Review Post: I Need (Enamorado #3) by Ella Fox

Title: I Need

Series: Enamorado Book 3 

Author: Ella Fox

Genre: Contemporary (standalone)

Release Date: March 18, 2018

She’s single and not ready to mingle.

After the end of a months-long relationship with Mr. All Wrong, Emery Bellerose isn’t looking for love. In fact, it’s the farthest thing from her mind.

With the paparazzi camped outside of her house she has no choice but to stay next door with the new neighbors. That’s when Emery meets the man who makes her feel things she never knew she could.

He’s alone and wants to keep it that way.

Four years ago Spanish heartthrob Rafael Cruz’s life crashed and burned in a way he’s never recovered from. With his ability to trust obliterated he vowed to stay single and unattached forever. 

But you know what they say about best-laid plans.

What’s supposed to be an uneventful family vacation in Malibu becomes a game changer thanks to Elvis, the meddling peacock no one realizes is playing matchmaker.


*****5 Utterly Fantastic Stars***** 

Y’all I have to tell you something important, so come in nice and close. Sit down, make yourself comfortable, and listen up because there’s something you need to know: this book is utterly incredible. It will make you swoon something fierce, it’ll have you melting in your boots, and it’ll have your heart all aflutter with what you get with Rafe and Emery. From the very first page of this book, this story will steal your heart. It will own you in every way possible, and it’ll have you bursting with the amount of love that floods you for these characters.

Whether its the butterflies they give you, the heart meltingly moments that own you, or the moments that so magnificently envelop you within every ounce of what these two characters share, I Need will give you it all.

It will give you the feels, the heart, the feel of family and connection, and it’ll give you one helluva love story that will have you believing in the true power of love. It is no secret that I have loved this series. I Want and I Don’t were two of my favorite reads last year, so it’s easy to say that the entire Enamorado Series is one of my favorites. There is just something about this family, something about these Spanish alphas who fight for their hearts and their loves with all that they have, and something about the strong, dynamic and wonderful women they fall for that has me needing these books like I need my next breath.

What Ella Fox has created within these books is fantastic. This author knows how to write one helluva love story that will get your heart racing a bit faster, all while consuming you within the mesmerizing heat and connection her characters share. The way she allows you to be right in the thick of it with them, experiencing what it’s like to fall, what it’s like to meet that one person who changes everything, and what it’s like to be pulled into a love that is like a siren’s call is truly what sets these books apart. That and the fact that the characters of this world are amazing in every way, distinctive in a way that makes them each such an integral part of the story, and just so damn wonderful that you will never want to leave them.

Seriously. Trust me when I say you will never want to leave these characters. I just finished I Need and I am already going through withdrawals. I already miss Rafael and Emery. I already miss Elvis. I already miss this wonderful family that is loyal and generous and so kind. I already miss all the memorable moments they all share. I already miss what they each brought to this story and everything that unfolded. And I am already thinking about the next time that I will get to be with them.

That is how much I love them, that is how much I love this world and this series, and that is how much I love and cannot get enough of Ella Fox’s world.

I have read all of her books. I have devoured them, reread them, swooned and melted while reading them, and let me just tell you, they all just keep getting better and better. All of her characters are so easy to love, so easy to root for and fall for, and they all have this wonderful way about them that allows them to burrow themselves so deeply in your heart that you just can’t get enough.

I can’t get enough.

This series follows the sons of the Cruz family as they fall head over heels for the women that give them everything. I have loved every single book in this series, but I have to admit that after everything that was set up for Rafe’s story, I was especially excited to see what his book would bring. You see Rafe has been through so much, and after being betrayed by someone close to him he was shattered. It has taken years for him to put his pieces back together again, and the moment he comes face to face with Emery, is the moment he realizes everything has changed. This story follows the two of them as they fall fast and hard, as the gush over one amazing (and oh so handsome!) peacock, and as they realize that they might’ve just met the one missing piece that they needed.

To say this book made my heart happy is a complete understatement. It melted my heart into a puddle of glorious emotion, coupled with some serious swoon. Every page had me even more enamored with these characters and what they shared. Through Ella Fox’s incredible writing I was with them through every breath of this story, living it, experiencing it, and falling right along with those two. Their connection is on fire and it starts the second they meet, and every word of this story follows Rafe and Emery as they try to make sense of their feelings, as they share what they do, and as they see where the future might take them.

Their story was emotional, beautiful in a way that truly touched my heart, and it made me blush like nobody’s business because of the fire and spark those two share. It was like the fourth of July on crack y’all, and I was addicted. I was addicted to them, their story, and every moment of what they shared together. Every turn of that page in this book made me love them more, had me feeling and living more of their story, and showed me again and again how much they needed each other.

Rafe and Emery were just the best. They were real, they were honest, and they had their hearts on their sleeves. They had both been through so much in their lives, and I loved getting to be there with them as they connected and as they helped each other reach the places they both so deserved to be. I loved that Rafe was so thoughtful, so protective, and so darn endearing. I also could not resist that man and his Spanish sweet nothings that had me swooning left and right. Most of all, I loved that Rafe was such a good guy, with a heart of gold, fighting for what he and his heart wanted. I was just as smitten with Emery. I found her to be so relatable and sweet and genuine. I loved that she too had her heart on her sleeve and wasn’t afraid to feel what was consuming her. That girl was strong, honest, and beautiful inside and out, and I couldn’t have asked for someone better for Rafe.

(Did I mention the fact that his character really meant a lot to me, so the lady for him had to be special, and Emery completely fit that bill. Tenfold.)

And do not even get me started on my love for Elvis. That little peacock was a gem. The way he was his own character, with his own shining and distinctive personality, and the way he interacted with these characters was the best. He was the icing on top of the cake for an incredible story, and I loved him. So so much. I loved every moment he was in, and I have my fingers crossed that he will find his way into more of these books as this series continues.

To say I loved this book is not enough. It just doesn’t do this story what It deserves. This book took ahold of my heart in every way, it gave me two real and so easy to love characters, and it let me believe and feel and live and breathe every ounce of their love story as they gave it all a chance. What Emery and Rafe shared together made me believe in the power of love all over again, and I am practically counting down the minutes until I can get more of this series and more with all of these characters. I love them all so much, I am so invested in all of them, and I can’t wait to see where tis series will take them all!!!

This story was exactly what I needed and more. I couldn’t put it down once I started, and I never wanted it to end either. It melted me, touched every part of my heart, and had me swooning and loving every second of being with Emery and Rafe. If you read this book and this series, it’ll do the same for you. I promise. This book, this world, and what Ella Fox so magnificently gives you with these characters will have you believing in the all encompassing power of love. This book will make you need everything it so fantastically gives you, and in the end you will be deliriously happy that you jumped into with all that you have.

Trust me. There is no resisting Rafe and Emery, or Elvis for that matter. Their love will give you it all and then some, and I am telling you, you will love every second you get with them.

I know I did. So damn much.

“You’ve already got one peacock, Emery—there is no need for another. What you need is a man.”

The intensity in his gaze heated my blood. I bit my lip as I cocked my head to the side. “Are you applying for the job?” I asked.
 “I am,” he said. Sitting up straight, he leaned in closer and slid his hand behind my neck.
There was a rightness to the way he held me, something I’d never known could be felt between two people. His hand cupping the back of my neck gave me all of the feels— as did the sensation of his warm breath against my lips as he hovered above me. His eyes stayed locked on mine as he held still, and I realized he was waiting for me to give him the green light. I nodded once, my stomach fluttering at the relieved smile he gave before he kissed me.
Obviously I’d been kissed before, but when Rafael was the one doing it I realized I’d never been kissed well. I’d never felt more treasured than I did with one of his hands at the back of my neck while the other cupped my cheek. I raised my hands to his shoulders, sliding one around the back of his neck as he deepened the kiss. The first touch of his tongue against mine was electric, so much more than I’d ever known the act of kissing could feel like.

The heat and taste of him was so incredible that I couldn’t contain a moan as his tongue glided against mine. I shifted forward in an effort to be closer to him as my right hand trailed from his shoulder to his abdomen. The fingers on my left hand were busy running through his silky hair and still, I wanted more contact. I tried to get closer but without stopping the kiss, there was no way— and I damn sure wasn’t stopping. Either he sensed my frustration or he felt the same because the next thing I knew he’d dropped his hands to my waist. He lifted me up and into his lap like I weighed nothing, then groaned low in his throat as our upper bodies connected.

Ella Fox is the USA Today Bestselling Author of Consequences of Deception, The Hart Family series & many other sexy and exciting books. 

Ella is an avid reader, lover of music and all around goofball. She grew up loving to read. That’s not surprising considering the fact that her mom is USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Halliday!

In 2016 Ella began publishing insta-love novellas under the pen name Evie Harrison.

Stay up to date with Ella by LIKING her on Facebook- she gives a ton of stuff away that you won’t want to miss! 


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