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The Line, an all-new standalone from Amie Knight is available now!

The Line Full Jacket

The Line by Amie Knight

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: May 23rd

I was a thief.

The invisible girl only he could see.

The woman who wanted to be more.

He was the mark.

The extraordinary cowboy who stole my sixteen-year-old heart.

The damaged man who still owned it, even four years later.

The Line was where we began.

Where fates collided.

Where truths derailed.

The place where our love story ends.

*****5 Unforgettable Cowboy Stars*****

Let me start this review off by saying that if I could give it all the stars in the world, I would. It is that good. It is that exceptionally written. And it is that damn unforgettable. This book, this world, these characters, and what I got within the pages of this utterly consuming book was everything, and I truly can’t say that enough.

This book took me in its grasp, and didn’t let me go all the way through. It made me fall. It made me swoon something fierce. It had me beyond smitten with these characters, their wonderful and crazy and memorable antics, and all that they shared. It was bursting with feels, the best amount of mystery to keep you hooked into every word and page, some serious romance, and a fire and connection that wouldn’t quit for nothing.

The Line by Amie Knight is a second chance romance that seamlessly weaves together a story of what happens when your past and present collide in a way you never saw coming, causing the most mesmerizing, alluring, vibrant, and breathtaking fireworks of your life. Experiencing those fireworks is equally scary and wonderful and something you’ve never quite experienced before. Getting to experience what those fireworks bring to your life will take these characters to places they never thought they’d be, but can’t help but desperately want to be with all that they have.

This book follows their journey with those fireworks, with the best dose of southern charm and sass thrown in that will have you wanting to run yourself to the peach farm these unforgettable characters call home. Trust me on that. There is no way you can read this book, and not fall in love with everything these characters share, or the magical place they call home.

This book was good. Damn good. It was so easy to fall right into from that very first page, and it kept me beyond hooked into it all with Cole and Everly as they tried to see what might happen if they gave it all a go. It was exceptionally written, thoughtfully crafted, and one helluva story that I know I won’t soon forget, and that is truly just part of what makes The Line by Amie Knight such an extraordinary read.

What I LOVED about The Line:

  • The one and only Everly Woods. Everly Woods is a girl who stole my heart from the very first moment I met her in this book. That girl has been through so much, and over the course of this book you learn about her struggle, her attempt to heal from the abandon and hurt that clouds her past, and how’s she’s done her darn best to come out the other side of it all. Everly is easy to love, easy to connect to, and so beyond easy to root for. That girl will show you the definition of tenacity, what it means to truly give it your all, and what it means to risk your heart and your very soul for the chance at something more. Everly’s journey in this book will pull at all of your emotions, and then some. In the end you will love the authentic, all-feeling, and truly unforgettable story you get with her as she discovers herself, what she truly wants and needs, and how hard she’s willing to fight to get it.
  • Save a horse and ride a Cole. Now let me tell you right now that there is no resisting the one and only Cole Briggs. That man is a bit broody, he’s got a past of his own that pulls at him every day, and at the heart of it all, he is a genuinely good guy just trying to make it through. Did I also mention the fact that he is a hot as sin cowboy that will melt your heart….and other parts of you something fierce?! Because that man is guaranteed to steal your heart, set it on fire, and have it falling so hard for him and all that he is in no time flat. Trust me. There is no resisting that man. I loved Cole’s character because he was real, he was genuine through and through, and he was honest about his struggle and what he was trying to do. That man has been through his own world of hurt and struggle, and this book explores what happens when the one person who can truly make it better, comes flashing unexpectedly back into his life. His story in this book will have you feeling it all with him as he tries to put his own pieces back together, all while you swoon something fierce with what he brings to this book.
  • Past, present, and everything in between. One of the most exceptional aspects of this book was the seamless weaving of the past and present. This book opens in the past with Everly and Cole and their unforgettable first meeting, and over the course of the book you get to see firsthand what happened after that meeting, how these two have come to end up in the same place, and how that connection and spark is still there as strong as ever. Amie Knight does an incredible job of letting you understand how these characters came to be where they are, she allows you to understand their fears and doubts, and she allows you to be with them every step of the way in the present as they both give it all they’ve got when they’re presented a second chance. Every moment of that second chance with Everly and Cole is packed with feeling, some serious swoon and connection, and the unforgettable dynamic that is created when past and present collide. The collision of that past and present in The Line pushes both Cole and Everly in ways they didn’t know possible, and you will be enamored by every ounce of what that brings up with these two.
  • A connection worth it all. To say that Everly and Cole’s connection was full of fire, the most authentic feeling, and some serious passion is really not capturing all that those two share. That fire and connection ignites between them through every page of this book, and just grows and grows and grows as their story continues. That connection is so deeply rooted between those two, and the way it all unfolds as they reconnect and see what might be will leave you breathless more times than you can count. And that is not an exaggeration. There is so much heartfelt emotion behind what those two share, so much authentic feeling, and so much heat and fire that all combines in the most exceptional way to show you exactly what these two share. It’s that connection that pulls you through every lick of their story, and it’s Amie Knights incredible writing that allows you to experience every breath of that. The more you feel that connection and what these two share, the more you will be rooting for them with all you have, and that will have you NEEDING to know what happens next and to see where that connection takes them.
  • A place and people so magical and wonderful. So let me tell you that all while reading this book I just wanted to jump right into where these characters were and spend time with them all. Whether it was Cole and Everly, Joe, Cody, Momma Lou, or any of the other amazing, wonderful, and distinctive characters that make up this book, I loved what I got with them all while reading this book. They made this book feel like home. They made me feel as if I was one of the gang on that Georgia peach farm. They made me feel like I belonged right with the rest of them. The way Amie Knight so authentically creates that world and the characters that make it so special sets this book apart. That thrown in with the good old southern charm and fire they all have, makes reading The Line an experience that is equal parts enjoyable, fun, meaningful, and downright unforgettable.
  • The perfect blend of everything. Amie Knight wove together a story in The Line that was the perfect blend of everything. She created a world and characters that felt so authentic, so beyond real, and that were so easy to love with all that I had. She gave me the connection and fire that had me hooked and blushing all the way through. She had the feels and the emotions that had me tearing up and feeling everything these characters shared so deep in my heart. She created the perfect level of mystery that had me needing to know how it would all unfold. All of that and every other incredible aspect of this book was brought to life through her extraordinary writing to create a book that was the full package. There was romance, laughs, feels, moments that made me cry and moments that had me laughing my butt off. There was family, friendships, first loves, past loves, and everything in between, and that is just part of what made this book so unforgettably amazing to experience.

The Line was a book that let me feel it all, experience it all, and just love it all with these two unforgettable characters as they gave it all second chance. The feelings between them, their fire, and the goodness that emanated from the pages of their story took ahold of my heart and soul while reading this book, and I can’t say enough how much I loved what I got with them. It was real, it was sweet, it was romantic and heated and downright good, and that is just a part of what made Everly and Cole’s love story so special.

This book wove together a story that was packed full of meaning, healing, and an emotional journey of two souls who were waiting for the right time to come back together to put the missing pieces of themselves back together again. The events of The Line explore that right time, and you will bask in every ounce of what you get with these characters as they see what could be.

Everly and Cole will steal your heart, and then some, and through it all you will love them, root for them, and just fall so damn hard for everything they share together. Amie Knight blew me away once again with every consuming word of this book. This thoughtfully crafted and all-feeling story proved over and over again how talented she is, and has me beyond excited for more of her mesmerizing words.

If you are looking for a story that will literally give you it all, and have you loving every word you are reading, then run yourself, don’t walk yourself, to this book this very second. It is so good, so well written, and so enjoyable on every level possible.


How could it be so damn hot at seven in the morning? I wasn’t sure, but it was. Even in a thin tank, cut-off shorts, and my boots, I was melting. I stood at the top of a ladder Cole had placed against a tree so that we could reach the peaches up top. I used the rubber band on my wrist and tied my hair into a knot at the top of my head, hoping that it helped.

Cole climbed up behind me on the ladder and stood a couple of rungs below, but still, he towered over my small frame.

“Okay?” he asked.

“Yep,” I answered, even though I wasn’t okay. He was so close, and that familiar earthy, smoke smell I loved almost as much as rocky road invaded my senses.

“Good.” He looked at the peaches. “Alrighty. You see the ones that have that pink color?” He motioned to a cluster of fruit in front of us.

I nodded, trying not to breathe in too much. Because Jesus, he smelled delicious.

“Those look ripe and done. The paler ones behind them don’t look ready yet.”

I nodded again, and Cole grabbed my hand. He pressed his fingers in, wrapping both of our hands around a peach. He pushed the tips of his fingers into mine at the top of the fruit, near the stem.

“Feel the give, how it feels soft there?”

I squeezed my fingers around the stem again without his help and said, “Yep. Feels softer there.”

He smiled down at me. “Good. That’s also a sign it’s ripe for picking. But be gentle. They bruise easily.”

Cole’s front pressed closer to my back, and I shivered. The way Cole taught me to do things here was pure torture. It was also outright ecstasy. I lived for these moments as much as I loathed them. Because the man was a damn tease. He’d sent me back to the big house a sweaty, panting mess more times than I could count, my panties drenched.

He gently squeezed our hands around the peach and twisted and pulled. The peach came free, my tiny hand gripped it and his big, rough hand wrapped around mine. He brought our hands to my face and pressed the peach closer to my nose.

“How does it smell?” he asked in my ear.

I wanted to say, “I don’t know. I can’t smell a damn thing but your smoke and leather, and I don’t want to.”

Instead, I closed my eyes. I pressed my nose right up against the peach and concentrated on the smell.

“Sweet,” I said, my eyes still closed.

Our hands moved, and I felt the peach at my lips. My heart hammered and fire raced across my skin, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the weather.

Cole positioned himself even closer, and it seemed, in that moment, that every breath he took sucked up every bit of air in the atmosphere.

My own breath quickened, and a growl rumbled low in Cole’s chest.

“Taste it,” he whispered in my ear, his lips so close that I was sure he could taste me on them.

I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the fruit, the fuzzy skin tickling my lips. I bit down, and that rumble I heard from Cole made an appearance again. I moaned as I pressed my teeth to the fruit, the juicy sweetness of the peach sliding over my tongue.

“So good,” I groaned as Cole pulled our hands and the peach back. A little juice rolled down my chin and I attempted to lift my free hand to wipe it.

“I got it,” Cole said, brushing his hand over my chin, slowly picking the juice up with his finger, and ever-so-Goddamn-enticingly placing his finger in his mouth before sucking it clean like it was the best thing he’d ever put in his mouth.

“Delicious,” he said, his hooded eyes on mine as he popped his finger out of his mouth.

And fuck me. I swayed on that ladder, my own eyes closing as I willed my cowboy to kiss me with every breath I took. I made myself only will this about once a day, so I thought I was doing pretty good.

He brought our hands holding the peach to his mouth. He wrapped his mouth around it, his lips brushing my fingers, and I felt it deep in my core. I pressed my thighs together and swallowed a moan.

“Perfect,” he said, staring into my eyes. He held my gaze for a moment more before shaking his head and letting my hand, which was still clasped around the peach, go. Then he stepped off the ladder like he hadn’t just made sweet, sweet love to that peach with his mouth right here in front of me.

I watched him walk off to another tree, place a ladder against it, and climb up like nothing in the world had happened. I kicked the rung of the ladder and turned back to the tree. Damn peach molester.


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About the Author:

Amie Knight has been a reader for as long as she could remember and a romance lover since she could get her hands on her momma’s books. A dedicated wife and mother with a love of music and makeup, she won’t ever be seen leaving the house without her eyebrows and eyelashes done just right. When she isn’t reading and writing, you can catch her jamming out in the car with her two kids to ’90s R&B, country, and showtunes. Amie draws inspiration from her childhood in Columbia, South Carolina, and can’t imagine living anywhere other than the South.


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