Releasing Now: The Lover’s Promise by J.C. Reed

The Lover’s Promise

Author: J.C. Reed

Genre: Mature New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: January 26th, 2015

Length: 300 pages

Meeting Jett was like lighting a match. Dangerous. Scorching. And better left untouched. In his game, some secrets can be deadly.


Brooke Stewart, a realtor in New York, is sure of one thing. She has to stay away from the one man who betrayed her. He fooled her once, and she won’t let it happen again. When her loans are settled by the very man who’s a murder suspect, little choice does she have than to confront him and risk falling for him again.

Dangerously sexy and arrogant millionaire Jett Mayfield knows his secrets destroy trust. However, when they serve to protect the woman he loves, he has no intention of risking Brooke’s life. When Brooke seeks him to get an explanation, little does he know that there’s something worse that threatens to destroy their lives. Soon there’s only one choice: break or get broken. When everything is spiraling out of control, will his promise keep her by his side…or will he lose her forever?

A man who will never forget her

A woman who can’t trust him

Both are on the run

2 Lives. 2 Destinies.

One Promise

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My Review

****4.5 Stars****

After having read and loved the other books in J.C. Reed’s No Exceptions Series, I was more than eager to jump right back into Jett and Brooke’s story in The Lover’s Promise.

I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this next chapter in their story. It was exciting and filled with mystery, and I never knew where the story would take these two. This book brought back all of the aspects that I loved from the other books, and just had me loving Brooke and Jett more.

The Lover’s Promise is the next chapter in their mystery laden journey, and had me feeling everything that these two stubborn lovers share with one another.

What I loved about The Lover’s Promise:

  • Jett’s point of view. I love loved that this book gave us Jett’s point of view. Stepping into his head was highly memorable and it gave me the fantastic opportunity to understand him more. His point of view matched what I thought it would be so well, and I feel like I got him so much more from stepping into his head. His point of view was added a new layer to the story, and what you learn from him and that will have you loving Jett Mayfield more.
  • Brooke’s stubborn and determined self. Brooke is one stubborn lady who is determined to figure out what in the hell is going on, and I freaking loved that about her. Her personality is so fun to read, and I think it’s fantastic how determined she is to figure out all the mysteries that are surrounding her. Brooke’s character is a fighter and I afore that about her. She is one fierce little lady, and that shines through again and again in this installment.
  • The build. There is a crap ton of build going on in this book, and that just heightens all that you’re reading. There is the build to solving and figuring out what’s all going on, but there’s also the immense build between Brooke and Jett. This story builds and builds while you try and figure out if they will or they won’t, and that just makes this story all the more engaging to read.
  • All the mystery. There is more mystery in this book and series than you can shake a stick at, and you will love that. This has been one of my favorite aspects of this series, because the more I read, the more I have to know what’s really going on. This book presents continued mysteries and adds a few new ones into the mix, and that had me dying to know what in the world was going on. That level of mystery and suspense just amps up everything you are reading, and it will make you love what you’re reading even more for the intensity it brings.
  • Puzzle pieces coming together. The Lover’s Promise is the third installment in this series, and slowly but surely through this book you get more of the pieces to Brooke and Jett’s picture coming together. When some of those pieces come together, you will just be blown away, and while I still have many questions about these characters and their story, this book gives you so much needed answers.
  • The next steps. I am dying for the final installment to Brooke and Jett’s story. I have so many questions that I want answered, and I also just want more time with Brooke and Jett. I am eager to see where the next steps in their story take them, and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together in their next book.

I really enjoyed reading The Lover’s Promise by J.C. Reed as it gave me another chance to spend time with the fierce and fantastic Jett and Brooke. Those two have an undeniable connection that bursts from the page, and I was more than ready to see where this book would take them.

The Lover’s Promise was exciting and kept me engaged in the mystery laden story the entire time, and I for one could not get enough.

I am more ready than ever to read the conclusion to this couple and series, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that the next chapter will be just as good, if not better, than this one.


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