Review Post: Stolen English by Natasha Boyd

The problem with a self appointed bodyguard that you have feelings for is that they are right up close and personal every damn day, and when they look like Evan Roark, they’re impossible to ignore.

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I didn’t think I’d live another day. It’s been almost ten years since I escaped to a life I could never imagine. And to a man I can only dream about. Evan Roark has been my beacon, he’s been the man who’s shown me that men who are strong can also be safe. After almost a decade, I’m finally ready to take back my life and remember the woman inside me, the woman who wants, who needs, who loves, who feels, who craves … only he’s made it clear I can’t crave him. But I haven’t made it this far to make a new life only to fail now. I want him to be the one to help me erase my past. And if he wants to be all up in my space being bossy and overprotective, and looking so hot, then I can’t help it if I’ll try anything possible to get him to touch me.


Nine years ago I asked my best friend, Xavier, for a favor, a way to keep Andrea safe. While I run security for him and guard his family against all threats, I can also keep her close. I keep her close, but never touch. But when she paints a target on her back by filing for divorce, I’m forced to make a choice, and it’s her I have to protect. And now she’s calling my bluff, letting me know she’s ready to finally trust another man to hold her, to touch her, to love her… It’s killing me. I want it to be me, but I can’t be both her lover and her protector. If I give in, then I won’t see the threat coming. I know what happens when I get distracted. People get hurt.

But she’s making it so … damn… difficult. 

Set against the backdrop of Southern France in and around a tiny storybook village reminiscent of Belle’s village in Beauty and The Beast, comes a story of a woman whose life was stolen by an abusive husband, and the man who’ll help her remember the woman she is inside.

My Review

*****5 Absolutely Incredible Stars*****

Natasha Boyd continues to be an author who I can count on for an epic and unforgettable and all feeling romance that I will truly treasure. I have read and loved every single one of her books. They are utterly incredible, truly breathtaking and beautiful, and they have given me some of the most epic love stories I have ever experienced. They are truly more in the best way and I really don’t have enough words to really capture what it’s like to experience one of her love stories. They are just that unforgettable and outstanding and utterly amazing to experience.

Stolen English was yet another example of why this author is one of my all-time favorites.

This book was captivating from the very first word. It was bursting with such vibrancy and personality from these characters, and that combined with the fiery connection that was ready to topple them both over in every moment, was literally everything. Combine that with the beautiful setting of this book, the phenomenal characters that make up this world and this family, and throw in just everything that Evan and Andrea were building between them, and you have the making of a perfect love story.

I loved every word of this book. I loved being back in this world with characters that I fell so hopelessly in love with when I was reading Broken French. I loved getting to see Evan and Andrea fight like hell against everything they were feeling, only to feel that glorious tension and build up and connection build and build and build to the point of no return. I loved that underneath these characters taking chances and pushing each other away and figuring out what they wanted, that you always knew it was the two of them. You knew through every word and every turn of that page that they were meant to be together. That they had to find a way to love. That they had to get that happily ever after that they both so deserved.

Feeling and needing that with every breath in my body through every word of this book is honestly just a scratching the surface of what I loved about Stolen English and everything that I got with Evan and Andrea.

Those two definitely make you work for it, but let me tell you, that work is so damn worth it. In those moments when these to push each other to the edge, when they make each other want things they don’t think are possible, when they make each other want more, you feel the truth and the vulnerability and the honesty of all of that. You feel everything with them. You feel how they’re putting their hearts on the line for the one person who truly means everything. You feel how even though they might be scared out of their minds to take that next step, they also need that next step like they need their next breath. And getting to be in the midst of that tension and build up and connection and that push in that pole as they thought to get to where they did in this book… It was truly everything.

Natasha Boyd does the most outstanding job of letting you live this book with these characters in a way that remind you why she is such a gifted and talented writer and storyteller. I felt it all in this book. I felt Evan struggle with the changes going on in his dynamic with Andrea, his struggle with his feelings towards her, his struggles with everything that comes to light in this book, and his struggle to stay away from the one person he has always wanted.

I connected deeply to Andrea‘s story of gaining her life and independence back after being on the run and living in fear for so long. This book was truly a celebration of her fight and her heart and everything she had done to put her self back together again. Getting to be with her as she did all of that and more, while also being with her as she waited her way through the ocean of feeling that she has for Evan was nothing short of perfection.

Combine all of that with how this author allows you to understand these characters deepest fears and worries and insecurities, while also showing how they basically give each other life and make each other stronger is incredible. It pulls your heart in something fierce, it invests you completely and deeply in their own individual journeys and what they are building together, and it has you desperate for every second with them. It has you ready for more. It has you eager to see how they will handle the many challenges that come their way on their road to finally being together. And boy do those to get some bumps in the road in this book, but the way that they handle them, the way that they’re in it together, and the way that they give it their all with their whole heart for the chance to be with one another is truly beautiful. And it’s emotionally breathtaking in a way that will sear you to them and everything they give you.

Natasha Boyd once again brings you back to the world of the Mediterranean, to a group of people who are practically family, and to two characters who are truly destined to be with one another. They have seen each other through some of the hardest moments of their lives, and this book explores how They take that chance at what could be. And that chance scares them out of their ever loving minds, but you will love getting to be with them as they take that leap, as they see what could be, and as they put their hearts on the line one last time when it really really matters.

Evan and Andrea truly give you at all in this book and you will love them. Point blank you will love them and their journey and what comes to be with them. You will love the push and the pull that it takes to get there, you will love how they always keep each other on their toes in the most fantastically infuriating way, you will love how everything with them means so much more. You will love that it’s also real and true between them. You will love that they know the other is the one who changes everything. You will love how even in the hardest of moments for these two, it always comes back to them and what could be and their pull to one another. Couple that with the breathtaking level of emotion and vulnerability you get with them along the way, and you have just part of what makes this book so utterly outstanding.

Stolen English was the perfect follow up to Broken French and it has me BEYOND eager to get more stories from this world. I’m going to need Natasha Boyd to keep writing in this world because it is a place I truly never want to leave. This world is full of life and vibrancy and memorable characters that on your heart fiercely and just the most amazing settings that will truly take your breath away. I am loving the world of these books and I really just want more. So please give us more Natasha Boyd, I beg of you!

I really don’t have enough words to really capture what it was like to experience and read this book. This book and the way this author gives you these characters and their love story is why I am a romance reader. This book is the a pitta me of an incredible love story with a happily ever after that will melt you into a puddle of goo on the floor. And you will love it.

You will love every single second of how these characters bear their souls to one another. You will love how they’re willing to fight like hell for one another even if it means they don’t get to be together in the end. You will love how even through the hardest of moments these characters are with one another, they see each other, they feel everything for one another, and they are willing to do everything possible for the other at a chance at that happily ever after. You will love how that connection sparks and burns and builds and builds in the most glorious way till that moment of unforgettable explosion where all bets are off. You will love how everything with Evan and Andrea feels like so much more. You will love how they love one another, how they are with one another, and how they just truly respect one another.

Simply put, you will love them, you will love their love story, and you will love every single second you get with them in Stolen English.

Natasha Boyd once again delivers an epic and all feeling romance that will make you swoon, that will make you smile until your cheeks hurt, that will have you feeling every emotion possible, and that will just have you utterly in love with her characters and their love and journey to that happily ever after. She wholeheartedly invests you and everything her characters share and go through in the story, and she will have you in every breath of her words in this book as she delivers the romance your heart and soul needs. Through her incredible writing she gives you these characters in the most honest and real way, and then a way that will have you basking in every single second you get with them. Throw in some serious fun and spice along the way and you have the makings of one hell of a love story.

And really that’s just scratching the surface of what makes this one of the best love stories and romance novels that I have read this year.

I love everything about this book and I cannot recommend it to you enough. Read this book, bask in this series, live these love stories with these characters. You will not regret it and in fact your heart will thank you for it because everything you get in this world with these characters through these stories and this author‘s words is nothing short of everything. It is what romance books should be and it continues to show again and again the talent this author has with the written word and with capturing and creating love. I’m truly so thankful that I have the chance to read books like this because they make my romance reading loving heart so beyond happy and I can’t say it enough.

Stolen English was beautiful perfection. It is a story about a woman who fights like hell for a second chance at life, and the knight in shining armor who is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to protect her, to be there for her, and to make sure every one of her dreams come true. It is a story of resiliency, heart and emotion, and so much admiration and adoration between these two. It is a story of two people who are truly destined for one another. It is a story of what happens when that leap of faith and that second chance at it all truly makes all the difference in the world. Because that chance, and that leap of faith? It can truly change the trajectory of your entire life and your love and everything if you allow yourself to have it… And Andrea and Evan are the epitome of that in this book.

They are everything, right along with their amazing love story.

So seriously, just read this book. Read it, love it, and love every single word of it. You will not regret it. Not one little bit. Read this entire series and better yet read every book by this author. You will love every single word she gives you, and you will love the epic an unforgettable love stories you get in this book, and an every other one of her books. Natasha Boyd is truly one of the best, and Stolen English just proves that again and again a million times over.

About the Author

Natasha Boyd (Writing romance as TASHA BOYD) is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, internationally bestselling, and award-winning author of contemporary romance, romantic comedy  and historical fiction.

Her historical fiction novel, The Indigo Girl, takes on the true story of young Eliza Lucas Pinckney and the indigo trade in the 1700’s. It was long listed for the Southern Book Prize and was a Southern Independent Booksellers’ Association OKRA PICK.

Her work is available in English, Italian, Turkish, German, French, Czech, Serbian, Russian and Indonesian and she lives in Atlanta with her husband, two sons, and a Yorkie named Truffle.  She drinks English Breakfast tea before 11 am, is obsessed with honey, and once played the part of Dorothy in a school production of The Wizard of Oz

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