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THE PROTECTOR by Jodi Ellen Malpas (September 6, 2016; Forever Trade Paperback and Forever eBook; stand alone novel)



People think they have Camille Logan nailed: daddy’s girl; beautiful, spoiled young woman with her father’s bank balance to fund her lifestyle. But Camille is determined to have a life free from his strings. Out on her own, she’s made mistakes, including one that found her clawing her way back after a stint in rehab and plenty of bad press. Now, after fighting so hard to be independent and happy, she finds her life threatened as a result of her father’s ruthless business dealings. Caught between resentment and fear, Camille prepares herself for the measures her father will take to protect her. But nothing could prepare her for the ex-SAS sniper who crashes into her life.

Jake Sharp resides in his own personal hell. He was distracted from duty once before, and the consequences were devastating–both personally and professionally. He vowed never to let that happen again. Accepting the job of bodyguard to Camille Logan isn’t the kind of distraction from his demons he should take. Women and Jake don’t mix well, yet protecting the heiress seems the lesser of two evils. But Jake soon discovers that she isn’t the woman she’s perceived to be. She’s warm, compassionate, her presence settling, and his duty to protect her soon goes deeper than a well-paid job, no matter how hard he fights it. He needs absolution. He comes to need Camille. But he knows he can’t have both.


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My Review

**** 4.5 Emotional and All-Feeling Protector Stars!****

It is no secret that I am a lover of all things Jodi Ellen Malpas, so when I found out she was publishing a new standalone book, my grabby hands came out something fierce. To say that I have loved each and every one of this phenomenal author’s books is not doing her words the immense amount of justice they each deserve. All six of her previous books, have given me completely consuming reading experiences, wrought with thought out emotion and dynamic characters that steal my heart again and again. Her books represent some of my all-time favorites, and the characters and stories she’s given me over the years will stay with me forever in some way, shape, or form.

I went into The Protector knowing that this book would be a tad different than her others because it was a standalone rather than a series, but I knew that Jodi Ellen Malpas would weave together something I would feel every ounce of, something I would love unconditionally, and something I wouldn’t soon forget.

After reading and experiencing every word of this book, all I can say is that my predictions for this book were completely on point because what she gave me within the pages of this book is why I LOVE romances, why I LOVE her book so fiercely, and why and I can’t get enough of what she creates through her all-feeling writing. The Protector was a story that completely took ahold of me from the very first pages, and had me encapsulated in it all with Jake and Camille and their romantic, emotional, and suspenseful story.

While I went into this book not necessarily knowing what to expect, I found myself once again completely taken within a memorable story with wonderfully distinctive characters that found themselves seared to my heart in no time flat. Woven together with Jodi Ellen Malpas’s outstanding and thoughtfully crafted writing, The Protector came to be a story I lived, loved, and felt every word of. This is a story of past and pain, and more hurt than you can shake a stick at, but how when you finally see that light and hope for the first time in your life, it can bring you it all, as long as you let yourself grab onto it. From beginning to end, The Protector had me within its pages experiencing everything it had to offer, and I truly can’t say enough how much I enjoyed it.

What I loved about The Protector:

  • Jake Sharp and his overcoming of the past. Jake Sharp is a force to be reckoned with. That man is fierce, strong, and he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t need. The beginning of this story finds him doing whatever he can to halt the feelings and attractions he’s feeling towards Camille, but soon that man must face what he feels towards her, and the past that keeps him from going for it all. Jodi Ellen Malpas completely creates his backstory and pain filled past, and that will send your heart to him through every turn of the page. She puts you with him as he attempts to come to terms with what he feels, how his past still affects him, and what he needs to do if he ever hopes to find closure and move on. Every moment of this book with him made me love and feel for him more, and the strong, protective presence that emanates from him will melt you again and again. Trust me on that one.
  • Camille Logan and her fiery self. Camille Logan is no wilting flower. She also isn’t some privileged brat who expects the world to come to her. She is a fiercely independent young woman, hell bent on showing the world who she is and what she can be, and the on the thing she knows is that she doesn’t need a bodyguard looking after her. From the moment she meets Jake she pushes against him and his presence in her life, but the more time they spend together, the more she starts feeling this undeniable pull to the one man she tells herself she doesn’t want. Getting to be with Camille and experiencing her fire come out over the course of this story was nothing short of spectacular, and it revealed so much about her character. Her tenacity, her own strength that shines through every page of the story, and how that leads her to opening her determined heart towards a man who is still reeling from a painful past, had me loving every bit of her even more and realizing again and again why she is such a dynamic and wonderful character.
  • The connection that can’t be beat. Jodi Ellen Malpas sure knows how to create a connection between two characters, and how to make is so palpable that you feel it in your bones while reading. The connection between Jake and Camille gets off to an interesting start, and as much as these two feel it, they fight against it just as much too because they’re not ready to give into it. Yet through everything that comes their way in this story that connection strengthens and becomes more and more tangible. It soon consumes the two of them something fierce to the point where neither of them can deny it. What that leads them to share is full of heat, all-feeling connection, and more emotion than your heart can take. What you get with Jake and Camille as they try to figure out what they’re sharing, where it will lead them, and what it could bring them if they actually open themselves up to it is everything and more, and you will love every word of it.
  • Romantic suspense for the win! Romantic suspense stories are some of my favorites. There is just something about how a love story is combined with that mystery and suspense that really has me loving how in the story I become and what I get with the story’s characters along the way. After reading The Protector, I have to say that Jodi Ellen Malpas definitely has a knack for romantic suspense, and the way she weaves that mystery into the story makes this story all the more consuming and all the more unputdownable. She not only connects you into everything that Camille and Jake share, she puts you in it with them as they face the threats they do, and as that puts their hearts and their very lives at stake. I loved every moment of suspense and mystery I got within this story, and it added a well thought out and adrenaline pumping level to everything I was experiencing with them. It invested me even more in what I was reading and getting with Jake and Camille, and had me even more in what I was reading with them as they tried to see what they could share together.
  • Writing you feel every ounce of. Jodi Ellen Malpas never fails to craft a story with words that are powerful, meaningful, and beautifully laced with authentic and all-feeling emotion. The Protector was no different. The level of emotion, the level of romance, and the level of meaningful moments she gave me with these character knew no bounds. Her words completely captured and created everything that Camille and Jake shared. Those words took me through it all with them from start to finish, and along the way she allowed me to fall so damn hard for them and everything they shared. She made their feelings and connection beyond real, she made their characters ones that I loved with my whole heart, and through it all, she gave me them at their most honest, real, and vulnerable as they saw what they might be able to share together…and it truly doesn’t get better than that.

There really is nothing like a book by Jodi Ellen Malpas. The talent of her words truly know no bounds, and every time I read one of her books, I become completely entranced by everything she gives me with her characters. She makes every word, every emotion and feeling, and every moment of her books beyond real, beyond consuming, and beyond authentic, and that sets her books in a league of their own. She is one of my all-time favorite author’s, and reading this book reinforced that notion again and again.

The Protector was a story of romance, suspense, and heart, and what happens when two people from two very different walks of life, find themselves of the same path feeling a world of spark and connection towards each other. It follows them through every gripping and emotional up and down and twist and turn as they try to figure it all out, and as they see what the light might bring them and their hearts, if they only reach out and take it with all that they have. Their story isn’t easy and it isn’t always roses and sunshine, but through it all, what Jake and Camille share will pull at your heart and all your feelings as they try to make it all work and as they give into what they could be together.

This book was good. So damn good. It is a testament to Jodi Ellen Malpas’s talented writing and storytelling. It was a story that consumed me from beginning to end, and I really can’t say enough good things about it. What I got with Jake and Camille through their heart melting and pounding story was everything and more, and I loved every moment I got with them as they gave it all a go. You will too. Trust me on that.


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Jodi was born and raised in the Midlands town of Northampton, England, where she lives with her two boys and a beagle. She is a self-professed daydreamer, a Converse & mojito addict, and has a terrible weak spot for Alpha Males.

Writing powerful love stories and creating addictive characters has become her passion – a passion she now shares with her devoted readers.

She’s now a proud #1 New York Times bestselling author – all six of her published novels having hit the New York Times bestsellers list – as well as a Sunday Times bestseller and international bestseller. Her work is published in over 20 languages across the world.

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