Wilde Forever by Suzanne Halliday


Title: Wilde Forever

Author: Suzanne Halliday

Series: Wilde Women Book 1

Release Date: 9/15/14

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Wilde Forever The first book in the WILDE WOMEN series 
After an ugly divorce, Brynn Baron-Wilde swore off men and created a new life in a quaint upstate touristy town where she runs a successful bakery and tearoom. Brynn has everything mapped out and she’s got no time for distractions.
And then along came Jackson Merrill – former Army medic turned talented renovation specialist. Jax enters Brynn’s well-ordered life and proceeds to shake up her world. 
He’s a bit on the dented and dinged side after his military service and she’s dealing with a stealth attack from her grandmother who’s added manipulative clauses to her will that threaten Brynn’s hold on her house and business. 
Sometimes fate and destiny have a sense of humor along with some questionable timing. Are these two destined to be together or will her reluctance and his issues keep them apart? When a stunning turn of events complicates things even more, things sure do get interesting – meddling parents and all.

Just a little tease…


*****5 Fanfreakingtastic Stars*****

Wilde Forever was a book that I absolutely loved every freaking aspect of whole heartedly. Though that didn’t surprise me one bit since every book I’ve read by Suzanne Halliday has hit it out of the damn park. This author’s books are phenomenal with a capital P, and I heart her characters and books something fierce.

They’ve just got a certain magic to them that I simply cannot resist. And let’s be honest, who would ever want to resist pure unadulterated magic between the pages of a book? (The answer to that question is no one, in case you were wondering.)

Wilde Forever begins with a vibrant and highly enchanting opening in which you meet the Baron-Wilde clan and all their amazingness. I was on about page 1 and a half of the prologue when I KNEW this book was going to be a 5 star read for me. Those characters just sucked me in like a hoover vacuum cleaner.

The remainder of the story that flowed between those pages had me falling in love more with every word, and I couldn’t get enough of this story, its characters, and its overall magnificence on the page.

What I simply adored about this book:

  • Brynn’s got some chutzpah. Brynn is a strong female who is extremely determined, and she doesn’t give up for anything. Some may call that stubborn. I call it being fantastic and real. I loved that she was sassy as all get out, and the sarcasm flowing from her mouth was beyond fabulous. The thing though that stands out most about Brynn is her tenacity and strength in every situation. That girl is stronger than I could ever imagine, and she is a force to be reckoned with. It was such an outstanding delight to read a strong female with one hell of a charming and fierce personality. Like I said, that girl has some chutzpah, and you will absolutely adore her for that.
  • Jax and his fiercely protective ass. Jax has a fierce and heartfelt protectiveness towards Brynn. You feel this in the way he looks at her, the way he thinks of her, and the way he acts towards her. It just warms your heart, and exemplifies how good of a guy he is. Even in those moments of darkness and pain he has, this light and goodness shines from him. Jax also feels with all he’s got. He puts it all out there, and is unapologetic for that, which practically made me swoon for him. He’s also got a lovely little dirty mouth on him that had me wanting to climb him like a tree.
  • The instant and deep connection. Jax and Brynn have an instant and heartfelt connection that just drew me in. Their initial meeting is highly memorable, and you will feel how deep their feelings for one another are immensely. It also helps that they have chemistry out the yin yang, and their banter will have you cracking a smile on just about every other page. All of that combines to make an insanely amazing connection you will feel in your bones.
  • The sense of family. There is an immediate sense of family in this book that continues to weave its way beautifully throughout the entire book. (And in any of Suzanne Halliday’s books for that matter.) Her books truly shine in this respect. You feel the love and care these characters have for one another, and that is just magnificent. Even though this book isn’t necessarily about them, you will get to know them too through this story, and you will love every encounter you have with them. They are highly memorable in their own unique way (cough, Nana, cough), and they help make this book exceptional.
  • The spark. Jax and Brynn both have a spark about them, and when that spark comes together, it skyrockets off the page. You feel that spark in what they’re saying, in their innuendo, in the looks they give, in everything. The spark between them makes for some pretty awesome heat that’ll have you searching for a fan, while also exemplifying what it means to really feel that “spark”.
  • The moments of vulnerability. These moments will take your breath away. There are moments for both Jax and Brynn when they both put all their vulnerabilities on the table. All their emotions, fears, thoughts, doubts, and everything else in between. Those moments show them at their best and not so best, but will have you feeling for them both immensely. They’re going to speed your heart up, melt your heart in the same instant, and put you back together again before all is said and done. The level of vulnerability from these characters is exceptional.
  • The realness. The authenticity of the events, feelings, and emotions in this book was wonderful. It all just felt so real, and Suzanne Halliday creates a world that is so easy to sink right into. You will feel as if you know these characters personally while reading, and their story is so utterly believable for who they are and what they go through. The realness of these characters and story make it simply easy to connect with every aspect of the book.
  • All the feels. This book has so many emotions and feelings weaving their way through it. At times it is funny, sexy and hot as hell, and full of emotion and vulnerability at others. These characters experience it all, and their feelings that you will feel yourself are just astounding in the way they come across on the page. These feels will have you feeling for them, connecting with them, and you’ll just want to reach in and hug them both because of the level with which they feel.
  • The fight for the happy. As we know, I like books that make characters fight for the happiness they so rightfully deserve. This book was no different. Jax and Brynn have both been through hell and back in situations that are wholly their own. They come together and have a remarkable connection, but then have to figure out where to go from there. They have to fight for that happy together that they so truly deserve and want. Reading how they go about that fight is the reason why reading this book was such a magnificent and unforgettable reading experience.
  • The beginning of the journey. This is just the beginning for both Jax and Brynn and their families that make some unforgettable appearances, and I know that I am going to love every additional book to the world Suzanne Halliday has created in Wilde Forever. It is truly exceptional to read a book where you’re fully invested with the characters you are currently reading while also having a strong connection to characters you’ve really yet to meet. That’s powerful, and speaks to the wonderful and unforgettable characters thoughtfully crafted within Suzanne Halliday’s books.

Clearly I could continue on about this book, but I’m going to try and reign it in a smidge. But just a smidge, because I absolutely enjoyed every single aspect of this highly engaging book. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like, and this book is just another example of Suzanne Halliday’s fantastic writing and character creation.

I am really coming to find that reading a book by Suzanne Halliday is like coming home. The characters in the story just envelop you with their warmth, care, love, humor, fun, and everything else in between. They just make you realize why reading an honest to God good book is all it’s cracked up to be. I promise you that if you read any one of her books, but especially Wilde Forever, you will feel like you’re coming home. The book and its characters will capture you in, and they won’t ever really let you go. That doesn’t often happen when you read, so take that as a sign that this book at its foundation is truly exceptional in every way.

Remember that. Feel that. And cherish that feeling you’ll have after reading this outstanding book.

Suzanne Halliday writes what she knows and what she loves – sexy adult contemporary romance with strong men and spirited women. Her love for creating short stories for friends and family has developed into a passion for writing romantic fiction with a sensual edge. She finds the world of digital, self-publishing to be the perfect platform for sharing her stories and also for what she enjoys most of all – reading. When she’s not on a deadline you’ll find her loading up on books to devour.
Currently a wanderer, she and her family divide their time between the east and west coast, somehow always managing to get the seasons mixed up. When not digging out from snow or trying to stay cool in the desert, you can find her in the kitchen, 80’s hair band music playing in the background, kids running in and out, laptop on with way too many screens open, something awesome in the oven, and a mug of hot tea clutched in one hand.


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It’s a Cover Reveal: Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love

By: Ashely Cassidy 

Have you ever come back from the edge of hopelessness, barely clinging to a new found happiness only to find it snatched from under fingers?
Aleah Lateef didn’t want to let Aiden Pierson in. Haunted by a past too painful to recount and plagued by circumstances too complicated to ignore, Aiden was the last person she needed to get involved with. Still she went against her better judgment and let her guard down, only to have heart crushed as a result. 
Aiden Pierson has a taunted past and a family history that has made him swore off love and committeemen once and for all. It wasn’t until he met Aleah, and his world was turned upside down that he started to question everything he’s believed in. He tried to stay away from her. He didn’t think he deserved her and had a feeling that he’ll end up hurting her, but he couldn’t help letting her in. Now that his dire predictions have come true, all he can think about is how to get her back. Will his efforts be successful or will he have to let go of the only woman who could ever break down his walls? 
Is the redeeming power of love strong enough to fight against the current and heal the wounded hearts of two lost souls?
Redeeming Love is the unforgettable conclusion to the story of Aleah and Aiden that began with Relentless Hope.
Ashley Cassidy is an avid reader with a lifelong passion for writing, who has decided to share her love of writing with the world. Though she reads all genres, her favorite books are romance novels with happy endings.
When she’s not reading or writing, Ashley can be found spending time with her family, enjoying the outdoors, and sipping on a cup of coffee.


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Releasing Now: Unstoppable




Book Title: Unstoppable

Author: Melody Grace

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: September 19, 2014


“My daddy always told me, you could never run out of second chances…”

Tegan Callahan has sworn off bad boys for good. Growing up on tour with her rock star brother, she knows first-hand the damage they can do. She’s looking for a nice, safe, stable guy – until a chance encounter with a devastatingly sexy stranger makes her question everything she thought she wanted.

A troubled soul…

Ryland James arrives in Beachwood Bay on the run from his mistakes. He knows he’s the last thing Tegan needs, but somehow, he can’t stay away. There’s something about her fierce beauty that draws him in – and makes him vow to protect her, whatever the cost.

A passionate destiny…

Their bond is undeniable; the stakes, higher than ever. But the past won’t stay gone forever, and soon, Ryland must make the ultimate choice: will he risk everything he treasures in the world, or keep Tegan safe – and sacrifice her love forever?

*This book contains adult situations and explicit content. 17+*

 Buy The Book

Purchase on Amazon: amzn.to/1xGpcil

Purchase on iBooks: http://bit.ly/1ntWCXj






melody grace

Melody Grace is the New York Times bestselling author of the Beachwood Bay series. A small-town girl turned SoCal beach lover, after spending her life with her nose in a book, she decided it was time she wrote one herself. She loves steamy romance novels, happily-ever-afters, and lusting after fictional menfolk. She is author of USA Today & international bestselling Beachwood Bay series.

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Releasing Now: Sweet Posession by J. Daniels



Title: Sweet Possession

Series: Sweet Addiction #2

Author: J. Daniels

Release Date: September 19, 2014


A sassy, in-your-face baker. A panty-stealing, dirty-talking accountant. And a bathroom quickie that changed their lives forever.

Wedding hook-ups never amount to anything.
Unless that hook-up knocks you on your ass.

For Dylan Sparks and Reese Carroll, the big day can’t arrive soon enough. Dylan, stressed to the max from overbearing mothers and last minute preparations, struggles to keep her sanity. As for Reese, he’s fighting to not only keep his bride-to-be safe from creepy investors, but also to make it to the actual wedding day without losing his mind in the process.

Throw in a crazy group of friends, and a bachelor/bachelorette party weekend getaway, and you have a recipe for the sweetest wedding of the year.

Reese Carroll and Dylan Sparks cordially invite you to read Sweet Possession.



Release Day Party
Come and celebrate with J Daniels and special guests:
Author M Robinson
Victoria Ashley
Bella Jewel
Belle Aurora
R. J. Lewis
Adriana Locke
The party starts at 7.30pm EST on Friday, September 19
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Also Available
Only 99c
J. Daniels was born and raised in Maryland.After putting her kids to bed, she escapes into her cheeky world where some of her characters kiss, and some of them do a lot more than kiss.

She is an avid reader and enjoys everything from unconventional romance to fantasy novels.

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It’s a Cover Reveal: Debonair


Title: Debonair

Author: Jani Kay

Release Date: November 10, 2014 as part of OWNED: An Alpha Anthology

Book Cover Design By Louisa Maggio of LM Creations



adjective \ˌde-bə-ˈner\

of a man : dressing and acting in a stylish and sophisticated way : urbane, attractive, charming and confident

Debonair and sexy-as-sin Tyler Sinclair has fought his way from poverty to the top as a Wall Street stockbroker. Hungry for success, ambitious for power and glory, he doesn’t have time for messy emotions like love. When his colleague is called away on business, Tyler is stuck with an intern he never wanted and doesn’t have time for. Three weeks of torture await him.

Raised by a single mother, Brooklyn Bennett is an Australian girl who works and studies hard to achieve her dreams. She scores an internship with a prestigious firm in New York for six months. Focused on her career, she can’t afford to lose sight of her goals. Love is not on her agenda.

From the moment Tyler lays eyes on the girl with the golden hair, strange accent and sassy attitude, something about her intrigues him. Can he teach her all she needs to learn without losing his heart? Can he make her yield to him not only in the boardroom but also in the bedroom? Will a few nights of passion change the way they both feel about love . . . or is it just about sex, money and desire?



Jani Kay

Jani has been a bookworm all her life – as a voracious reader, she would gladly spend her last dollar on a book. She’s fascinated that for the mere price of a book (often less than the price of a coffee!) she can escape her life for a while and see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Jani has a wicked sense of humor, loves the color red, and is a fiery Aries.

In her ‘other’ life, Jani is a business woman and a scientist – a creative scientist though – she formulates skin care products and brews up concoctions in her lab…*evil laugh*

Jani has 2 beautiful children who have grown into amazing young adults. Her hubby takes care of her while she writes by making sure her stash of M&Ms never run out and supports her dream of growing up to be an author. They happily call Western Australia home.

One of the questions Jani is asked most, is if she has been to all the places she describes in her books. The answer is YES! Besides reading and writing, her favorite ‘thing’ is traveling.

Ever since her childhood, she’s wanted to be a writer and now that she has finally faced her fear of failure head on, she’s discovered her own unique style of writing and her ‘voice’. She loves to burn the midnight oil to tell all the stories in her head. (Yeah, those characters are a noisy bunch!)
Above all, Jani believes in Kindness, Karma, Magic & Miracles…


Jani would love to hear from you!

She is on FB https://www.facebook.com/janikaybooks and would love it if you joined her group, Jani Kay’s Krusaders at http://goo.gl/tJWx7D

Website | email | Newsletter | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads

OWNED: An Alpha Anthology



Prepare to be Owned…

Lose yourself in this collection of never before seen novellas from eleven best selling authors from around the globe.

And the best part – they contain controlling alphas, feisty females and story lines that will have you holding your breath.

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Pre-Order OWNED today!

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It’s a Cover Reveal: Pretending He’s You


Title: Pretending He’s You (Nashville Nights, #4)

Author: Stacey Mosteller

Release Date: October 22, 2014

Cover Photography & Design by Sara Eirew @ Sara Eirew Photographer & Designer



Olivia Barrett’s always had a weakness for bad boys and Tyler Chamberlain is no exception. His tattoos, his piercings, and even the fact that he has a girlfriend doesn’t keep her away.

Interested in Tyler since she first saw him pick up a guitar, she’s been trying to find ways to be with him for years. He’s the one Livvie runs to when she needs a friend, the one who makes her laugh and holds her when she needs to cry. Unfortunately, they are never single at the same time and sneaking around is getting old.

Now, tired of making bad decisions, Livvie’s making changes. Her friends are all starting to grow up and she doesn’t want to be left behind. Terrified her friends are moving on without her, she’s’s determined to make things work with Emmett, her on-again off-again boyfriend since high school.

The only problem? Tyler isn’t ready to let her go. Despite her boyfriend and his girlfriend, these two are drawn together like magnets. When she’s with Emmett she wishes she was with Tyler and vice versa.

Will Livvie ever get tired of pretending and pick one guy? Or will she keep bouncing back and forth between the two of them indefinitely?



He makes me so mad! It’s my birthday, and instead of celebrating with my boyfriend, I’m at home, fuming over the stupid shit he always does. Emmett knows today is my birthday, but instead of making plans to spend the night with me, he’s with his teammates. I mean, come on! I bailed on plans with SB, Jess and Lily tonight to spend time with my boyfriend. I was actually planning on giving up my virginity tonight…I figured hell, I’m eighteen now, I’m an adult, sex is my decision right? Wrong, apparently.

My bedroom door shuts behind me and I whirl around, thinking he’s followed me in, but no, of course not. It’s Tyler, Chris’s friend and old bandmate. A guy I’ve had a crush on since he started coming around when he first moved to Nashville from London. Looking over at him in shock, because I really didn’t expect to see him, or anyone here tonight. My parents aren’t home, which is par for the course, and my brother…oh shit! Chris is home on leave so that means the rest of the old band is here too. They always hang out and play when he’s home.

“What’s wrong Livvie-girl?” His softly spoken words, in the accent that’s not as pronounced as it was the first time I met him, saying the nickname he gave me, bring tears to my eyes.

Turning back away from him, not wanting him to see me cry, not over something as stupid as my boyfriend having an away game on my birthday. Trust me, I know the way I’m acting is selfish, but it just feels like everyone has abandoned me this year. My parents are out of town, my boyfriend refused to blow off his game, and I can’t beg my friends to hang out with me because I already told them what my plans were for tonight. If I call any of them, they’ll just feel sorry for me.

Tyler’s hands land on my shoulders, squeezing gently before he turns me back around to face him. The concern in his eyes unravels me; I just want to be close to someone, to feel like someone cares. I collapse into his chest, crying softly while he strokes my hair, murmuring sweet words to comfort me. We only stand like this for a few minutes, just until I can get my emotions under control.

“Are you ready to tell me what has you so upset, love?” He tips my chin up so I’m looking into his eyes, but I don’t want him to see just how messed up I am tonight. I just want to forget everything, forget how cheated I feel. Tonight was supposed to be the night…my eighteenth birthday, the first time I go “all the way” – which sounds really corny by the way. We’ve done everything but the actual deed so I shouldn’t feel so cheated. It’s just, I’m tired of being one of the only ones in my group of friends who hasn’t done it yet. It’s just SarahBeth and me and she’s waiting for someone who will never, ever notice her like that. I don’t want to end up like her, alone and pining for someone I can’t have.

I can’t say any of that to Tyler though, so I just say, “I’m just upset because I’m spending my birthday alone.” There, that should suffice. I shouldn’t have to elaborate on those words. Besides, now that I’m in here, in my room…alone with a boy, a boy that I’ve always wanted to be alone with, I’m getting ideas. Ones I shouldn’t act on, but I’m angry, still feeling the sting of rejection from Emmett refusing to blow off his game.

“Ahh,” he says knowingly, “your birthday? How old are you now?” He tilts his head sideways, studying me as he waits for my answer.

My smile turns wicked as I trail a finger down his chest, then his really nice abs, stopping just above the snap on his jeans. Looking up at him, I breathe the word, “Eighteen.” His light brown eyes darken until I’m almost unable to tell where his pupils end and the color begins. This so isn’t me, but I like the effect I’m having on him.

“Mmmm, that’s a good age, Livvie-girl,” he says, his voice suddenly much deeper. I know I’m playing with fire, but I just can’t help myself. Tyler rubs his thumb against my bottom lip, prompting me to touch the tip of my tongue against it. His indrawn breath makes me feel powerful, like I’m doing something naughty when I shouldn’t be. Which of course, I am. Technically, I have a boyfriend…at least I think I still do. I’m not really sure because I told him that if he didn’t blow off the game, he shouldn’t call me again. It’s not the first time I’ve made the threat and I’ve never followed through with it before, but Tyler’s finally paying me attention. I’ve wanted him to notice me since the day I met him, the broken boy who’d just lost his mom and moved in with a father who didn’t know he’d existed until the day his mom’s will was read.

I’m feeling reckless and bold, and I’m not sure if it’s because it’s him or my birthday, or just the idea that I’m doing something I’m not supposed to be. I talk a lot of shit, but deep down, I’m really a good girl. Always doing what my parents tell me, never really getting into trouble. Up to this point, the only rebellious thing I’ve done is putting a bright red streak in my dark hair. My parents freaked about that one until I assured them it was temporary – even though it’s not.

Tyler’s free hand strokes down my arm leaving a trail of goose bumps in its wake before settling on my waist. The warmth of his hand seeps through my light shirt and into my skin as I stretch up on my toes to brush my mouth against his briefly. His hand tightens as the other moves from my chin around to the back of my neck, tangling in my hair and holding my head still. Before I can ask what he’s doing, his mouth lands on mine, kissing me roughly. I’ve never been kissed this way, and when I don’t push him away, he pulls back just enough to trace the seam of my lips with his tongue, silently asking for acceptance.

I don’t even think of denying him, opening immediately and sucking his tongue into my mouth. He growls, pulling me harder against him and letting me feel his obvious erection against my stomach. I’ve made out with a few guys, but none of them have ever made me feel like this. I feel like I’m freezing and burning up all at the same time. Tyler knows exactly how to touch me to make my body ignite, and I’m wondering why I bother with high school boys when the older ones are so much better.

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Nashville Nights series

Never Wanted More (Nashville Nights #0.5):

Amazon | Amazon UK | B&N | Kobo | iTunes | Goodreads

Save Me From Myself (Nashville Nights #1):

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Everything I Shouldn’t (Nashville Nights #2):

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Everything I Need (Nashville Nights #3):

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Also by Stacey Mosteller

Second Chances

Amazon | Amazon UK | B&N | Kobo | iTunes | Goodreads



Stacey is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Second Chances (co-authored with H.M. Ward) and the Nashville Nights series.

She is also a wife, mother, writer and self-professed bookwhore – not necessarily in that order! As the mother of three growing boys, her Kindle has become her temporary escape from the insanity of boys, dogs and her husband. Stacey can usually be found curled up with her iPad when she’s supposed to be writing or creating endless playlists on Spotify.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Email


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It’s a Cover Reveal: Hot for Teacher Anthology

Mandee Mae, Missy Johnson, Liv Morris
Lisa M. Harley, M.C. Cerny, H.J. Bellus
Phalla S. Rios, Niquel, Amalie Silver
Elle Bright, Vicki Green
Cover Design: Amalie Silver 
Release Date: October 28, 2014
Eleven sexy NA student/teacher novellas by some of today’s bestselling authors. 
These previously unpublished novellas include:
Promise (Me This) by H.J. Bellus


Rules are broken and lines are crossed as Sadie and Mr. B fight to stay away from each other. One math class + a corny joke + a good girl + an awkwardly hot professor = Promise Me This.
Connect with H.J. Bellus
Debating Number Ten by Amalie Silver
His goal was ten. Ten notches on his bed post before seducing his debate coach, Miss Shields. Will Simon reach his ideal woman, or will he end up Debating Number Ten?


Connect with Amalie Silver
Deviation by M.C. Cerny

Deviation: an action, behavior, or condition that is different from what is usual or expected. Example: Edith and Jack deviate from the acceptable student teacher relationship.

Connect with M.C. Cerny
The Life Plan by Phalla S. Rios
Everything was perfect, until the middle of my senior year. Our art teacher succumbed to bad health, leaving us with a substitute–and my plans turned to flames, turning into ashes. I thought I wasn’t going to fall anymore. But the moment I laid eyes on Mr. Tomlinson, I begin to fall all over again.
This can’t be happening…
Connect with Phalla S. Rios


Back to School by Vicki Green
Emma Danielson’s last year of College and with bartending at night she’s walking through life like a zombie. But, when the new teacher walks into her music class she definitely wakes up and takes notice.
Josh Tyler’s playing and singing at bar’s and practices doesn’t give him much time but, when he walks into the first day of his new music class and notices a beautiful girl sitting in the back, a fresh set of issues arise and a whole lot of trouble.
Connect with Vicki Green
 Lesson in Love by Missy Johnson
Jill has always been socially awkward. She’s the girl who sits in the back of the library and hides behind her computer. So when she meets Dan through an online dating site, she finally feels like she can be the girl she so badly wants to be…

Confident. Sexy. Interesting.

What she wasn’t counting on was Dan being Mr Rowan, her history teacher…

Connect with Missy Johnson
Rite of Passage by Mandee Mae
Haley knew she had a lot to learn since she pretty much grew up in a bubble. She just didn’t realize the classroom wasn’t the only place she was going to be taught new and exciting things.
Connect with Mandee Mae
The Teacher’s Pet by Niquel
The Cunningham twins looked alike but were polar opposites. When Maxine Sheppard, the sexy English teacher, arrived, they had one common goal: becoming the teacher’s pet.
Connect with Niquel

Love Lessons by Liv Morris

Desperate to find a teaching job after graduating college, Tali Tillman returns to her high school to teach English Literature. One of her students and star quarterback, Daniel Johnson, begins to fail her class, so Tali’s asked to tutor him after-hours. Lines between teacher and student become blurred, but will they be crossed?

Connect with Liv Morris


The Fast Lane by Lisa M. Harley
Six weeks – all Ben has to do is teach this one class and then he will officially be an Officiant. When he meets Laine Jacobsen, the party girl of the county, he sees something in her that others just don’t see. Will she change her ways or will this teacher become the student?
Connect with Lisa M. Harley


Teach Me by Elle Bright

History belongs in the past. Or so Savannah thought, until her new history professor decides to teach her a thing or two…

 Connect with Elle Bright



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Releasing Now: Raced by K. Bromberg

Raced (The Colton Points of View Collection)

By: K. Bromberg

Release Date: 9/15

Raced - Amazon-Google



The Colton Points of View Collection

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author K. Bromberg comes a companion novella to the best selling Driven Trilogy (Driven, Fueled, and Crashed). This novella is a compilation of reader requested scenes from the series retold through the eyes of Colton Donavan.

Colton Donavan lived life in the fast lane, but it took Rylee Thomas to teach him what racing was all about.











You think you know me?

Think again.

*Raced is not a complete re-write of the Driven Trilogy. This companion explores pivotal scenes as well as some new ones written in Colton Donavan’s point of view that were not previously published in Driven, Fueled, and Crashed. Hear his thoughts, experience his inner-turmoil, and laugh with him on his journey as he overcomes his demons and accepts what it means to love. 

This novella is for the devoted readers of the Driven series. It is recommended that this companion be read after Driven, Fueled, and Crashed.

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 “So, Colton,” she says, breaking through my civil war of thoughts and my absolute focus on her proffered tits and stupendous ass. “What can I do for you?”

Shit, we can start with you on your knees, me on the couch, and your mouth on my cock. The immediate image makes my head spin with need.

“Christ, Rylee!” I bark the words out, trying to stop her stretching, stop my thinking, when I’m the one that’s supposed to be taking control of this conversation so I can prove my point in more ways than one. And hell if every ounce of testosterone in my body says “please don’t stop.” Fuck getting the upper hand in the argument because when all is said and done, all that matters is that I get to bury myself in her regardless of how the point is made.

“What?” She bats her eyelashes again. Innocent façade front and center.

“We need to talk about last night.” I change the subject. Need to think of rainbows and unicorns and shit to calm my dick the fuck down. Allow me to give my apology for last night. Set one wrong to right before diving right into the next with her because deep down I know we are one of those disasters waiting to happen. Beautiful and devastating all at the same time.

The quick fuck I wanted to ease the ache for her turned out to be so much more than that. It’s moved into uncharted territory for me, and no matter which way I look at this, she’s added a complication to my simple, fuck-more-care-less lifestyle. She’s made me want her more than once, made me pursue when I don’t chase, and has me here apologizing when I’m a take-me-as-I-am-or-get-the-hell-out kind of guy.

But fuckin’ A, if complicated is flexible like that, I’ll take it.


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author K. Bromberg is that reserved woman sitting in the corner who has you all fooled about the wild child inside of her—the one she lets out every time her fingertips touch the computer keyboard.

K. lives in Southern California with her husband and three children. When she needs a break from the daily chaos of her life, you can most likely find her on the treadmill or with Kindle in hand, devouring the pages of a good, saucy book.

On a whim, K. Bromberg decided to try her hand at this writing thing. Her debut novels, Driven, Fueled, and Crashed of The Driven Trilogy were well received and went on to become multi-platform bestsellers as well as landing on the New York Times and USA Today lists. Her other works include a short story, UnRaveled, and a companion piece to The Driven Trilogy titled Raced. She is currently working on two stand alones, Slow Burn and Sweet Ache, as well as an untitled novella to the Driven Series.


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Out of Reach Sale Blitz



Title: Out of Reach

Author: Missy Johnson

Release Date: May 8, 2014


My best friend was dying and I was in love with his girl.Andy and I had been best friends since we were eight-years old.

  Watching him slowly fade away, ever closer to his final breath, made me so incredibly angry. I knew there was nothing I could do to change it–I had given in to despair, but Andy had not. He had one last hand to play.

He wasn’t going to simply sit back and wait for Death to claim him–not Andy. He was going to live life until he couldn’t hold his eyes open any longer.

Andy didn’t want to die in some sterile hospital and asked me to take him and Emily to the beach. It would be our last road trip together.

Emily. Emily was a problem for me.

I harbored a secret that would have torn our friendship apart. I was in love with Andy’s girl, and had been since she’d walked into our sixth grade class, so many years ago.

So what kind of person am I? My best friend is dying, and it’s awful–but my heart still aches for his girl. I hate myself for thinking beyond Andy’s death and whether there could ever be a future for Emily and I, but I can’t help it.

I’m in love with her. 

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Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she’s a cat, a cat who thinks he’s a dog…you get the picture).

When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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It’s a Cover Reveal: All Your Reasons by Nina Levine


Title: All Your Reasons (Book 1 in the Crave Series)

Author: Nina Levine

Release Date: November 10, 2014 as part of the OWNED: An Alpha Anthology


When heartbreaker meets ball breaker, sparks will fly.

Rockstar, Jett Vaughn, isn’t against settling down, but no woman has ever held his attention long enough for a relationship to develop. That is until he meets Presley Hart. She’s confident, opinionated and headstrong. She drives him to the edge of crazy, but he can’t deny how she makes him feel.

He wants her heart, but she only wants his body.

Presley’s not against giving her heart to a man, but she has too many reasons why he’s not the one to give it to. Jett isn’t a man who will take no for an answer though. He’s about to declare war on her reasons and take what he wants.





USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine, is an Aussie author who writes stories about alpha men and the strong, independent women they love.

When she isn’t creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.

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