Review Post: Unforgettable (Family Justice #5) by Suzanne Halliday


There’s a baby explosion happening for Family Justice and people are
starting to joke that there must be something in the water!

First came the surprise of a lifetime for Stephanie and Calder.

Then came Lacey’s shocking reveal of a second pregnancy during a harrowing ordeal for Cameron.

The big news that Alex and Meghan were starting a family was greeted with joyous enthusiasm but a second shocking reveal hovering in the wings rocks everyone’s world and shakes things up at the Villa.

Victoria and Draegyn along with the rest of Family Justice bring plenty of surprises and some interesting announcements along the way as we catch up with the whole Bendover crew.

Get ready for a bit of drama and plenty of Family Justice fun!

Find out how Finn is faring as the new co-owner of Whiskey Pete’s

Does Carmen have a new and very surprising love interest?

Is Remington Bissett coming out of her self-imposed shell or has she decided that a certain arrogant transplanted from Boston saloon owner, isn’t worth the aggravation?

What about Brody, Heather and Bella Mia?

Parker and Angie ~ are those two ever going to get married?

As if that’s not enough, hold on a minute!

Is that Paddy O’Brien in the desert and did someone say Alex’s parents

decided to retire and return to Arizona?

It’s another heart-warming, sexy and full of laughter chapter in the lives of the Justice Brothers and the family they’re creating in the desert southwest.

Come along once again as we journey to Bendover, Arizona and see if happily ever after is still the order of the day. 
 My Review

 *****5 Unforgettable Stars*****

Let me start this review by saying that I will literally NEVER get enough of this series. I will never get enough of Family Justice, or the crazy, wonderful, and completely heart melting antics that lovable crew gets into. I will never get enough of all of the love those characters share for each other, and how that bond, loyalty, and steadfast love they all share for one another sears them together so fiercely, just as much as it sears each of them to me. I will never get enough of Suzanne Halliday’s all-consuming writing that continues to wholly invest me in these characters, their stories and lives, and their world all the more with what she so exceptionally gives me with them all.

I will never get enough of the full on love I feel for these characters, their intertwining journeys together, and how I continue to feel as if I am more and more part of the Justice family and crew with every turn of that page.

I will never get enough of it all because this series is just that damn good, that damn well written, and that damn perfect.

I would read about these characters making waves and taking names in their nursing home because that is how much I LOVE them, and how much I need them all in my life. Suzanne Halliday has completely created that need for more of them all. The individual and strong connections I feel to each of her dynamic characters is something that I treasure, and it has me feeling, experiencing, loving, and practically basking in every second I get with this crew.

The way that I have fallen in love with Alex and Meghan, Tori and Drae, Lacey and Cameron, Parker and Angie, Brody and Heather, Calder and Stephanie, Remy and Finn, Carmen, Ben, Duke, and every single other unforgettable character of this series is something that I will truly never get enough of. Each new book of them strengthens that fierce love and adoration I feel for all of their characters, and it has me simultaneously loving what I’m reading, while also knowing that I will need more of them all, because that’s how much I love them. That’s how much I feel for them. That’s how much I’m invested in them all.

Every single chapter of the Family Justice Saga has been one that I have loved, but I have to say that there was something particularly special about Unforgettable, the fifth installment in this series. Not only did I have the chance to get back with some of my all-time favorite characters, I got to experience once again how their lives were progressing, and experience all of the ups, downs, and unexpected twists and turns that just seared my heart to them all the more. Getting to be there with every single one of them as they faced shocks, challenges, the best of the best, moments that stopped them in their tracks, and everything in between was nothing short of spectacular.

It was everything, and then some. And then some more after that because this is the Family Justice crew after all, and that wonderful bunch never fails to give anything but their all when it comes to their friendships, their loyalty, their heat and sparks, and of course, their completely enrapturing love.

The events of Unforgettable finds a bit of baby fever sweeping the Justice Family, and I for one couldn’t have been more ready to see where that would bring all of these couples and characters. And let me tell you something right now… that baby fever will sweep you up right into its magical, all-feeling, and heart melting spell, and you will love every single second of experiencing that in this story. This chapter of the saga was practically a baby explosion, which pretty much melted my heart on every single page of this book. Not only were my favorite fictional characters creating something so amazing with the literal new life bursting from the pages of this book, they were giving me more of them, their unyielding love, and their unforgettable journeys that were beyond perfect, and I truly can’t say enough how much I loved that.

Unforgettable is the next chapter that continues each and every one of the incredible and interwoven stories that makes this series the phenomenal thing that it is. This next chapter gives you it all with these characters in a way that pulls you in even more to each and every one of them as they face what comes next. What I loved about this book, and all of the others books before it, is that with each book I got to see where these characters were headed, how they had changed and grown since I last left them, and I got to experience what the next chapter of their lives was like.

Suzanne Halliday does an exceptional job of making what comes next for all of these characters feel so real, so authentic, and so damn right for their individual stories.

Each new chapter with them all pushes these characters just enough, makes them think and feel and live with all that they have, while simultaneously strengthening the bond they all share as they all keep living the lives they were meant to have. Unforgettable, and everything Suzanne Halliday gave me within its pages, did an extraordinary job of making what came next feel like the most magical thing on the planet. The love, the friendship, the bond, and the level of family that burst from the pages of this book was beautiful, emotional, and simply put, unforgettable.

Getting to be there every single step of the way as these characters have fallen, and fought, and just felt all that they has been nothing short of everything. And let me tell you, I look forward to many more chapters to come with them all because I have to know what happens next. I need more of them all, and I can’t wait to be back within their wonderful world as soon as humanly possible. I don’t think I will ever be ready to say goodbye to them, so I’m really hoping that goodbye doesn’t come anytime soon because I love these characters too much to not have them in my life.

This book brought about a lot of change for so many of these characters, and getting to be in their heads and experience it all with them was magnificent because it not only let me understand them on a deeper level, it connected me even more to what they were going through because I got it. I got how it affected them, how it pushed them, how it changed them, how it blew their minds and their hearts, how it made them want more, cherish more, and feel everything in between. I got it all because of the phenomenal level of understanding I had with their characters, and I got it because of how fantastically Suzanne Halliday crafted each and every one of their stories.

Feeling all that I do for these characters had me loving every single word of this book, the memorable and distinctive time I got with each of them, and all of that speaks to what Suzanne Halliday has really created in this series.

That tangible magic, investment, connection, fire, and sense of family has put this series and these characters in a league of their own.

I have to say one of my favorite aspects of this book was getting more of Remy, Finn, Carmen, Duke, and many of the other characters that make up the extended Family Justice. Getting to experience more of them, their specific charm and vibrancy, and seeing where this next chapter brought them all made me NEED more of them something fierce. It also had me knowing that some very big and interesting things are coming these characters way (here’s looking at you Remy and Finn!), and I for one can’t wait to get all of that and more with them. I especially can’t wait to learn more about Remy and some other characters who make appearances in this book, and I am beyond sure that their stories will blow me away with all that they have.

I have no doubt that whatever the next chapter in this saga brings for all these characters, Suzanne Halliday will find a way to make it distinctly Justice, completely unforgettable, and even more wonderful because she does that every single time she writes a book.

Suzanne Halliday balances the time you get with all of her characters so perfectly that every turn of that page brings your heart to them all, while letting you get so much with them that has you craving the next dose of them you’ll get. Unforgettable proved again and again the extraordinary talent of this author, and on every page I was reminded why this series is so good. The level of heart, heat, and feels on every single page of Unforgettable had me relishing in what this book and its characters gave me.

If you have loved this series, then I am telling you that you will LOVE this book. It will burst your heart into a million wonderful pieces, while simultaneously melting you, sending your love to these characters, all while bringing the best kind of blush to your cheeks and one big old smile to your face. And if you haven’t started this series yet, then I am telling you, you NEED it in your life like you need your next breath.

With the perfect level of family, friendship, love, connection, and romance, Unforgettable gives you the whole Justice gang in a way that just has you knowing that everything you’re reading is so right, so perfect, and so Justice, and it honestly doesn’t get better than that.

It truly doesn’t get better than this series, these characters, or their world, and Unforgettable will give you it all as you experience the true literary magic that is Family Justice. And just you wait, because what this book and Suzanne Halliday so phenomenally gives you will have you in full on love with it all, all while counting the days until you can get back into this world once again.

“Am I interrupting anything?” A deep voice drawled from the doorway. Cam looked up and saw Alex lurking in the doorway.
“Hey! Great timing and no, not interrupting. Our old buddy Roman, here,” he said with a powerful thwack on the man’s back, “was just picking my ball hairs out of his teeth.”
Roman jerked to attention when he realized who stepped into the room and threw up a smart salute. “Major,” he said with a deferential nod.
Alex saluted back and immediately stuck out his hand in welcome.
“Who moved the fucking rock and let you crawl out?” the big man said with his usual sardonic bite. Then he took control of their clasped hands and drew Roman in with a laugh. The handshaking, backslapping, bro hugging fist bump routine played out again with Alex giving the guy ten tons of grief.
“Jesus, don’t let his wife see you saluting,” Cam chortled.
Roman smirked. “Why?”
“Because she’d fall down laughing and then I’d have to beat the snot out of you to restore my manhood. That’s why,” Alex quipped.
“Sounds like my kind of lady.”
A thousand dirty references hung in the air unspoken. Cam almost crapped his pants when Big Daddy reacted like a fifty thousand volt Taser hit his nuts.
“She’s pregnant and if the hairless balls of a man-pussy are what she wants for lunch, I’ll come looking for yours.”
That my friends, Cam thought with laughter, is what we call a home run. Alex had the best putdowns.
Roman went from stunned to cracking up and gave Cam a knowing look. “Oh,” he chuckled. “I see how it is.”
Cam nodded and returned the look, “I just bet you do.”
Alex and Roman were a lot alike when it came to control issues. Probably explained why Roman went off on his own to do private security rather than stay with Justice. He didn’t take orders well and had a terrible time playing nice if he wasn’t in the mood. All traits which only became more pronounced after the guy’s wife and kid died.
“Look at you guys,” Roman joked. “Wedding rings and private planes. If I ever feel like getting old and settling down, I’ll set up camp in Bendover. Great name by the way. Very apropos.” His amused snicker was directed at Alex who flipped him off with great flair.
“I hate to break this knitting circle up but we have a meeting waiting on us.” Alex’s meaningful look reminded Cam it was a workday. “Roman,” Alex said with another hearty handshake. “It was good to see you. Good luck with your search mission and all joking aside, you know we’d welcome you here any time.”
“Thanks Alex. That means alot coming from you. And I was just being a dick about you being married. I’m glad you found someone to put up with your shit.”
After a handshake and some muttered goodbyes, Roman left with a nod at Alex. Cam hoped the guy found what he was looking for. In more ways than one.

Suzanne Halliday writes what she knows and what she loves – sexy adult contemporary romance with strong men and spirited women. Her love for creating short stories for friends and family has developed into a passion for writing romantic fiction with a sensual edge. She finds the world of digital, self-publishing to be the perfect platform for sharing her stories and also for what she enjoys most of all – reading. When she’s not on a deadline you’ll find her loading up on books to devour.

Currently a wanderer, she and her family divide their time between the east and west coast, somehow always managing to get the seasons mixed up. When not digging out from snow or trying to stay cool in the desert, you can find her in the kitchen, 80’s hair band music playing in the background, kids running in and out, laptop on with way too many screens open, something awesome in the oven, and a mug of hot tea clutched in one hand.
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  1. Love Suzanne and I know anything she writes I will fall in love with. Amazing storyteller, what she has created with these books is like nothing I have read before.

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