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Fusion (Explosive #5) by Tessa Teevan

Release Day: October 30, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Models: Don Allen and Faith Danielle

Photographer: Kelsey Keeton at K. Keeton Designs

Cover Designer: Robin Harper at Wicked By Design

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Where do babies come from?
The question every parent dreads hearing has finally fallen from the lips of six year old Ava Banks, the curious, precocious little girl that you fell in love with in Ignite. Jeremy and Sierra, normally blunt as can be, struggle to find the right words to answer her. So instead, they rewind sixteen years to that one fateful day where a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven inevitably led to life-long romance filled with laughter, love, and many, many mishaps along the way.
Falling in love with your best friend? It’s the most incredible thing in the world. But when a love comes so easily, will it truly be able to last? When the world comes crashing down around you, can even the strongest relationship withstand great tragedy?
Stay tuned for lots of laughs, teenage awkwardness, a few tears, and most of all, mullets. Because what good love story doesn’t do business in the front, and party in the back?
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**While Fusion is a standalone romance, it’s best read after Ignite.
Ignite (Explosive #1)
My Review

*****5 Utterly Fantastic Stars*****

How do I even begin to describe my all out, full force, head over heels love for this book, these heart melting and lovable characters, and this author’s outstanding writing? I don’t even know if it’s humanly possible for me to tell you how much I loved this book without feeling like I’m not saying it enough. I’m not sure I’ll be able to truly capture the true firework level love that was Jeremy and Sierra’s story, but I am sure going to try because this book and its true amazingness deserve it.

Fusion by Tessa Teevan was enrapturing, full of all of the feels, and it made me swoon and melt and just bask in everything that Jeremy and Sierra were sharing on just about every single page. This book gave me everything I’ve come to love and know from this author, and all throughout reading I was reminded of why this series is one of my all-time favorites. While I don’t know if I could pick a favorite book from Tessa Teevan’s Explosive series (because I’ve LOVED them all), this one is definitely at the top of that favorites list.

The story was so beyond captivating, I was so consumed with Jeremy and Sierra through their journey together, and Tessa Teevan’s phenomenal writing brought every moment of this book to life in the most authentic and beautiful way.

Tessa Teevan just hit this book out of the park. I have wanted Jeremy and Sierra’s story ever since I fell in love with them in Ignite. They always stood out in the very best possible way, and I knew they had one helluva story to be told, and I wasn’t wrong. Fusion gives you it all with them. It allows you to fall in love with the two of them all over again, as you finally get their story and how they came to be. Their story is full of emotions and feelings that you will feel and live every ounce of, and you will relish in every moment you share so fully with them in this book.

From the first word until the very last you will feel it all and have one huge smile on your face because of what you’re getting to experience with these remarkable and heart squeezing characters. They’ll warm your heart again and again in this book, and you’ll truly never want it to end.

What was absolutely amazing about Fusion:

  • Jeremy Banks is going to make you melt & swoon simultaneously. Jeremy Banks is officially one of my top book boyfriends ever. There is no way, and I seriously mean no way you won’t fall under his charming, lovable, and bursting with goodness spell. That man will melt your heart and a few other things as you read this story. He is an honest to goodness good guy who falls for a girl he meets when he’s 8 years old, and you will fall for him more and more the more you read this fantastic story. The feelings and emotions you get to experience with him over the course of the story will melt your heart and have you wishing that he was a real guy because it honestly doesn’t get better than Jeremy Banks. He is honest, sweet, charming as all get out, and he cares with all of his heart. It is literally impossible to not love that man. Seriously. You’re going to read this book and love him by like page 3. Believe me. It’s going to happen.
  • Sierra is a girl you’ll instantly connect to & love. Sierra was such a fantastic character to know and love. She is real and honest and she is so beyond easy to relate to. I loved how easy it was to relate to her while reading, and I immediately connected to her while reading this book. I felt with her, I loved with her, and I lived through every moment with her because of how fantastically Tessa Teevan created her character. What I really loved about Sierra was that she never gave up. Through all the ups and downs of life, she kept pushing and giving it her all to end up exactly where she knew she wanted and needed to be. I have mad love and respect for that girl. Sierra is fun, lively, and so very real. She felt like my best friend while reading, and I loved every moment I got with her on her journey with Jeremy. She’s kind of the best, and there truly is something so special about her.
  • How this story is set up. I really loved how this actual story was set up. It starts off in the present tense of this series, and then jumps back to where it all started for Jeremy and Sierra. This story not only shows you where it all began for them, it gives you more of the other characters that I loved in this series. (It honestly made me want to go back and read Ignite again, and I absolutely loved that!) You get to see some new things from them, and the way that Tessa Teevan weaves this story together shows her true talent as a writer, and the truly phenomenal stories and characters she can create.
  • From friends to lovers to something so beyond beautiful. Fusion is a friends to lover’s story to the T, and it has all the feels and vulnerabilities and glorious awkward and lovable moments to go with it. It begins when both Jeremy and Sierra meet at 8, and spans 20 years of their relationship. You get to be with them through all the stages of their lives and relationship, and that invests you so immensely in them and what they’re sharing. You’re there in the moments when their feelings turn to something more, when they have their setbacks and their moments that’ll hurt your heart for what they’re going through, and in those moments that make it all worth it. You are there living through it all, and I can’t tell you enough how extraordinary that was to experience. Tessa Teevan’s outstanding writing brings it all to life in the most incredible and authentic way that’ll have you basking in what you get from every step of Jeremy and Sierra’s beautifully emotional journey together.
  • The feelings and chemistry that spark off the page. To say that Jeremy and Sierra have intense feelings for one another is the understatement of the century. These two have feelings upon feelings upon feelings, and you get to feel every single glorious bit of them. You get to feel that spark and that connection they so fiercely share, and that’ll have you experiencing every single bit of what they do. Everything they share sparks off the page in the most exceptional way, and that combined with their charm and humor that just makes them them will have your heart beyond in this story. Like I said, they have a firework level love. A love that will mesmerize you, have you feeling it all, and will captivate you with its beauty, and in the end, after its all said and done, you’ll be in literal awe of everything you’ve experienced with them and those fireworks.
  • So many moments that’ll melt your heart again and again. This book will melt your heart. Then it’ll do it again, and again, and again. It’ll keep melting your heart from the first page to the very last with everything that Sierra and Jeremy build to, fight for, and share within its wonderful pages. That’s not to say that these two don’t have their struggles and moments that’ll break your heart just a bit, but through it all your heart will be with them, feeling it all, and loving them through it all because they are that exceptional. Sierra and Jeremy have a truly beautiful story together that is real, honest, and full of a million moments that will have you melting and swooning simultaneously. It truly doesn’t get better then what you get with these two.

Fusion truly was an exceptional book to read and experience, and I know without a doubt that this will be one of my favorite books from this series. This book gives you Jeremy and Sierra in all their incredible heart melting glory. You get to see and live through it all with them from the very beginning. You get all the feelings and emotions, all the changes and vulnerabilities they have and go through, and you get all of them, which is nothing short of perfection.

This book will make you swoon, tear up, and feel so much that your heart will literally feel like it’s about to burst because of all you’re experiencing with these two. You’ll smile, laugh, tear up, and go through so much, and you’ll bask in every moment you get with Jeremy and Sierra as you see where it all began, and what gets them to the present of this book. It wasn’t always easy for those two, but it was real and true and honest, and the love those two share for one another is pure and beautiful in the most magnificent way.

I guarantee you’ve never read a love story quite like this one, and that is just part of what makes this a truly exceptional read.

Jeremy and Sierra are phenomenal in every way. What these two so truly share will have you knowing and believing that true love and first loves do exist, and you’ll get to see firsthand where that love can take you if you let it. You’ll get to feel every ounce of that love and all the amazingness it brings, and your heart will be so beyond full from the incredible things you get from this unforgettable book and love story.

This series is one of the best and most enrapturing around, and Fusion just solidified my love of these characters, their enthralling stories, and the magic that Tessa Teevan so thoughtfully creates within the pages of her books. I cannot recommend this book and series to you enough. They are amazing, and full of everything that makes a book exceptional to read and experience. Period.

This is a book and love story you never stop loving and feeling. It is that good, that full of everything, and it is so beyond beautiful that it will blow you away with everything it’s got. Trust me. What Jeremy and Sierra share will leave you so full and so satisfied that you’ll never want to leave the firework level love they so breathtakingly share.


“It’s fine, Jeremy. I promise. I have no problem being the Tod to your Copper. Or the Joey to your Dawson. That’s who I am.” She hesitated for a brief moment. “That’s who I’ll always be. You’re my best friend, Jeremy. It’s okay that you don’t see my boobs. Hell, it’s probably better that way.”
My stomach plummeted and if I was man enough to admit it, my eyes burned with an unexpected rush of tears. I stepped back, out of the streetlight so she couldn’t see me. It was a move she misinterpreted, but before I could find a single ounce of courage, she was waving goodbye and running into her house, leaving me there to watch her go.
Something I never wanted to do again.
It wasn’t until after Sierra left for Ohio and I had a chance to reflect on her words that I realized what she’d said. Dawson and Joey, as of right then, weren’t even speaking. Copper and Tod went their separate ways, and even though their friendship remained, they were still apart for the rest of their lives.
I didn’t want to be Copper anymore. I sure as hell didn’t want to be Dawson.
But it was too late. I’d lost my chance. I’d missed my window. Sierra was gone and there was nothing I could do about it.
Jenna was right.
I was an idiot.


I’m a twenty something book junkie who is also obsessed with sports. Bengals, Buckeyes, Reds are my teams! I work for the government during the day, hang out with Air National Guard on the weekends, and have been married to my own book boyfriend for over seven years. We currently live right outside of Dayton, OH with our two cats.
If I’m not writing or looking through tons of photos of hot men, all in the name of research, then you can probably find me curled up with my Kindle, ignoring the rest of the world. I love my sports almost as much as I love my books. My other obsessions include red wine, country music, and all things Grace Potter.
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