Review Post: Break My Fall (The Breaking Trilogy #1) by M. Mabie


Break My Fall by M. Mabie

Publication Date: August 28, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Designer: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art

Photographer: Wander Aguiar Photography

Model: Jamie Walker

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Synopsis: “The first time I returned to Lancaster was for my brother’s funeral.

The second time was for Myra.”

For twelve years, I lived alone in my cabin, building a life with my two bare hands. I was free from their rules, their policies, and their lies.

They are a cult.

My father is their leader.

To protect my brother’s widow, I’m making her my wife. It’s her only way out.

But drawn to the purity in her deep blue eyes and the innocence of her gentle voice, I wonder if I’m not the biggest monster of them all. I have to save her from them and myself. Because every second I spend with this timid woman, I fight the urge to claim her.

Own her.

Make her truly mine.

And I know it’s wrong.

I will break her fall—if I don’t break her first.


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*****5 Completely Unforgettable Stars*****

Gripping. Unique. Enthralling. Unforgettable.

Those are just a few of the words that instantly come to mind when I think about Break My Fall by M. Mabie. As I sit here thinking about this book there are so many other positive adjectives that come to mind when I think of this story and what M. Mabie created within it. Raw, intensely real, and authentic. Emotional and all-feeling in every way. Exceptionally written and crafted through every page. Life changing, heart gripping, and utterly magnificent. Mind blowing and bursting with moments that will have you questioning everything. Phenomenal, outstanding, and just damn good.

I could seriously go on and on about this book and what it creates with Myra and Abraham.

Their story is unlike any other story I have ever read.

I have NEVER read a book like this one. I have NEVER experienced a book like this one. I have NEVER lived in a world quite like this one or met characters like the ones I found in this book. I have NEVER had writing completely transport me into a world or into a character’s head or into such consuming and unforgettable moments in such a way like I did while reading this book. I promise you have NEVER read or experienced or lived a story like this one, and that is just part of what makes this one of the most exceptional stories I have ever gotten my hands on.

What M. Mabie creates in this book, in the start of this trilogy, is wholly unique, encapsulating in its own spectacular way, and will take you into a world that you have never been a part of. A world made up of people with their own rules, their own laws, and their own way of doing things. A world made up of banding ceremonies and helpmeets, a world brimming with seclusion and oppression, a world where nothing is as it seems, yet no one knows the real depths and pulls of it all. A world of lies, of freedom, of fight and fire.

A world unlike any other I have been in while reading a book, and a world that I can’t wait to find myself back in as soon as humanly possible.

I am telling you, you have never read a book quite like this one. You have never met characters like the ones you will meet and love and discover in this book. You have never experienced a story like the one M. Mabie exceptionally crafts and brings to life in Break My Fall. You have never been in a world like Lancaster or met people like the ones who reside in that place.

You have never read a book that so meticulously, thoughtfully, and outstandingly meshes religion, romance, faith, emotion, family, longing and intensity and build quite like this one does.

What M. Mabie creates in this book is nothing short of everything. It is a slow burning romance that will push heart and your moral compass and your mind to places you’ve never been or felt before. It will have you wondering what in the world the rest of this series will bring about for Abraham and Myra and the world they call home. It will have you NEEDING to know what happens next. It will have you wondering what may or may not continue to grow between Myra and Abraham, all while you wonder and feel and live and breathe every ounce of what they gave you in this story. This book is their journey of faith, of family, of obligation, of fight and determination, of new beginnings, of things they never expected and more. It is their struggle, them giving it all for a triumph they don’t even know if they want or deserve or something they will even get to have, and it is them all the way through, from beginning to end, from pagp to page, in the most exceptional way.

Break My Fall is about what happens when one man’s journey home turns his life completely upside down and takes him back to a place he never wanted to see again. It is about what happens when faith and religion and newness and questions intersect in the most consuming way. It is about what happens when the one person who was supposed to mean nothing, turns out to mean EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. It is about the journey, the fight, the questions and wondering, the chances, the risks, and what it all means. This story is about what happens when two worlds collide, literally, figuratively, emotionally, physically, and in every other way possible. And when that collision happens y’all…well it makes for one of the most mesmerizing and unique and encapsulating reading experiences you will EVER have.

Trust me.

I read this book days ago and I still can’t stop thinking about it. I still can’t stop thinking about these characters and their lives and what they’re beginning to share with one another. I can’t stop thinking about what is going to happen next, what has already happened, and what it all means. I can’t stop thinking about the emotion and the religion and the craziness that unfolded within the pages of this book. I can’t stop thinking about what M. Mabie created in this book and so incredibly brought to life with her words. I can’t stop thinking about it all.

These characters and this story and this world have overtaken me, and I love it. I love that I can’t stop feeling what I did while reading this book. I love that I can’t stop thinking and wondering about Lancaster, and what’s really happening there, and what will happen as more pieces come to this puzzle. I love that I just NEED more, more of that emotion, more of that raw honesty, more of what is so extraordinarily building between Myra and Abraham, more of what is pulling them together, yet pushing them apart in the same breath…more of it all. I want it all with them, I need it all with them, and I HAVE to have it all with them. The level of what I feel for their characters and this story and what M. Mabie is so dynamically creating in this world and series truly sets this book in a league of its own.

This book gave me life while I read it, and I do not say that lightly.

There were so many moments while reading where my breath was stolen because of the intensity of the moments in the pages of this book. There were other moments that shocked me to my core. Whether it was from the rules of Lancaster, what Myra or Abraham were doing or feeling, or whether it was from the moments they so vividly shared together, I was shocked. I felt that shock, the emotion and the physical effects that went with it, and I felt the changes that brought to these characters and what they shared. There were moments in this book where I practically swooned for Abraham and the goodness and the thoughtfulness of that man. There were moments when I practically cheered for Myra as she took chances that must’ve been so scary and felt so risky.

There were moments that had me practically YELLING at my kindle for one reason or another. Whether it was because I wanted and needed these characters to give into even just a morsel of what was so intensely and authentically building between them….or if it was the moments where things started to change and their worlds and perspectives and minds meshed and flip flopped and swayed in the most unforgettable and tangible of ways…or whether it was the moments that had me so vividly connected to these characters and their journeys and their feelings as they tried to wade their way through the murky waters of what is right, what is wrong, what is and isn’t okay, and as they came into their own...all of it had my heart and soul and mind and breath and voice in this story.

I lived this story as much as it gave me life and that is a true testament to what M. Mabie so phenomenally creates in every page of this book.

What I loved about this story was that as much as it is a slow burning romance that will give you the feels and emotion and heart and connection you crave in a love story, it will also give you a story that will make you think and question and wonder about everything.

The way that M. Mabie so incredibly weaves together a story that infuses faith and religion and morals and choice together made for a story unlike any other I have read before. I am not a religious person, I am not someone who even knows that much about religion, but I was fascinated by the way M. Mabie so carefully and thoughtfully brought religion, and every aspect of it, into this story. She finds a way to perfectly balance the religion and the pieces of this cult and the faith these characters have in way that isn’t too much, yet holds an exceptional level of meaning for them and their story as it all unfolds. The way religion and faith are almost their own characters and presence in this story is just one of the many amazing aspects this authors brings to life in Break My Fall.

That along with the moments that will make you question everything, that will have you wondering what you would do or what you would feel or what you would think, and those moments that will make you think long and hard about what is right and wrong, what is okay, what is a bad choice or a good choice, and what it means when control and consent and independence and choice mesh together will just give you it all. And then some.

That was this entire book. It was everything and then some. It was so much more, so much glorious more, and it just blew me away with everything it had.

I have never read a book like this, and as I read this story I found myself wanting to slow down my pace of reading because I never wanted it to end. I never wanted to leave what this author was bringing to life in me and in this world and in these characters. I never wanted to leave the intense and honest connection that was building so intricately between Abraham and Myra. I never wanted to leave this story that made me question and wonder about everything, every choice, every scripture, every word and feeling and moment. I never wanted to leave it all, and that just left me more than ready for the rest of this trilogy.

Break My Fall is hands down one of my top reads for the year and one of the best books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It was different, it was memorable, it was a world unlike any other I have lived in, and it gave me two complicated, real, and authentic characters that I immediately connected to. What you get within their heads, what you live and breathe with them in this story, and what you feel with them along the way as this all unfolds will break you in ways, will push you in others, will have every part of your mind and heart and soul with them through it all, and in the end, will have you knowing that what you’ve just experienced with them was nothing short of everything.

This book is one that I will never forget reading. And as I sit here writing this review, all I can think about is how much I want more of these characters, more of this unforgettable and dynamic world, and more of what M. Mabie so outstandingly created in this book. This author is a true writer with a talent that knows no bounds, and every bit of that shows in what she brings to life in Break My Fall.


A cloud of smoke followed the silver-haired woman out the door of the main building onto the covered porch outside, and she shot the butt of her cigarette into the dirt in front of the semi.

“Your mother’s been trying to reach you.”

My phone had died two days earlier, and I’d forgotten to bring a charger. Mom was the only person I still spoke with from Lancaster, but it was rare for her to call me, and I only reached out a few times a year.

“Say what she wanted?” I asked and slid my hands into worn leather gloves.

“Honey, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your brother passed away last night.”

Ted Grier hung back in the doorway, watching. Both of their faces wore sympathy.


“Your brother passed, Abe. You should call her back. Come on in and use the phone.”

I hadn’t spoken to my brother in years, but when I left home with no plans to return, I just assumed things would stay how I left them. They’d cling to their Bibles and bands and keep living in their own warped version of reality. They’d stay tucked under the strict thumb of the Legacies and God, or at least the way they interpreted him, and I’d live my life in the woods, free of their judgment and rules.

Alone and how I liked it.

They lived how they wanted, and I did the same.

I squinted in the mid-day sun, and the tension in my neck pinched even tighter.

“Jacob died?”

Ted limped to the stoop, tapped a Camel from his pack and lit it. “Son, you wanna come inside for a minute? Call your family?”

I did not. Calling them was the last thing I wanted.

It was almost noon, and I still had more than half day’s work to finish. The tobacco in the air was thick as I pulled it into my chest. “I’ll call when I get home.”

It was supposed to rain for the next four days in the hills, and there was work that needed to be done. Calling in the middle of the day wasn’t going to do anything but put me behind, and my brother would still be dead that evening.


Meet The Author:

M. Mabie lives in Illinois with her husband. She writes everything from steamy romantic comedies to angst-filled, pull your hair out drama. She enjoys it all. With her unconventional love stories, she tries to embody “real-life romance.”

She cares about politics, but will not discuss them in public. She uses the same fork at every meal, watches Wayne’s World while cleaning, and lets her dog sleep on her head. She has always been a writer. In fact, she was born with a pen in her hand, which almost never happens. Almost.

M. Mabie usually doesn’t speak in third-person. She promises.

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