Review Post: The Difference Between Somehow and Someway by Aly Martinez (The Difference Trilogy #2)

“Mind blowing!”—Goodreads

The Difference Between Somehow and Someway, the jaw-dropping, sexy and intense second book in The Difference Trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez is now live!

The world gave me everything.

After surviving a plane crash, I was lucky to be alive. It was a harsh truth, but one that changed my perspective on how fragile life could be.

So when a fellow survivor caught my eye, I owed it to myself to take a chance and follow my heart.

Bowen Michaels was guarded and broody, but I saw through his well-formed armor. Much like me, he was broken and lost, but together we found our way through the darkness.

For a brief moment, wrapped in his arms, it felt like maybe he was right about fate and we’d been destined to find each other all along.

But when buried secrets of the past erupt, igniting us both, it was hard to believe we’d been fated for anything other than failure.

The world gave me everything.
And then it took it all away.

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The Difference Between Someday and Forever
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Excerpt from The Difference between Somebody and Someone
Book 1


“Sorry, is my mood killing your buzz?” I asked.
Her blue eyes sparkled in the glow of the airplane reading light. “It really is.”
I shook my head and went back to mindlessly flipping the pages of a magazine I’d bought at the terminal back in Colorado. I’d picked it up with hopes it would be a distraction from the cyclone raging within me on our way back to Atlanta. The minute she ordered that drink, I’d known it was a lost cause.
Her hand came across the armrest and landed on my thigh. “Bowen, stop. It’s not a big deal.”
It was the truth. Compared to everything we’d been through, our house could have been swallowed by a sinkhole and it wouldn’t have been considered a big deal.
Honest to God, I was lucky to still have her at all. It had only been nine months since we’d met, but we’d lived a thousand lives in that time. Unfortunately, that also meant we’d died almost as many deaths.
Terrifying, tortuous, agony-filled deaths.
We’d also found love though—immeasurable amounts of it.
I stared down at her engagement ring. I’d cashed out a huge chunk of my savings account and still had to open a line of credit with the jewelry store to buy the three-karat princess-cut ring. The payment was roughly the same as I paid for my truck each month, but the tears in her eyes as she’d sat in her hospital bed, clutching it to her chest the day I proposed, made it all worth it.
She was worth it. Every day, every tear, every worry-filled minute shaved off my life.
I’d do it all again.
If only I weren’t so helpless to save her. I loved that woman. Whole heart. Whole soul. Bend me, break me, crack me open and she would have been there. No matter how bad it got, she was always a part of me.
I wasn’t sure anymore if she could say the same.
“Bowen,” she whispered, just as she’d done so many times before. It was a plea. One she knew I’d answer no matter the situation. No matter how mad I got. No matter how much I feared losing her again.
My gaze instinctively lifted to hers.
She smiled and the sight caused an ache in my chest. It was a lie.
God, I missed her smile.
“Baby, I’m okay.” She tilted her head to her drink. “I hate flying. That’s all this is.”
That was a lie too.
My shoulders fell and a loud breath tore from my burning lungs, but I let myself pretend, my mind going back to a time when it could have been the truth.
I thought of the nights we’d shared multiple bottles of wine and made love, laughing and moaning under the covers until the sun crept across the horizon. She’d rested peacefully in my arms. No nightmares. No crying in her sleep. No insomnia. Just even breaths, her head on my shoulder, and her body wound around mine so tightly it was like a second skin.
But that was the past.
The unreachable, insurmountable past.
The plane jerked, forcing me back to the present.
“Shit.” She moved her hand off my thigh to grasp her drink as it sloshed all over her. “Crap, crap, crap,” she chanted, using a cocktail napkin to dry the dark-red pool of tomato juice on her white pants.
For a moment, I sat there and watched her struggle. It wasn’t the most chivalrous thing to do, but I was all out of grand gestures.
She unbuckled her seat belt and lurched to her feet, her phone along with a handful of ice cubes from her lap falling to the floor. “Damn, this is going to leave a huge stain.”
The plane jerked again and she stumbled forward, crashing into the seat in front of her before I could catch her arm.
“Dammit, sit down before you get hurt.”
Ignoring me, she bent over to fish her phone from under the seat. “Hit the button for the flight attendant. I need some club soda and a lemon. STAT.”
“No, what you need is to sit down.”
I gave her arm a tug and dragged her down to the seat. Using the tip of my boot, I swept her phone toward her. Aforementioned lack of chivalry aside, I was no contortionist; leaning over to pick it up was out of the question.
She folded her upper body over my lap and blindly patted around the floor. I fought the urge to run my fingers through the back of her hair. In the beginning, it would have been a no-brainer. I’d have curled forward and suggestively whispered in her ear, “Since you’re already down there…”
She would have grinned up at me, her whole face filled with mischief as she traced a finger over my zipper, ignoring anyone who dared to watch her as she replied, “You mean down here?”
I’d have grabbed her hand and made her stop even though I was the one who had started it. She had no filter. She always took it one step too far. I’d loved that about her when we’d first met. It was fresh and exciting, a far cry from the stuffy women I’d dated in the past.
But now, she was in the past too.
We were in the past.

*****MY REVIEW*****

5 Utterly Incredible Stars

I would like to start this review by saying that this book made me lose my voice for multiple days. You might be asking yourself in this moment, how did a book make you lose your voice? Well let me explain. Reading this book, getting so many gloriously emotional and unforgettable moments with these characters, getting more of the pieces of this puzzle that I desperately needed, while simultaneously asking about 50 bajillion more questions that I needed the answers to, had me yelling at this book.


There were so many shocking turn of events, so many mind blowing reveals in this book, so many effing amazing emotionally breathtaking pieces brought together in this book that I literally lost my voice from how hard and loud I was screaming. I’ve never had that happen before from reading a book. Ever.

So suffice to say, I loved every single thing about this book.

I loved every single word of this continuation of Remi and Bowen‘s absolutely consuming love story. I loved every ounce of emotion and feeling that Aly Martinez made me feel from the very first letter of this book through the very last period. I loved that this book kept me on my toes through every single page. I loved that I once again had no idea what this book would bring, yet I knew with every fiber of my soul that it would bring me one of the most amazing love stories I’ve ever read. I loved that my breath was literally stolen by this book and the shocks and the twists and the feels of it all. I loved the love. I loved the heartbreak. I loved the fact that this book puts these characters through the ringer with everything that comes their way. I loved that this book makes them work for it, but also simultaneously shows that they are beyond worth it. I loved that this story was once again so fully and truly and authentically Remi and Bowen.

I loved everything about this book. I truly cannot say that enough.

Aly Martinez is one of my favorite authors for a reason. She makes me feel everything in her books. She makes me cry. She makes me laugh my ass off. She makes me feel the tangible emotion of her characters. She keeps me hooked like there’s no tomorrow, and she has me guessing at everything that is to come. Her writing allows for one of the most visceral and all feeling experiences that you will ever experience as a reader, and this trilogy encapsulate all of that and magnifies it. This book is everything I’ve ever loved about one of her stories, multiplied times a million.

It is just more. So much glorious more.

The way that you feel the story, the way you live it and breathe that and just practically take a hold of it is everything. The way that this author just allows you to be in the thick of it with these characters through their struggle, through their strife, through their second chances at it all, and through everything they put on the line is everything. The way that you are just in this story with Remi and Bowen, figuring out the puzzle just as they do, the way you’re sent reeling right along with them at what you get, and the way that you’re just left in awe by it all is everything. The way this author perfectly balances giving you that fiery intensity and connection, that spice that is on a whole different level, while also cultivating a romance that will sucker punch your heart and on your soul and emotions in every way possible, is absolutely everything.

What you get with Remi and Bowen in this continuation of their story is absolutely everything. Those to just take it to the next level. This book picks up right where the last one left off, and it has you right on that edge desperate to see what that next page will bring. Through it all you realize that these two have so much more ahead of them, so much to figure out, and so much to fix and make better, but you also know that they are resilient, that they are determined, that they are in it. Even in the hardest of moments, even in the midst of that struggle, and even in those moments when they are put through the ringer, they show you that they are worth it, they show you that their love is beautiful and meant to be, and they show you that they are the definition of soulmates. Coupled with the most eviscerating moments, that simultaneously give you the absolute best banter, that also simultaneously envelop you with in every crazy twist and turn in revelation that comes their way, makes for a book you will not be able to put down.

I was literally owned by this book. Like I said, it made me lose my voice because I was that invested in these characters and in the events of the story and in what I was feeling with them, and in how much I needed them to put the pieces of themselves and each other back together again. I just lived this book. As a reader there is nothing better than fully living and experiencing a story. The way that Aly Martinez allows you to do that in the first book, and just amplifies that even more in the second book, exemplifies her writing and storytelling talent. And the way that she just lets you be there with them, through thick and thin, through hardship and struggle, through highs and the sweetest moment, through everything in between, makes for one of the best books and stories that I’ve ever read in my entire life.

I seriously want to sit here and tell you everything about this book, but I also don’t want to reveal anything about the story because you need to just experience it for yourself. Do not look too much into these reviews and ruin the reading experience with this author so authentically gives you with Remi and Bowen. This trilogy is a wild roller coaster ride in the best way. It hooks you, it consumes you, it owns every part of your mind and your heart and your very soul from the very first page.

The moment I started the second book, was the moment I already needed the third one because I have so many questions right now. I have so many questions and I cannot wait to get answers to. This author or not only keeps you hooked through all of those crazy twists and turns, but she also gives you one of the most deeply felt love stories between two very dynamic and complicated and real characters who could not be more meant to be.

Remi and Bowen are the real deal and you will absolutely treasure this continuation of their story and the moments you get with them.

Those two are the definition of soulmates. They are two characters who are ingrained in each others lives, who have imprinted on each other’s hearts, and who own each other’s souls. They show you in this book that they have a lot to figure out and process, that there is so much at stake here between them, and they show you that they’re worth it. They show you through every second with them that every ounce of struggle, every bit of heartache, every moment that hurts them, also has them both knowing deep down that they’re meant to be together. It has them knowing that they’re worth the fight. It has them knowing that they have to figure this out because there’s no way they can’t be together.

This book will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will probably have you losing your voice just like I lost mine because you will be so shocked by what you get and what is revealed in this book, and it will also just make you believe in the love that is coming to light on the pages of this book. The way that the story deepens and extends the love that you get with these characters from the first book and amplifies it even more in this book is just one of the things that makes it so absolutely incredible to read and experience. The way that this author just allows you to hit the ground running with these characters, and has you desperate for everything they’re giving you is nothing short of everything. And simply put, the way that you are able to experience what you do with these characters will have you in every breath of this book and desperately ready for that final chapter that will reveal what’s happened, the depth of what they share, and what is to come for both of them.

I really can’t say enough good things about Remi and Bowen. Those two are something special. And when I say they are the real deal, I mean it with every part of my heart. Those two complete each other. Those two ignite each other. They make each other want more. They make each other want to be the best versions of themselves. They make each other question everything about themselves in the best way possible. They make each other want to fight for more of what they make one another feel. They make each other question their own sanity at times, but they also make each other feel everything.

Getting to see just how far these characters will go to save one another, to heal one another, to fight for one another, and two love one another is absolutely beautiful. It just shows you in every way possible why these two characters have to find a way to make it all work and get that happily ever after. And it will have you believing in the truth of them and in the depth of what they feel and share because they will make you believe in everything that they feel for one another. It might not be easy and it might not always be pretty, but it is them. It is heartfelt and honest, so beautifully authentic and layered, and it is one of the most deeply felt in epic love stories that I’ve ever read.

This book was the perfect second part to this trilogy that will go down as a favorite top read for me. This book answered so many of the questions that I had, it gave me so many of the moments I was desperate for, but it also made me want more. It made me need more. It made me crave every ounce of more that I could get my hands on. And when I tell you that I will be running to my Kindle the day that the third book drops, I mean that with every fiber of my being. I will be running to get this final part, to get more of Remi and Bowen, to get answers to the bajillion questions I still have, and to get more of this epic and deeply emotional love story that has addicted me in every way possible.

I cannot recommend this trilogy enough. It is Aly Martinez at her best. The story is epic, it is beautifully emotional, deeply consuming, phenomenally layered and crafted, and it will have you yelling at your Kindle, feeling it all, crying all of the tears, while simultaneously swooning and melting and just loving what you get with these characters. Throw in some fantastic banter and a plot that’ll have you feeling like you’re on the most exhilarating roller coaster ride of your life, and you have this book and this story.

The way that all of those pieces come together in this book adds to the entire puzzle that is this trilogy in a way that will just own you. And you will love it. So very very much.

I cannot wait for the conclusion of the epic trilogy. I cannot wait for more Remi and Bowen. I cannot wait for everything I know these characters will deliver in the finale of this absolutely magnificent trilogy. Aly Martinez has outdone herself once again, and while I know that I’ve used all of the words to tell you how amazing this book and this trilogy are, just know that my words are not even close to enough to capture what you’ll get in the story with Remi and Bowen.

So just do yourself a favor and read these books. Go in blind, read them, live them, feel at all, live through this epic and unforgettable romance, and just embrace it all. It will have you feeling all of the feels, smiling so hard your cheeks hurt, and just in awe of what this author captures and creates through her words. And in the end it will have you desperate for every single part of this story and what you get with these characters.

Also, maybe get yourself a lot of drinks while you read this book. It will help you to not lose your voice like I did from all of the feelings and all of the yelling you’ll be doing at the twists and the craziness and the reveals of this book. But also trust me when I say that you will be so enthralled and ecstatic over the fact that you feel so much with this book and what it gives you and what it reveals that you will literally yell at it and lose your voice. I know that’s how I felt for days after finishing this book and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Because if you can read a book that makes you feel everything so much and so truly and deeply that you lose your voice because of what that book made you feel, well then that is one hell of a book. And let me tell you, this is one hell of a book and you NEED it in your life. This very instant.

About Aly
Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four hilarious children.
Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys movies that can surprise her with a twist, charcuterie boards, and her mildly neurotic golden retriever. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person.
She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine by her side.

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