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A Steel Heart, an all-new sexy and emotional standalone from Amie Knight is LIVE!


A Steel Heart by Amie Knight

Publishing Date: November 9th, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Five seconds.

A deafening blast. Pain. Silence.

That was all it took for an IED to end my life as I knew it. The man I was shattered in a hard wave of sound and debris that rained down on me like death itself.

And six months later, after waking up to an inescapable hell, I found myself wishing that death had found me.

Until her.

Miranda Jacobs swept into my life like a cool breeze on a smoldering day.

With her smart mouth and her ridiculous jokes, she brought me back to life one minute at a time.

Turned out time wasn’t on our side.

Five seconds.

Screams. Twisted metal. Silence.

And I’d lost it all again—only this time, I had no one to blame but myself.

                                                   *****5 UNFORGETTABLY EMOTIONAL STARS*****

Amie Knight is an author that I can always count on to create a book with some serious feels, with some serious heart, and with the most breathtaking emotion. Her books have all become some of my all-time favorites, so to say I was ready for more words from her is putting it lightly. I live for her books, her unforgettable words, and the dynamic and authentic characters she creates within the pages of her stories. Her books and stories and characters are exceptional in every way, and they have a way of leaving a lasting impression that you won’t soon forget.

A Steel Heart was another utterly phenomenal book by Amie Knight. This book wowed me. It owned me through and through. It gave me a story that I will never forget, and it gave me two characters that have permanently burrowed themselves into my heart. This book was everything. It was emotional and raw and intense. It was funny as hell and so charming and sweet. It was romantic and heart melting, just as much as it was all-feeling and heartbreaking. This book was raw and visceral and intense, and it was bursting with a love that I felt every lick of.

It is all of that and more that makes it one of the best books I have ever read.

A Steel Heart is a story of what happens when two completely opposite people are drawn to each other like moths to an all-consuming flame. They know they should stay away, they know it’s a little too dangerous for themselves and their hearts if they get too close, yet the more they try to fight it, the more they can’t help but get drawn into it more. What Holden and Miranda gave me in their story together was a journey filled with hurt and pain and so many soul breaking moments, yet in the same breath it was a story of love and healing that was bursting with moments that melted my heart again and again.

Amie Knight perfectly balanced creating an exceptional story that made me cry, that made me feel it all, that made me fall in love and believe in every word of what Miranda and Holden were sharing, and that in the end, showed me the true power and resiliency of faith, fight, determination, unyielding spirit, and of course, love.

WhatI loved about A Steel Heart:

  • Miranda and her charming self. Miranda Jacobs is one of the most fun, charming, and delightful characters I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is the epitome of a glass half full kind of person, and that girl has a heart of gold. Between her selfless nature and how she takes care of those around her that girl was so beyond easy to connect to. I found her character to be so funny, so real, and someone who I could personally relate to on so many levels. The way Amie Knight brings out her distinctive voice, the way she gives you all the phenomenal nuances of Miranda from her list making to her worshiping of donuts to the way she stalks a certain neighbor of hers will have you LOVING her. That girl is all kinds of fun, all kinds of sweet, and your heart will go to her from start to finish as you read this book and as you’re with her as she falls for Holden. That girl is a breath of fresh air, a fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios, and one of my favorite characters, and I truly can’t say enough how much I loved her!
  • Holden’s emotional journey. Holden Steel is a man who has surrounded his heart, himself, and his mind in an invisible steel cage that is threatening to take away everything that is left of him. That man is hurting something fierce, and as he shows you that hurt, as he shows you his story, and as he shows you how he became the man he is, you will feel every breath of that. You will ache for him, you will hurt for him and all that he goes through in this book, and you will be there right along with him as he tries to find a way out. Holden’s story in A Steel Heart is emotional and raw and unforgettably heartbreaking at times, but it is oh so very real and oh so very Holden, and as much as it hurts you at times, you will LOVE every piece that you get with him. Amie Knight does an incredible job of taking a very real, emotional, and powerful subject matter, and bringing it to life in a way that is authentic, respectful, and honest. Holden will break you and make you and have you falling in love with his stubborn self in a heartbeat with what you get with him in this book.
  • A story that made me work for it in the best way. I will be completely honest and say that A Steel Heart is not an easy book at times. It is a book that push you and your emotions to the breaking point. This book will break you at times. It will hurt you, and it will have you hurting for what these characters go through together and separately. It will make you work for it and for them, and along the way it will push you and them to the emotional limits. Amie Knight thoughtfully crafts a story that is achingly real in a way that will give you every emotion under the sun, while delivering a powerful story of what happens when you fall, when you break, and when you find that one right person that makes getting up again beyond worth it. I LOVED how much this story made me feel and work for it. It was hard at times, intensely emotional and it hurt, but that level of emotion, that level of connection, and that level of breathtaking vulnerability with these characters was EVERYTHING. It is what made me love this book, and it is what seared me and my heart into everything I was reading.
  • A love story worth fighting for. While this story is emotional and raw and intense, the love and connection and fire that grows between Miranda and Holden will have you knowing through every word that it is all worth it. From the very memorable start you get with these two you will feel that something special about them. You will realize how right they are for each other, even though they couldn’t be more different. You will know in your heart of hearts that what they share is meant to be, even if it makes them fight and work for it and give it all they’ve got to experience it. You will feel what that love gives them, what it allows them to hope for, what it heals, what it mends, and you will feel what it does to them to experience that kind of life changing love and connection. Miranda and Holden certainly don’t have it easy, and they certainly know how to make you work for it, but in the same breath they exemplify what it means to have a love worth fighting for. The way Amie Knight so exceptionally creates and crafts that love and connection between them will have you believing in every ounce of what they share, invested in them so truly, and practically dying for it to all work out for them.
  • All the connection, charm, and humor.A Steel Heart is definitely a book packed with feels, but it is also a book that will make you laugh your ass off and smile like crazy at the antics, the personalities, and the humor of all of these amazing characters. I loved how this book made me laugh at the wonderful craziness that came out of these characters mouths, especially Miranda and Will. Don’t even get me started on how much I love that little boy! The charm and humor and vibrancy that came with these characters and this story added another fantastic layer to what I was reading that perfectly balanced with the emotional feels of it all. That coupled with the firework worthy connection between Holden and Miranda pulled me in even more to what I was reading, and made this an even more memorable read.
  • A world of characters I can’t get enough of. This book was bursting with a world of characters that I could not get enough of. Each of them were different and added another piece to this story that made it the phenomenal thing that it is. It was that world of characters and their vibrant personalities that pulled me in even more to this book. It was those characters that gave me the most delightful banter, some of the most memorable moments, and that made this book even more enjoyable to experience. The way they all came together, the way their friendships and relationships deepened what I was reading, and the way they all welcomed me with open arms made reading this book one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling reading experiences I have had in a long time.

A Steel Heart was a vivid, all-consuming, and utterly emotional story of loss, pain, and the steel you can build around yourself to keep others out. It is a story of what happens when you meet that one person who gives you the first bit of hope you’ve felt in so very long. It’s about what happens when you discover that what you’ve been missing, what you might’ve always needed, and what you can’t live without might just be right outside your doorstep. This book is a story about coming up for fresh air after struggling to breathe for so long, and about finding the fight and determination break through the toughest of steels.

This book delivers a poignant and unforgettable story that follows two characters as they see what could be between them, and as they fight for the future and the life and the love that they both so truly desire and deserve. Amie Knight exceptionally crafts a story that is powerful, that is authentic and meaningful through every word, and that tells an emotional story that I promise you won’t soon forget.

A Steel Heart will blow you away with its literal amazingness. Miranda and Holden will take ahold of your heart and all of your emotions as you experience their story, as you feel their love and connection, and as you journey with them as they fight like hell for the light and hope and love they both so desperately want to keep. Amie Knight does the most incredible job of bringing it all to life in a way that will simultaneously steal your breath, melt your heart, and touch your soul with what you get with these characters.

This book is hands down one of my top reads for the year, and it is a book I can’t recommend enough. Amie Knight has outdone herself with this one, and I for one am already counting down the days until I can get more of her words! If you are looking for a book and a story and two characters that will own you in every way possible, while giving you one helluva extraordinary love story, then run yourself to this book this very second. It would be wrong not to. Trust me.

And let me tell you, what you get within the pages of this book, what you feel and experience and live and breathe with Miranda and Holden will stay with you forever because that is how outstanding and truly amazing their story, their connection, and their love is.


“What are you doing today?” my friend Ainsley asked through the cell phone that was pressed to my ear with my shoulder. My hands were busy holding open a piece of the blinds so I could look out the front window.

I gave her a distracted answer. “You know, the usual. Edits and whatnot.” I tilted my head to the side to get a better view out the window and almost dropped the phone. Holy hotness.

“Why do you sound like that?”

“Like what?”

“Distracted.” Ainsley sucked in a breath. “Oh my God. It’s nine a.m. Are you neighbor stalking again?”

I snapped the blinds closed and backed away from the window. “No. Of course not. Why would I do that?”

“You told me you weren’t going to do that anymore.”

I thought we’d already established I was a liar.

I stepped back toward the window because I couldn’t help myself, obviously a glutton for freaking punishment. But this was the only time of day I saw him besides when he left in his big, black truck at three in the afternoon on the dot, and I didn’t want to miss a thing. I cradled the phone with my shoulder again, pushed the blinds apart with my hands, and pressed my face to the windowpane like the creepy stalker I was. And there he was. Every gorgeous inch of him.

He walked toward my building from across the busy downtown street like a tall glass of water on a hot day. All swagger and supreme male beauty. The kind of beauty that made a girl’s breath catch and heart pitter-patter. He pushed his dark hair off his tan forehead and the big muscles in his arms bunched.

Goosebumps broke out on my skin and I may have whispered, “Christ on a cracker.” I didn’t know his name, but I knew his schedule like the back of my hand. That wasn’t weird at all.

“You’re a terrible liar.” She giggled. “What’s he wearing today?”

I barely heard Ainsley. Every morning when I watched this man walk down the street and toward our building, it was like just he and I existed. Slow motion. Our own sexy theme music. Nameless, ridiculously hot man and Miranda. He didn’t know it, but there was a world of our own and it was the absolute best part of my day.

“Sunglasses. White, tight, sleeveless T-shirt. Black running pants with three white stripes down the sides. Black tennis shoes,” I said breathlessly into the phone. I left out all the good bits. Like the scowl he was wearing. It was perpetual. I’d never seen the man smile in the month he’d been living next door to me and for some reason that made me all the hotter for him. He owned that scowl. He freaking rocked it. His jaw was square and clean-shaven. His mouth flat. He was a giant of a man. Well over six feet. His chest was wide, his arms thick and imposing. Dog tags jangled from a silver necklace around his neck, letting me know he was military of some sort. I’d never seen his eyes, but I knew they were going to be stunning. Everything about him was. Not even the slight limp in his gait as he made his way across the street took away from his godlike beauty. I could’ve eaten him with a spoon.

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About Amie Knight:

Amie Knight has been a reader for as long as she could remember and a romance lover since she could get her hands on her momma’s books. A dedicated wife and mother with a love of music and makeup, she won’t ever be seen leaving the house without her eyebrows and eyelashes done just right. When she isn’t reading and writing, you can catch her jamming out in the car with her two kids to ’90s R&B, country, and showtunes. Amie draws inspiration from her childhood in Columbia, South Carolina, and can’t imagine living anywhere other than the South.


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