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The heart is exquisite.

You’ll never hear anyone wax poetic over an organ quite like they do the heart.

When you’re lost in the world? Follow your heart.

When your love for someone is unwavering, unparalleled and unprecedented? You give them your heart.

As a lead pediatric cardiac surgeon, I knew better than anyone that the heart is equally as powerful as it is delicate.

The heart giveth just as easily as it taketh away.

And until the day Kelly Potter darkened my doorway that was all just part of the job.

She rolled in like a slow evening storm, fierce and beautiful, fighting for the life of her unborn child.

It should have been business as usual.

I was a doctor.

Her child the patient.

But Kelly was more.

She was the one who got away.

I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

It didn’t matter what the rules were.

For once, I was listening to my heart.


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*****5 Unforgettably Emotional Stars*****

There are things I’ve come to know and love and expect when I sit down to read a book by Amie Knight. When I read one of her books, I know that I will be getting an unforgettable story with dynamic and memorable characters that will literally take my breath away. When I read one of her books, I love that I will get all of the feels, all of the glorious emotion, and all of the breathtakingly beautiful moments with her characters as I experience their journey. When I read one of her books, I expect that what I’m reading will soon become one of my all-time favorite books that will leave me in awe once again of what she’s so fantastically created within the pages of her story.

When I read a book by Amie Knight I know and love and expect to get all of that and more because that is how spectacular and utterly amazing her books, her words, and her stories are.

They are everything. And more. So much more. And I do not say that lightly.

They are stories and characters that move me, that break me and shatter met, yet give me it all in the same breath with her exceptional storytelling. They are words that change everything, words that bring moments to life in the most tangible and authentic way, and words that truly speak to every part of you. They are books that I know I will never forget, worlds I never want to leave, and feels that light me, my heart, and my very soul on fire with what they so give me.

Suffice to say, I am a big fan of Amie Knight and her books. A real big fan.

Her newest book and the conclusion to her series of interconnected standalones, An Imperfect Heart, is just another prime example of the shear talent this author has. What she so beautifully creates in this book, what she brings to life in the most touching and heart melting way, and what she allows you live and experience with her characters delivers one hell of a story and one seriously fitting conclusion to an incredible series. I loved every word of this book. I loved what it allowed me to feel and share with its characters, I loved that it told a story that was equally beautiful and heartbreaking and real, and I loved that through it all I felt every ounce of what these characters were sharing and building together.

I’m also pretty sure I swooned through every single word of this book because what she gave me with Anthony and Kelly was heart touching and pure perfection in every single way.

An Imperfect Heart follows the second chance romance that develops between Kelly and Anthony, as she comes firing back into his life in search of help that only he can provide. Ten years ago Kelly and Anthony shared something very real, and something that hit them hard and fast in a way that changed them both forever. Ten years later they’re very different than they were before, and are suddenly thrust back into each other’s lives when Kelly reaches out to Anthony for help with her unborn child. You see Kelly’s soon to be born baby needs help and Anthony is the Doctor who can do just that.

This story follows them from the start of their very memorable reunion, through glimpses and moments of the past that let you know why things went they did with the two of them, all while giving you the most amazing present with them as they soon realize that the world of connection and feeling they shared is still alive and kicking something fierce.

Every word of this story weaves together the most thoughtful and enrapturing past and present with these two that simultaneously allows you to know what they once shared, what they’re sharing now, and how utterly real and scary and heartfelt and honest it all is.

Brought to life through Amie Knight’s signature writing, An Imperfect Heart tells the love story of what happens when second chances are given, when rules are broken, and when the heart comes back to life in ways that you were in no way prepared for.

Every word of this story had me loving and feeling every single breath of what Anthony and Kelly were sharing. Amie Knight has the best way of bringing that emotion to life in a way that is fitting, in a way that heightens all that you’re reading, and in a way that will truly give you it all with her characters. I loved that I was able to feel this story with these characters. I was able to live and breathe and feel every moment of this story, and the way Amie Knight adds in that honest emotion and feels to it all makes this story what it is. It makes it all so real, so tangible in a way, and that just adds the most authentic and connecting level to what you’re reading in this story.

When I was reading this story I was able to feel Kelly’s worries of the mother she would be, what would happen to her child, and I was able to feel how scary it was to take that leap and feel what she did for Anthony. I felt and understood her doubts, I relished in her sass and fire and personality, and I felt how hard it was for her to rely on someone after being alone for so long. I felt her fears, how they threatened to cripple her at times, and I felt in that same breath how those same fears and worries and doubts gave her the fire and tenacity to fight with all that she had. I felt it all with her. Her strength, her heart, and the music and fire that kept her going through it all.

I felt it all with Anthony too. I felt how that man had a heart of gold and how he was doing whatever was in his power to be there for Kelly and her baby and his other patients. I felt how that man would truly go to the ends of the Earth to fix everything and to give her everything if he could. I felt his own fears about his choices, what they meant and their heartbreaking repercussions. I felt how his own past and fears threatened to tear apart what he was building with Kelly. I felt his drive and his heart, and how the combination of those two things made him one of the most swoon worthy characters I have ever read. I felt it all with him. His good heart, his sweet nature, and his own fight and determination that kept him going through it all.

It’s pretty easy to say that I loved Kelly and Anthony with all that I had. Like I honestly don’t even have the right amount of words to capture my love for them. I loved what they were building, rebuilding, and creating in this book. I loved how special and right it felt. I loved that their story was uniquely theirs and highlighted what exactly they were sharing together.

I LOVED how damn good it felt too.

I truly can’t say that enough. This book felt so good to read. It felt special. It felt like just enough. It felt like the more these characters needed. It felt like exactly what they needed, and it gave me some of the most incredible, heart wrenching, and heart meltingly moments with them along the way. It gave me it all…and I honestly just feel honored that I had the chance to experience what I did with them.

Their story was that special. Their story was that moving and beautiful and powerful. Their story was that emotional and soul touching. Their story was just everything. It was everything I needed and more.

Amie Knight truly outdid herself with An Imperfect Heart. She put it all on the table. All of the feels and hopes and fears on the line, and she let these characters live their truth, even when it scared them half to death. She let them pour it all out to each other, and she lets you be there all along the way as they share all that they do in a way that is so honest, heartfelt, and truly authentic. She lets you be there as their connection and fire builds in the most mesmerizing and tangible of ways.

She lets you be there as they realize that when it comes to the heart, you can’t stop the beat or the pull or the utterly beautiful music it can create because while the heart can take it all away in a single beat, it can also give you everything in the next one.

She lets you be there through every up and down, every twist and turn with these characters as they share their second chance, and you will bask in every moment you get with those two. You will bask in every moment of them, every moment of what they’re building, and every moment that shows you the goodness of their characters and what they’re sharing together.

An Imperfect Heart was a beautifully emotional story that had me enraptured through every word and page. What Amie Knight gives you in this story with Anthony and Kelly will give you hope, every other emotion under the sun, and will have you believing in the power of the heart. This story will take you through every emotional high and low with these characters as they fight for their second chance together, and you will love every moment you get with them because that is how special and right and amazing their story is.

Trust me. You have never read a book quite like this one, and I am telling you, you will be blown away by every word of what you get in An Imperfect Heart by Amie Knight. You will melt and swoon and fall something fierce under the spell that Anthony and Kelly so beautifully cast, and you will truly never want it to end.

Believe me. I read this book weeks ago, and I still can’t stop thinking about it or its characters or what it gave me with them. That is how fitting and right and just genuinely amazing this story is.

What Amie Knight creates within its pages is something truly special and beautiful and magical in a way. I know with every fiber of my being that this book will be one of my top reads of the year, since it is now one of my all-time favorite books. Kelly and Anthony, what they share together, and what you get with them in this book is everything. So much everything.

I could seriously keep going on and on about how much I loved every word and moment of this book. I could keep telling you how amazing this book is, how many feels it’ll give you, how it’ll make you laugh your ass off and cry all the tears, but that honestly wouldn’t even scratch the surface of how spectacular this book is. My words wouldn’t even come close to capturing how special and incredible this book because my words just aren’t good enough to truly capture what Amie Knight so unforgettably creates in this book.

My words aren’t good enough, but you know whose are? Amie Knight’s. Her words are everything, and what they weave together, create, and bring to life in An Imperfect Heart will give you it all. And then some. So do yourself a favor and get to reading them as soon as humanly possible. It would be wrong not to.

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“Jesus. You’re fucking gorgeous, you know that?” He ran a large hand from the spot right in the middle of my shoulder blades past the small of my back before landing on my ass where he squeezed hard enough to make me giggle.

“Less talking, more petting, Doctor,” I said through laughter.

“Not a doctor. Yet.” His voice was cocky, and it made me hot. “Still a ways to go before that happens.”

I could hear the smile in his voice even though I couldn’t see his face. I was lying on my stomach on top of his white plush down comforter naked as the day I was born. And not shy about it at all. He’d just laid his mouth, his tongue, his hands over every inch of this body several times and he’d seemed to enjoy every second of it.

I looked out the small window next to his bed while he was propped up on one hand beside me and using the other to rub every available surface of skin on my body he could find. It was phenomenal. I wanted to purr like a damn cat, but instead I stretched out further along his bed.

“I can’t believe you came home with me tonight,” he husked out.

I couldn’t believe it either. I wasn’t the type of girl who did one-night stands. I didn’t really have boyfriends, either. I was married to the music. Anthony Jackson wasn’t even really my type per se. I liked moody guys with tattoos and piercings. Boys with darker eyes and even darker souls. I was a walking cliché, but I liked the tortured musician types. After all, we were kindred spirits. Me and my hard, banging drums, them with their soft guitar riffs and raspy lyrical voices.

I rolled to my back and gazed up at Anthony. He waggled an eyebrow at me, and I bit my lip to hide my smile. He may not have been my type, but I was positive there wasn’t a girl out there who’d turn him down. Vivid and inquisitive green eyes stared down at me and God, I wanted him all over again.

And I’d had him plenty that night. We’d met at the club only hours ago. I was visiting my friend Ainsley in Columbia, South Carolina, and we’d run into Anthony and his college friends at a nightclub. Ainsley introduced him as an old friend. He’d come on strong. I’d come on even stronger. Hardly any alcohol in my system and yet I’d let him drag me back to his small apartment, between my legs aching with want. We’d barely made it through the door when he picked me up and placed me on the entry table and pushed his massive body between my thighs. Slick skin, hot hands, wet mouths. And the rest was history. Or maybe not.

No, Anthony Jackson wasn’t my type. He was everygirl’s type.

Chiseled to perfection face.

Wide smile complete with full pink lips and deep dimples.

Square jaw that somehow managed to be both soft and hard.

Blond hair that was so thick and shiny I wanted to ask him what shampoo he used.

Not a tattoo or piercing marred the bronzed skin of his muscular body.

For fuck’s sake, even the man’s cock was pure perfection. Thick and long and cut just as beautifully as the rest of him.

He was surprised I’d come home with him. I couldn’t believe it, either. I realized in that moment, him over me. Me under him. The sweat still glistening on our bodies. His ruggedly handsome good looks beaming down at me like the sun on a bright day. For the first time in my life, I’d had a man. An actual real man. Not boys playing men. No, Anthony was all fucking masculine beauty and he’d picked me at the bar. I was one lucky girl.

About the Author:

Amie Knight has been a reader for as long as she could remember and a romance lover since she could get her hands on her momma’s books. A dedicated wife and mother with a love of music and makeup, she won’t ever be seen leaving the house without her eyebrows and eyelashes done just right. When she isn’t reading and writing, you can catch her jamming out in the car with her two kids to ’90s R&B, country, and showtunes. Amie draws inspiration from her childhood in Columbia, South Carolina, and can’t imagine living anywhere other than the South.


Connect with Amie:






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