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Synopsis2Skylar Nixon is a twenty-seven year old failed actress with no Plan B. After a humiliating stint on a reality TV show crushes what’s left of her childhood dream, she finds herself back in her hometown with no money saved, no college degree, and no confidence she’s anything but a joke—a small town starlet who couldn’t hack it in the big city.

When she runs into former classmate Sebastian Pryce, she can’t believe the hot body and chiseled jaw belong to the shy, troubled loner she knew ten years before. He’s not exactly friendly at first, and she’s heard the rumors about his tragic past, but something in his sad eyes intrigues her. She only wants to get to know him better.

Until the night she wants more—and takes it. (Hard and deep. Twice.)

Are they just two lonely people seeking solace? Or can a disgraced beauty queen and flawed, frustrated man find some sort of happy ever after?

**SOME SORT OF HAPPY is a full-length, dual POV novel, complete with a happy ending.**



My Review

*****5 Vibrant and Amazing Stars*****

Some Sort of Happy was another vibrant, fantastically written, and downright enrapturing read from Melanie Harlow. The minute I began this book I was pulled into everything that I was reading, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t put this book down once until I reached the end. (Even though I truly didn’t want it to end because I was so enjoying Skylar and Sebastian’s outstanding story!)

I loved every wonderful bit of this book. I felt so connected into it while I was reading, and I felt like I knew these characters so well because of how well Melanie Harlow crafts and creates their characters. Her writing allowed me to get to know them in a way that made them real, made them flawed and honest in the best way, and just made them distinctive. She gave me both of them whole heartedly in Some Sort of Happy, and that just made me love every word of what I was reading.

I’m not surprised I loved this book so much though. I have loved every story and character that I’ve gotten from this phenomenal author, and reading this book just cemented why she is one of my favorites. Melanie Harlow has a true talent when it comes to bringing life to a story and a set of characters, and Some Sort of Happy was no different. This book was engaging, meaningful, and bursting with the many distinctive qualities and vibrancies of Melanie Harlow’s phenomenal writing, and I loved every word and feeling and thought that I got from it.

What I absolutely loved about Some Sort of Happy:

  • Some seriously distinctive voices. Melanie Harlow never fails to create some seriously distinctive character voices in her stories, and I definitely got Sebastian and Skylar’s voices in this book. Their characters just have such unique and mesmerizing voices. They’re real to you when you read this story, and you get their personalities, who they are, and all the quirks that make them them. You get their voices full force in such a way that you know them as if they’re real, living and breathing, people with these unique voices and thoughts. Getting those voices allows you to connect and understand their characters in a truly memorable way.
  • Skylar and her sometimes wonderfully ridiculous self. Skylar was a gem of a character. A sometimes ridiculous, never failed to bring a smile to my face, good hearted, authentic gem. I loved that her character was who she was, that she had her flaws and her issues, but that through it all she was just her and trying to find and be the best person she could be. That warmed my heart while reading, and instantly had me liking how honest and real she was because it showed that she was a fighter who wasn’t afraid to give it all she had in order to be exactly who she wanted to be. Suffice to say, I hearted me some wonderfully ridiculous Skylar something fierce, and I loved everything about her dynamic character.
  • The complexity of Sebastian. I don’t know if I’ve ever read a male character quite like Sebastian’s before, and that’s just one of the many aspects I loved about his magnificently layered character. He’s different. The way his mind works is different. The things he goes through are different, yet they’re extremely relatable and understandable because of how thoughtfully Melanie Harlow captures his character. What she writes with him allows you to get him, and to understand exactly where he’s coming from. That man is a tad complicated, and definitely has a world of things he goes through on a daily basis just to get by, but through all of that I just fell for his complex character that completely stole my heart.
  • Leaving the past in the dust. Some Sort of Happy is very much a story about two characters trying to overcome their different pasts. Sebastian and Skylar both have some not so great things in their respective pasts, and they’re both fighting like crazy to not have those pasts define them. They’re giving it their all in their attempts to move on from what they’ve both gone through, and that gives them such a deep connection that you just feel because they understand each other. They get it. They both get what it’s like to want to escape their pasts and who they were. Reading these two try to fight through those pasts is outstanding to experience, and it just makes you realize the true depth of what they’re sharing together.
  • Chemistry that’s sparking all over. To say that Skylar and Sebastian share some chemistry is the understatement of the year. They have chemistry sparking all over the place, and it just sparks right off of the page in a way that definitely brings a certain kind of blush to your cheeks in the most wonderful way. You feel this pull and this connection between them the moment they are on the page together, and there is such an immense level of build and tension that keeps building and intensifying so extraordinarily over the course of the story. (And trust me, when all of that tension and build explodes into a fiery, passionate, feeling mess…it is everything.) You feel these two, and everything that they share in every way, shape, and form, and that heightens everything that you’re reading from them because you feel all the authentic and spark filled feelings and connections behind what they share.
  • Feelings and emotions that make you swoon. In Some Sort of Happy, Melanie Harlow gives you so many incredible and varied feelings and emotions that have you feeling every lick of what these characters do. She evokes such beautiful and consuming emotion and feeling from her writing, and allows you to connect and emotionally invest in every word of what you’re reading. Those feelings and emotions give you such a better understanding of Sebastian and Skylar, and everything that they share with one another. All of that feeling and emotion just makes everything that they’re sharing more powerful and memorable, and gives this story an unforgettable umph that you feel every all-feeling step of the way.
  • The fantastic balance of lightness and meaning. In this story you get the perfect balance of lightness and meaning. You get those fantastic moments of lightness where you smile, and laugh out loud, and just feel the vibrancy of these characters and their liveliness. But with that you also get so much heartfelt meaning from them and their story that you feel truly in your heart. Melanie Harlow exceptionally balances both of those aspects to make this one well rounded and amazing story to experience. She seamlessly balances both of those aspects, so that your heart is fully enraptured within every magnificent and lively and meaningful word that you’re reading, and so that you fully get the magnitude of what Sebastian and Skylar are sharing.

Sort of Happy is a book that gives you so many different kinds of moments to experience. You get the ridiculous and personality brimming scenes that have you laughing out loud and smiling like crazy more times than you can count. You get the moments of heat and passion that have you searching for the nearest fan, and that have you melting into a puddle of serious girl emotion from what’s being shared. You get the moments of hurt and doubt that you feel in your heart so deeply, and that make you want to reach in and comfort and encourage these fantastic characters. You also get the moments of glorious feeling and happiness that heal you, put life in you, and just makes it all worth it.

Melanie Harlow gives you all of those moments and more in Some Sort of Happy, and she truly and beautifully creates two extraordinary characters with a world of captivating thought and feeling that you can’t help but love.

Some Sort of Happy is a story about Sebastian and Skylar, two exceptional, distinctive, and highly wonderful characters trying to figure out who they really are, who they want to be, and the mesmerizing things that could happen if they gave it all a go and gave into the immense feelings they have for one another. Their story is vibrant, lively, meaningful, and consuming through and through, and it will have you feeling and loving and relishing in the amazingness that is them every single memorable step of the way.

This book was one that I loved to pieces. I loved what it allowed me to think and feel and experience as I read it. I loved the vibrant, spark filled, and meaningful journey it allowed me to go on with Sebastian and Skylar’s characters. I loved every bit of what it gave me because everything that it gave me was amazing to say the least. Some Sort of Happy reminded me over and over again why I love Melanie Harlow’s books so fiercely, and why her writing is truly fabulous, and I honestly can’t wait to read whatever comes next from this author because I have no doubt that it will rock my proverbial socks off.

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Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her lipstick red, and her history with the naughty bits left in. Her stories are inspired by a sense of place, an appreciation for the past, and unexpected pleasures in life—especially the romantic kind. She lifts her glass to readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.


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