Review Post: The Bars Between Us by A.S. Teague

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Title: The Bars Between Us

Author: A.S. Teague

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Bars Between Us:

I don’t have a damn thing in common with the beautiful rich girl who walks in to my bar. She’s southern class, fancy cars, and designer shoes.

I’ve got a drunk for a mother, a cheater for a father, and a reputation for trouble I’ve more than earned.

I look the other way, pretending I don’t notice how perfect she is. She wouldn’t give me the time of day anyway. Until she shatters that first impression and shows me she’s so much more––everything I never thought I deserved.

After a lifetime of being a disappointment, I want to prove to her that I’m better than my past.

We have one tragic thing in common, and the thread that binds us together will tear us apart as it unravels.

Are we strong enough to break through the Bars Between Us?


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*****5 Unforgettably Amazing Stars*****

A.S Teague continues to be an author that completely blows me away with her writing talent and storytelling ability. The ways that she brings her stories, her characters, and the worlds she so authentically creates to life is phenomenal in every way. I have LOVED each and every one of her stories to pieces, and I have loved getting to know and fall in love with the unforgettable and dynamic characters she creates. She has solidified herself as one of my favorite authors, and what she gave me in The Bars Between Us proved that to me again and again.

This book completely took ahold of me from the very first page, and it did not let me go all the way through. It made me smile, it made me feel it all with these characters, and it made me fall so fiercely in love with them as they saw what could be between them. This story had it all.

The Bars Between Us is a love story that packs the perfect level of emotion and heart, connection and fire, past and present, pain and healing, and two characters fighting to find themselves, their hearts, and the glorious possibilities of what could be.

What you get with Bronn and Grace in this book will just amaze you, and will simultaneously make you fall completely in love with them and all that they share. Those two will take ahold of your heart from the very first page, and your love and feelings for them will continue to grow through every turn of that page. This book will show you them at their highest, their lowest, and every valley of emotion in between, and that is just part of what makes this book so exceptional.

A.S. Teague has completely outdone herself with this book, and I truly can’t say that enough.

What I loved about The Bars Between Us:

  • The push and pull of the past and present. From the very start of this book, A.S. Teague brings out the past and present of these characters in the most phenomenal, intense, and memorable way. From the gripping and emotional prologue, to the chapters that follow, through everything you get with Bronn and Grace, that past and present are there, coming together and pushing and pulling against each other in a way that gives you it all. Throughout this story she continues to build on that past and that present in a way that pulls you into everything more, in a way that shows how that past builds to everything in the present, and in a way that grows that tension and intensity in the most tangible of ways. It’s that push and pull between the pasts and presents of Bronn and Grace that give you so much with these characters, that allows you to understand these characters on the deepest of levels, and that will have you beyond ready to see how this story comes together for them. Getting to see and exepreince these characters, their pasts and their presents, and everything in between is something I will truly never forget.
  • Go on with your Bronn self. Bronn is a character that is rough around the edges, with a hardened heart and exterior, and he is not afraid to admit that. You see that man has been through a world of hurt and pain in his life, he’s been told he’s a certain kind of person with a certain trajectory in life, and that has lead him to believing he knows the kind of person he really is….but all of that starts to change when a southern girl with a heart of gold and some fire comes into his bar. What I loved about Bronn was that he truly wanted to prove that he wasn’t the kind of guy that everyone made him out to be. He wasn’t perfect, but he was real, and that man completely stole my heart in this book with his determination and tenacity. Sure he had his moments when the past and the present became too much, and when those rough edges reared their sharp points, but through it all that man kept trying, kept fighting, and kept trying to find who he really was and who he wanted to be. I am telling you, there is no way you can resist that man and his story. He will own your heart, and you will love every second of it.
  • Grace and her genuine heart. Grace was a character that I felt for from the very start of this book. That girl has a heart of gold and has been through a world of hurt and tragedy herself, and she is just trying to find her place in this world where she can be happy and where she can find herself. That search brings her back to Beaufort, South Carolina, a place that feels like home, and a place that brings her face to face with Bronn, a man who she can’t help but connect with even though he puts on that strong front. What I loved about Grace was how strong she was and how she had a bit of fire to her that was just waiting to come out. This book and its events push Grace to her limits, yet that girl faces it all head on, with her heart on her sleeve, ready to do what’s right and ready to do what it takes to get to the place she wants to be. I loved Grace with my whole heart, and getting to be with that girl as she journeyed through this story, as she fought to stand on her own two feet, to find herself and who she wanted to be, and to fight for the feelings she knew were there was everything. It was real, it was her, and it was truly unforgettable.
  • A connection worth fighting for. From the very first moment they meet, Bronn and Grace share a connection that just won’t quit. Even when those two butt heads from time to time, even with his rough shell and her fears and worries, that connection is there between them, building and simmering and growing. Throughout this book that connection continues to build and build between Bronn and Grace, and what starts off as something easy, soon becomes something very real that scares the hell out of those two. Both Bronn and Grace have never felt the things that they do when they’re together, and boy does that scare them to their bones in so many ways, but in the same breath it gives them it all. It gives them that hope for more, that tenacity and fight to keep going when things get tough because of what they share and what could be, and it gives them the world of feeling they share for one another. Through it all that connection is there firing off like crazy, pulling them together like two magnets that can’t help but be brought back together again and again. Getting to experience that through this book is the absolute best, and will have you rooting like hell for these two that they find a way to make it all work.
  • All that glorious emotion. One of the best aspects of this story was the varied and phenomenally captured emotion that wove its way through this book. I literally cannot say enough good things about how A.S. Teague brought that emotion to life. She made that emotion real, and tangible, and so all-feeling through every page in a way that connected me with these characters on the deepest of levels. She not only let me get and understand these characters, she let me feel with them, and be with them through it all as this story progressed. It was that connection and level of unforgettable emotion that made this book the spectacular thing that it is. That glorious emotion, how real and well captured it is, deepens everything you get with these characters and this story in the most phenomenal way. It amplifies everything Bronn and Grace share, it amplifies their pasts and presents, and it heightens everything happening between them because of that amazing emotion and what it gives you. Simply put, the level of emotion A.S. Teague creates in this book is everything, and it makes this story.
  • The want for more. Both Bronn and Grace are looking for more in this book. They’re looking for more for themselves, more for what they want for their lives, and more understanding of what got them to the places they are. I loved getting to experience that want for more with those two. I loved feeling that fire with them, that driving force that exuded out of them both through so much of this book, and I loved getting to be there with them as they both fought for that more. That want for more pulls these two together something fierce, exudes how genuine and real they are, how easy to love and root for they are, and it makes them two characters with some serious heart and fire. Both Bronn and Grace’s journeys in this book are defined in many ways, and it is that want for more that pulls them together, and that gives you so much with them both as they go about trying to find that more they both so truly deserve.

Let me tell you now that you will be blown away by this story. You will be blown away by what A.S. Teague so thoughtfully crafts through every page. You will be blown away by what you get with Bronn and Grace through every word of this unforgettable story. You will be blown away by what they share, how real it is, how deep it all goes, and what it brings out in them both. And in the end you will be blown away by how it all comes together and what that leads these characters to sharing.

You. Will. Be. Blown. Away. And you will LOVE every second of that.

The Bars Between Us is a story about what happens when you try to find yourself, when you find what it is you want and need, and when find that one person who might just give you what you never knew you needed. This book is an all-feeling, emotional, and wholly consuming in a way that will connect you to these characters and their journeys on the deepest of levels, and that will have you with them in the thick of it through it all as they try to see what could be between them.

Bronn and Grace’s story is real, intense, full of meaningful and unforgettable emotion, and in the end it is a story of breaking through the pain and hurt of the past, to get to the present and future you want, you need, and that you completely deserve.

The Bars Between Us is one of my favorite reads of the year, and I can’t recommend it enough. It is so beyond phenomenal, and I truly can’t say enough good things about it and what I got with its characters and their story. It is a book you need in your life, and it is a book that will wow you and blow you away through every word, and that is just part of what makes it so completely incredible.



I was pissed.

I’d spent the entire day looking forward to seeing her, and then she’d just blown me off. No call, no text, nothing.

So when she’d texted that she was outside the bar at three a.m., I‘d fought the urge to tell her to take a hike.

I didn’t need to spend my entire day waiting on a phone call.

I didn’t need to hear her voice.

I didn’t need to see her face, hear her laugh, smell her hair.

At least, that was what I was telling myself.

But, it was all lies.

Even after she’d shown up and apologized, I’d continued to tell myself that I didn’t need her, that she didn’t have any effect on me. I’d tried to be cold and distant, not letting her know just how fucking pathetic I’d been tonight. But she wouldn’t stop pushing, apologizing, asking me what was wrong. And the words had flown out of my mouth before I could stop them.

Here I was, pining over a woman, worrying that something had happened to her, or worse, that she had finally decided to cut her losses and move on, like the smart woman I knew she was.

In the matter of mere weeks, I’d gone from the consummate bachelor, destined to be married to my work, to being so wrapped up in a woman that it was a wonder that I could breathe without her.

Though the funny thing was, now, with her nestled beside me in my bed telling me about the not so pleasant parts of her life, I didn’t want to breathe without her.

Not even in the slightest.

I was invested.  It wasn’t even that I wanted to know more about her—I needed it. Deep inside me, I needed to see the ugly parts of her so that I could show her the ugly parts of me. The parts I tried so desperately to keep hidden. The parts that she somehow made acceptable with nothing more than a simple grin and gentle touch. I couldn’t explain it, this deep-rooted need to connect with her, but it was there all the same.

Her body is small against mine, fitting into the curve of my arm as though she’d been made to be there.

And hell…here I am staring down at her, wondering if she had been.

Her soft hand rests over my racing heart and her silky hair smells of flowers as it tickles my chin.

Maybe it was the beers I’d slammed back in a worthless fit of anger earlier, but whatever the reason, I’d spilled the beans about my dad, and then revealed to the only woman I ever wanted to keep the horrible things my piece of shit mother had said.

She should have looked at me with disgust.

She should have run.

She should have never looked back.

But Grace, being well, Grace, her beautiful face above mine, her eyes full of sadness, she stared down at me with respect and admiration blazing in her eyes.

There was no pity, and for that I was thankful.  No, what I saw in her eyes was understanding, a commonality that somehow bonded us, two people from different sides of the tracks. And that thread of likeness only caused the lust to surge through my veins thicker and faster than ever before.

I study her face, asking for something that it’s probably too soon to hope for. But, through her sadness, there’s also desire.

She wants me, too.

About the Author:

A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap.


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