Review Post: Breathe You (Pieces of Broken #2) by Celeste Grande

Release Date: February 26, 2018

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When past and present collide…
And second chances aren’t promised.

Evangelina and Blake shared a fiery, heart-pounding, live-beneath-your-skin kind of love. Until her demons came to find her, ripping him from her life. Alone once again, Evangelina tries to pick up the pieces that remain.

But one missing piece is irreplaceable.

Blake is struggling without his Angel, and every turn is a reminder of a love lost. When the burden becomes too much to handle, he decides to salvage what’s left of him—to walk away.

Hidden truths come to light.
Secrets are revealed.
And the battle of Evangelina’s life is on.

The fight for her freedom.
For her light.
For true love.

But when family is your nightmare, and the demons follow your sins, how do you climb back from the darkness?

You find your strength.
You discover your purpose.
And most important…
You remember to breathe.


*****5 Unforgettably Emotional Stars*****

Two years ago I read a book that broke the mold. It was a book that owned every single emotion I had. It was a book that wowed me on every single level possible. It was a book that has stuck with me over the years and has owned a piece of my heart since that first time I read it.

It was a book that changed everything.

That book was Live Me, the first book in this beautifully breathtaking series by Celeste Grande.

It was in that book that I fell heart first into a love story that was so intensely raw, so heartbreakingly real and emotional, and so completely unforgettable. Live Me started my unadulterated love with Blake and Eva, their love story, and everything those two shared together. It was that book that seared me to them in every way possible, and it was that book that had me reeling with so much need to know what would happen next for them.

I can still remember reading the end of that book, with a heart that was bursting with so much emotion and feeling for these characters. I’m also about 102% positive I was crying when I finished that book. I can remember where I was when I reached the end, what was going through me as I read those last words, and I can remember knowing with every fiber of my being that I would never forget what I had just read and what I had experienced with Blake and Eva.

Their story let my heart and my mind and my soul on the edge of it all at the end of Live Me, so to say I was ready for the conclusion to their story was the understatement of the century. I needed more of them like I needed my next breath. I needed them to heal, I needed them to fix what was broken and what had torn them apart, I needed them to be okay.

I needed them to live. I needed them to breathe. I needed them to love. And feel. And hope. And believe in each other and in themselves again.

The start of Breathe You picks up right after the events of Live Me. It finds Eva breaking into pieces after everything that she has been through, and after having broken up with Blake, the other piece to her heart. Trying to protect him from the demons that have swarmed her in more ways than one, she pushes him away, breaking them both even more in the process. She is heartbroken and shattered, he is reeling and doesn’t know what to do, and they are both so lost as to which way is up. The events of this book follow Eva and Blake as they not only see what a second chance together could bring the two of them, but as they both try to heal from the pain and anguish they’ve experienced.

This book is their fight. Their fight for their lives, for their hearts, and for their futures. It’s their second chance at the love neither of them can forget. It’s their hearts on the line, laying it all out there for the other to see. It’s their story of healing, of living, and breathing.

I don’t want to tell you much more of the plot of this story because I would never want to take away a single ounce of what this book will give you with Blake and Eva. But what I will tell you is be prepared for one helluva emotional ride. This book will break you. It will shatter you and it will have you feeling your heart in your throat more times than you can count. In fact I’m pretty sure I read most of this book with my heart aching and bursting with the level of breathtaking emotion it had. There were so many moments in this book that took my breath away. Literally. Where my heart stopped, where my breath caught, and where I was so transfixed and consumed in what these characters were feeling and sharing.

And you know what?! I LOVED that. I loved that I FELT and BREATHED and LIVED every exceptional word of this book. I loved that this book owned me mind, body, and soul from start to finish. I loved that this book made me cry and made me feel like I was breaking right along with its characters. I loved that this book and this author’s phenomenal words put me in every breath of what I was reading.

I loved all of that because that showed me how much I was in this book, how much I was invested in these characters and what they shared, and it exemplified to me how exceptional Celeste Grande’s writing is that she gave me all of that.

And so much more.

If you have read Live Me, then you know that Blake and Eva share a world of emotion and connection and love with one another. Their love is on a whole other level. And I do not say that lightly. Their love is so deep, so honest, and so heartfelt. Experiencing that love is something I will never forget, and experiencing what happened when that love was tested in this book is something I will never forget either.

Those two certainly put me and my heart through the emotional wringer in this book.

They shattered me at times, broke me more at others, and showed me what it was like to feel like you didn’t know how you would go on or how you would stand back up again or how you could give it all another go…yet there they both were, trying and fighting and giving it all they had, even when they had the weight of everything on top of them. The both had their worries and fears and doubts that held them back. They both felt so much anguish at times that made them wonder if a second chance was really possible. It was those moments that were so real and so beyond authentic.

Celeste Grande allows you to completely understand where all of their thoughts and reactions and hesitancies come from. She allows you to get them, to get their hearts and their minds, and she allows you the most spectacular level of understanding with them that will show you exactly why things went the way they did at the end of Live me, and why they go the way that they do in this book. You will understand what holds them back, what pushes them forward, what gives them hope, what threatens to break them, and what has them both thinking that walking away could be the better option.

You will get it ALL with them. Every emotional high and low, every heart rendering twist and turn, every moment that will have your breath catching right along with theirs as they see if a second chance is possible and as they give it all the fight of their lives.

To say I loved this book is putting it too mildly. To say I lived and breathed and felt it all while within its exceptional pages is not doing Celeste Grande’s writing the justice it deserves. This book was everything. EVERYTHING. It was emotional, raw, intense, consuming on every level. It was heartbreaking and healing and perfect. It was everything I needed, and everything I didn’t even know I needed for Blake and Eva, and it was the most fitting conclusion I could’ve ever asked for for their story.

Celeste Grande is an amazing author. She has a serious talent and you can tell that she poured her soul into this book and into these characters. Her thoughtful crafting of this book, the way she tackles so many tough issues in such an authentic and fitting way, and the way she makes it all mean so much is a true testament to the writing and storytelling talent that she is. She has such a way with words and such a way with emotion that connects you on a soul deep level to these characters. She sears you to them, she binds your heart to their and she shows you what their lives and their hearts and their souls are like. She lets you get her characters, she lets you live this book with them, and she lets you be there through thick and thin with them as they fight for their friendships, their lives, and their loves.

I literally cannot tell you enough how exceptional her words are in this book, and what those words will give you with Blake and Eva. What she gave me in this book is something I don’t have the right amount of positive adjectives to describe, and let me tell you now that my words will in no way encapsulate the enormity of what she so beautifully gives you in Breathe You. My words just aren’t good enough to capture everything this book and her writing gives you.

The way she so caringly and thoughtfully gave me these characters, and how she interspersed their points of view and their moments in a way that complimented and amplified everything in this book was exceptional. She made music its own main character in this book, which pulled me in even more than I thought possible to what I was reading and to what these characters were feeling and sharing together. She showed me what it was like to be broken, what it was like to feel shattered and like there was no light at the end of that tunnel, yet in those same pages and in those same moments with Blake and Eva she showed me hope and fire and strength.

She showed me what it meant to live, what it meant to breathe, what it meant to fight and give it your all, even when it all feels so insurmountable.

She showed me what it means when your broken pieces match someone else’s broken pieces.

She showed me what it means to put yourself back together again after breaking more than you thought humanly possible.

She showed me what it means to have honest to goodness love in your heart, and how that love can give you the world if you let it.

She showed me what it means to live. She showed me what it means to breathe. She showed me what it means to love. What it means to love with your whole heart, right on your sleeve, ready to see what could be.

She showed me it all. Every heart stopping, heart melting, soul touching, breathtakingly emotional moment. She showed me every single bit, and I will never forget it.

Breathe You is one of the best books I have EVER read. It was a book that consumed every single part of me from beginning to end, and it is a story with unbridled and breathtaking emotion that will sweep you and your heart and soul off its feet. This book will make you fight, it’ll make you fight for Blake and Eva, for what they share, for their healing. It’ll make you fight for the possibilities those two have. It’ll make you fight with every ounce of your heart right along with those two, and I am telling you, you will LOVE experiencing every single moment of that.

This book will show you what it means to love. It will show you what true friends are. It will show you how your family, blood related and not, can be there for you when it really matters. It will show you that this series and these characters and this world is one you will never want to leave. (I’m already looking forward to more stories with so many of these characters! I’m lookin’ at you Jace, Abby, Drew, Eric, Tori, Jessie and Rick!)

It will show you what it means to break, to fall, and to shatter more than you ever thought you could. It’ll also show you what it means to fight, what it means to try, and what it means to pick yourself up off the ground and try again. It will show you that even when you think you’re broken beyond repair and even when you think there’s no way the pieces of your heart can be put back together again, the light still shines through, the heart still works, and the hope lives on as long as you believe in it and fight for it.

It is that light that makes it all worth it, and that can be your beacon even in the darkest of hours.

Breathe You is that light, and it will give you the a light that will rival the sun and the moon and the stars if you let it.

So please trust me when I say that you NEED this book in your life. You need Blake and Eva. You need their love. You need their fight. You need every unforgettable ounce of emotion they will give you. You need their tenacity and strength and fire. You need their friends that are there for them when it really matters, and that will sear themselves to you just as much. You need their hope. You need their hearts. You need Celeste Grande’s exceptional writing that brings it all to life.

And you need them.

Plain and simple.

So do yourself a favor and get to meeting them. And loving them. And fighting for them. And feeling it all with them. You won’t regret it. I promise you that with everything that I have.

You will never regret reading and experiencing and feeling every breath of their memorable story that comes to the most beautifully fitting conclusion in Breathe You.

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About the Author

Celeste Grande grew up loving words. From an early age, it was easy for her to open her heart through pen and paper and come away with something poetic. She never thought anything more than releasing her emotions would come of it though. A workaholic that can’t keep still, in her ‘real’ life, she’s a Certified Public Accountant who dreams of writing sexy books all day long. When she isn’t working, she’s reading, writing, mommying and being a wifey to the love of her life. She’s newly relocated to the state of Florida, but don’t worry, she’s taken her pen with her.

Celeste is best known for her debut novel, Live Me—a steamy, angsty, New Adult romance with a bit of laughter coating its dark side.

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