch grow will strengthen your love to them, this world, and this series the more you get with them all. I truly loved every second I got with them in Unraveled, and I am beyond ready to see what comes next for them all in the next book in this series!!

Unraveled was a story of how your life can change in an instant, but how that can ultimately put you onto a path you never even knew you’d want to be on. This book is about the journey that comes navigating that path, handling its crazy twists and emotional turns, and figuring out how to handle all that comes along with that path. And sure that path might not be easy, and it may be full of fight and heartache and emotional moments, but that path is well worth all the fight it took to make it through it all. Unraveled is a story that gives you that path, the people you meet and fall for along the way, and it is a story of what could be when you truly give it your all.

A.S. Teague did an extraordinary job of bringing out the fight, the feels, and the fireworks between Rebecca and Ryker through every single page of this book. I felt and lived and breathed every single moment of this book right along with them, and the level of investment and connection created through A.S. Teague’s phenomenal writing seared those two to my heart. Their story in Unraveled is uniquely theirs, full of banter, sass, and some serious spark, and in the end, getting to be there with those two as they figured out exactly what could be was nothing short of wonderful.

Through every turn of that page, I knew more and more that though things might’ve unraveled some for these characters in this story, they unraveled in the perfect way to give me hope, give them hope, and bring things together in a way I will truly never forget.

This book is one that I loved every single word of. It was consuming, intense, real, and all-feeling wrapped up into one amazing package, and it truly doesn’t get better than that.

For the next three hours I’m swamped answering calls—thankfully no more real estate agents—and helping anyone that comes in while trying to finalize the boys’ events for the next month. When that damn bell chimes for the hundredth time today, I plaster a forced smile on my face and glance up. When my eyes finally focus on the man walking through the door, the smile vanishes and my jaw falls open.

What the actual fuck? His head is high as he looks around, studying the room. After giving the gym a quick onceover, his gaze finally lands on where I’m seated behind the desk. Our eyes meet and my heart hammers, the pounding so loud I fear he can hear it from across the room. I tear my gaze away from his and scan his body, surprised at the physical reaction I’m having to him.

With a slight shake of my head, I slap my palms on the paper-covered wood, and shove out of my chair, causing it to shoot out at least ten feet behind me. “You have some nerve walking in here.”

He stops in his tracks and blinks at me before an easy smile crosses his face. “Rebecca Toler. Shoulda known I’d see you here.” He drawls as he continues walking toward me.

My pulse is pounding in my ears and my stomach is practicing its floor routine for the Olympics as I stare at the man in front of me. Taking a minute to appreciate his strong jaw line that’s covered in scruff, I notice that his hair is in desperate need of a trim as it falls across one eye.

Fuck, he’s sexy.

He always had been. Regardless how much it pains me to admit it. Though his looks weren’t why I wanted to full body hurl him from the building. Memories of our last interaction flood my mind, along with the hurt and anger I’d felt.

“How ya been, Reb?” he asks with a familiarity he doesn’t have.

His use of my nickname, a familiarity he doesn’t have––or deserve––causes me to snap childishly, “Who said you could call me that?”

He grins, but doesn’t reply.

Fuck, that grin is hot.

“What are you doing in Atlanta, Ryker?” I ask, attitude still thick in my voice.

He takes his time looking me over and my body betrays me by flushing at the attention. His eyes are appreciative of what they see, but strangely enough, it doesn’t feel like he’s ogling me.

He steps forward and shoves his hands in the pockets of his washed out jeans that hang low on his hips. “Well, I was in town and thought I’d stop in and say hello to my buddy Breccan. Seeing you is an unexpected bonus.” His lips tip up in a smile and my stomach flips again.

“Your buddy?” I hiss through clenched teeth while attempting not to let my gaze linger on his pants any longer. The thought of Ryker and Breccan ever being buddies would have been funny, if I wasn’t too shocked to laugh.

His gaze finally makes it back to mine and he nods once.

For a few moments we simply stare at each other, him smiling while I scowl.

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A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap.

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