Review Post: A Wild Heart by Amie Knight

A Wild Heart, an all-new single mom second chance standalone romance full of heat and emotion from USA Today bestselling author Amie Knight is available now!

I lost a huge piece of myself the day my husband was killed in action.
In the months that followed, I felt like my grief would swallow me whole.
My only solace was my daughter, whose bright light guided me through the darkest of times.

I never wanted to meet someone else.
I vowed to never fall in love again, especially with a marine.

It was supposed to be no strings attached and for a while it was.
But Weston Reeves’s grumpy soul called to my tortured one.
Maybe it was the midnight rides on his bike or the way that only I could make him smile.
He lit me up, set my body afire, and for the first time in five years made me feel alive.

Our relationship was probably the worst gamble I’d ever taken.
But my stupid, wild heart needed him, even if our love was destined to burn me to ashes.

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My Review


Amie Knight continues to be one of my all-time favorite authors who consistently delivers some of the most exceptional stories that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Her books own me heart and soul. They take hold of every single one of my emotions, allow me to feel and live and experience everything with her dynamic characters, and give me unforgettable love stories along the way. Her books are truly the best, and the way that she so thoughtfully and purposefully crafts her words elevates every one of her books and characters and moments to the next level.

Simply put, Amie Knight is an author who I can always count on to create a romantic, all-feeling love story that will blow me away from start to finish. 

A Wild Heart was no different. 

In fact, this might be my new favorite of all of her books because this story…this story was PHENOMENAL. It was deeply emotional and raw. It was spicy as hell. It was captivating in a way that felt so authentic and real. It was heartfelt in a way that truly made everything mean so much more. It was layered and so well put together that it had me crying and laughing and melting and utterly consumed from page to page. From beginning to end it created a reading experience and story that I will truly never forget and will honestly treasure forever. 

A Wild Heart was everything and more. 

I loved every single second and word and paragraph and moment that I got with Emily and Weston. Those two definitely know how to show you that a second chance at love is possible, and more than that, that a second chance at love can bring you everything you didn’t even know you wanted if you keep your heart open to it. Those two definitely put you through the wringer a bit, but they also show you that they have to find their way to be together. They show you that they are two halves of a whole that needs to be put together for the rest of time. Those two have a very special way of showing you that they are meant to be. 

Emily and Weston show you and themselves throughout the events of this book that they might’ve had an unconventional start, they might both be fighting the hurt and anguish of the past, they might both be fighting against what’s building between them, and they might both be wondering what in the hell they’re doing and if it’s all worth it, but they also show you that they are beyond worth it. 

They show you that they’re both worth fighting for.

They show you that they are about to turn each other’s worlds upside down in ways they didn’t even think were possible. . 

They show you that a second chance at love can truly give you the world if you let it.

They show you that family and friendship are everything, and that those are the people who will pull you through even the darkest of days. 

They show you that the one person you never expected, the one person you never even wanted, might just be the one person who can heal you and put you back together again. 

They show you that what they feel and build and share together is nothing short of everything. 

What I loved about Emily and Weston is they had both been through so much, so they both knew what was at stake. They both knew what was happening between them was so very real. (Even when they tried to deny it to themselves and others.) They were both fighting like hell to try to heal and keep it together, all while feeling something so true and vulnerable that it scared them out of their hearts. Throughout this entire book you get to be a part of their journey together as they heal from their pasts, as they see if a future together is possible, and as they feel every bit of that fiery pull and connection to one another that they just can’t quit. (No matter how hard they might try.) 

I truly can’t get enough of this book and what I got with these dynamic and unforgettable characters. A Wild Heart is one of the best books I have read this year and will definitely be going down as one of my top reads of the year. Amie Knight wrote a book that lets her talent as an author and storyteller shine on every page, and that shows again and again that she is an author to be reckoned with. Her words truly owned every one of my emotions from start to finish, and she gave me a story that I will absolutely treasure for the rest of time. 

This book checked all the boxes for me. 

It was deeply and meaningfully emotional. It was exceptionally written and crafted in a way that felt so real, so true and honest, and in a way that seared my heart and soul to these characters. This book gave me two characters who fought like hell against what they felt, but who I also knew right from the start had to be together. This story gave me a relationship between a mother and a daughter that truly touched every part of my heart. This story gave me friends and family who were willing to do it all for those they cared about. This story gave me such fire between all of these characters and such glorious possibilities of what could be. 

A Wild Heart made me feel like I was watching and experiencing the most mesmerizing firework display that could be. It was captivating as hell. It was full of glorious color and vibrancy. It was beaming with personality and life that left a tangible spark. It left me in awe and just ready for more. From start to finish I was enamored with it all and blown away by what those fireworks delivered with these characters. 

It was truly the best. 

This book brought me back to a world that I fell in love with so long ago. It’s a world that brought me to Amie Knight and her writing, and it’s a world that I will forever be grateful for because of that. Amie Knight brings you back to the world of her Hearts Series in a way that is fresh, meaningful, and heartfelt. She finds the absolute best balance of giving you a new all-feeling love story and set of incredible characters, while also connecting into the stories and characters that have come before it that make this series what it is. The way that it all comes together equally makes it a great trip back to the most amazing world and series, while also being a phenomenal new chapter that’s a great place to start for new readers. 

I think that speaks to Amie Knight and what she creates with her stories and characters that you get all of that and more in this book. She truly leaves it all on the pages of this book and it makes for a love story that you will never want to have end. It makes for a love story that you will believe in with all that you have and that will have you knowing that that heart will get what they heart wants because there is no other possibility. 

A Wild Heart was consuming, full of fire and connection, and had more emotion and heart than you can shake a stick at. It gives you Emily and Weston in the most authentic and meaningful way from start to finish, and I am telling you that you will love it and them. All of the dynamics and relationships and emotions explored in this book will pull you fiercely to these characters, and that is everything. It’s really more than everything because this author just makes it all mean so much more, and honestly, this review is just scratching the surface of how much I love this book. 

Amie Knight brings it all to this emotionally charged story of a second chance at love that will bring these characters everything they never thought was possible again. Through every turn of this page in this book you will fall deeper and deeper in love with them, what they’re creating together, and what they do to one another. By the end of it all you will know in your heart and soul that they are the exact one the other didn’t even know they were looking for, but that they so vehemently needed. When it all comes together, you will truly be in awe of the beauty and heart you get with these two and it will own you and all of your emotions. Trust me on that. 

A Wild Heart was absolutely incredible and is a book you need in your life as soon as humanly possible. Trust. Me. Amie Knight is at her best in this book and you will love what she gives you with her words and characters. You will be in love with it all and will honestly just bask in the romance, heat, heart, and emotion of it all, while simultaneously knowing with your whole heart that Emily and Weston are two souls who will give each other (and you!) everything. 

Simply put, you need this book, these characters, and this story in your life. So just do yourself a favor and read it. Read it, live it, experience it, and love it all with Emily and Weston. You won’t regret it. I can promise you that, and in the end you will get one of the best love stories that will give you it all. And it truly doesn’t get better than that.


“I just came by to say that a couple of weeks ago was a mistake and it can’t happen again.” I chewed on my bottom lip.
What in the ever-loving hell was wrong with me?
His lip twitched as I heard what sounded like a snort come from his nose. Then he turned away from me and headed back into his stupid garage.
“Did you just snort at me?” I shrieked.
This time he shook his head and chuckled low, completely ignoring me, and went back to work on his bike like I wasn’t even there.
And because I was completely insane, I followed him into that garage and stood a foot from him. “Did you hear what I said? I said it was a mistake. The whole thing. The entire night.”
He nodded, not even looking up from his bike. “I heard you, babe.”
I swung back on the heels of my sneakers. “Well, good.” I turned on those same heels to get out of there like the fires of hell were licking at them.
“But that ain’t why you came all the way out here,” he said so lowly I almost didn’t hear him.
I turned, staring at him even as he continued to ignore me for tinkering with something on his bike. “Excuse me?”
“You heard me,” he said, standing up and finally looking at me. “You didn’t come over here just to tell a one-night stand the whole thing was a mistake.” He prowled toward me slowly, still cleaning his hands with that rag nonchalantly like he wasn’t coming toward me like a lion stalking its prey.
And I’d somehow managed to corner myself in the back of his garage, as far away as possible from the garage opening. Still, I raised my chin and straightened my spine. “Why the hell did I come all the way out here then?” I started walking myself backward even though I was putting on a brave face.
Tell me. Tell me why I came all the way out here and give it to me. Make me forget.
When he’d finally cornered me in the garage right next to what appeared to be the door to enter his house, he smiled like the cat that ate the canary and my skin prickled even as I felt my nipples harden beneath my shirt.
Oh, God.
He dropped the dirty rag and brought his hands up on either side of my head, caging me in against the wall. “Come on, baby.” He ran his nose down the length of mine and my breath caught. “We both know why you came here.”
I lifted my chin in pretend defiance when all I wanted to do was lick the seam of his gorgeous, supple lips.
“Hmmm, what did I come here for then?” I whispered, feeling dizzy and hot, a deep ache between my legs that I’d never felt before.
He smelled like motor oil and soap and God, it took everything in my power not to grind against his leg that was pushed between mine.
He gave me a barely there smile that never quite met his eyes. “You came here because you missed me,” he growled, moving further into my body even though I’d thought we were as close as two people would get.
My nipples rubbed against his chest and I could feel his heart beating against my own. Our breaths mingled as I trembled against him, but he was wrong. I hadn’t missed him. But I had missed this.
I gave him a smile of my own as I moved my hand between us and rubbed the hard length of him, squeezing at the base. “Oh, honey, I haven’t missed you a bit, but I have missed him.”
A low chuckle echoed throughout the garage that sent goose bumps across my skin before, suddenly, my body was turned, my front pushed crudely against the wall until I was forced to turn my face to the side to avoid hurting my nose.
I panted, my heart thundering wildly in my chest. He was right. This was what I’d come for. The feeling of floating. Being weightless. The high of his body touching mine. The way it made me forget. The way it made me feel alive.

About Amie Knight
Amie Knight has been a reader for as long as she could remember and a romance lover since she could get her hands on her momma’s books. A dedicated wife and mother with a love of music and makeup, she won’t ever be seen leaving the house without her eyebrows and eyelashes done just right. When she isn’t reading and writing, you can catch her jamming out in the car with her two kids to ’90s R&B, country, and showtunes. Amie draws inspiration from her childhood in Columbia, South Carolina, and can’t imagine living anywhere other than the South.

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