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Erin McIntyre is a survivor. Four years ago she bundled up her six year old daughter and set sail into uncharted waters with nothing more than the will to survive. When offered a place to stay and a new job by her best friend’s cousin Adam, she simply cannot refuse…but Adam quickly becomes more than a friend. Scared to love again, and convinced that giving her heart to a man will only lead to pain, Erin remains steadfast, certain the only person she can trust is herself. But when her past comes knocking, threatening to tear her carefully constructed world apart, and the support of a person who believes in her more than she does herself will be the one thing that can keep her head above water. Will old habits prove too hard to break and leave Erin drowning in a sea of self-doubt, or can she let go of her fears and learn to love once more?

Adam Payne never thought he would find Love. He really wasn’t even looking for it. He fell hard and he fell fast for Erin McIntyre. Determined to show her that she is worthy of not only his love but worthy of herself. He will stop at nothing to make this woman his and when their love for one another surfaces into a love that Erin never thought would come her way her past comes back to haunt them all. Will Adam be able to Rescue Erin from her worst fear or will she pack up and run for the simple reason that the only thing she has ever known is her will to try and survive.


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My Review

****4.5 Wonderful Stars****

Rescue Me by Kathy Coopmans was a fantastic book that I was so looking forward to reading. After reading her first book, Shelter Me, I was more than eager to get back with the characters that captured me in, and to spend more time in the awesome book world that she created.

This book tells the story of Adam and Erin. We met both of them in Shelter Me, but Rescue Me is truly their story. It’s a story of overcoming the pain of the past, recognizing the strength in yourself, and recognizing the power and passion that comes from love.

I loved this book. I loved Adam and Erin to pieces. They were both such endearing characters that had qualities I couldn’t resist loving. Their story is filled with so much emotion and passion and vulnerability, and it truly captures what it means when two people attempt to rescue one another.

What I loved about Rescue Me:

  • Adam’s sweetness. Adam was just about the sweetest man that could be. I could not get enough of that man. He was so effing sweet and the words that came out of his mouth just about had me melting in such a good way. Through his actions, the things he says, and just the way he is, you can tell the goodness that just emanates from him. I am telling you that you will bask in all of the sweetness that is that man, and there is no way that you won’t fall under his spell.
  • Erin’s strength. Erin’s character is probably the definition of strength. Though she doesn’t always feel that and she doesn’t always know that she possesses the strength that she does, her characters is beyond strong. That strength defines her in the best possible way, and it will have you admiring her, loving her, respecting her, and caring for her with all you have. Erin is the epitome of a strong female character, and I have no doubt that when you meet her character you will instantly love her for who she is.
  • The depth of feeling. The feelings and connection that Erin and Adam share are conveyed extremely well in this book, and you will feel how deep those feelings truly go. You will feel that when you read this book in the words they speak to each other, the heartwarming moments they share, and even in those moments when things are not so easy. You will just feel and embrace all of that feeling because it will show you how intense and deep Adam and Erin feel about one another.
  • The realness. One of my favorite aspects about this book was how real it was. The characters, the story, the issues that come up. They are all real, and they feel real. That makes this everything feel so believable and it just made this book all the more enjoyable to read because I believed everything I was reading. Rescue Me also presents some very real issues. I won’t say what they are, but just know the way Kathy Coopmans addresses and writes these issues feels so authentic, and you will just be blown away by that.
  • The fantastic pacing. The pacing of this book was out of this world. I couldn’t put the book down because of how well paced it was. Nothing felt too fast or too slow, it all just felt right. The events of this book keeps you engaged in the story and the characters the entire time. That pacing just enhances everything that you’re feeling when you’re reading too. This book will have your heart melting and breaking at times, your adrenaline pumping at others, and your whole self dying to know how it’s all going to come together.
  • The distinctive supporting characters. There are some pretty awesome and distinctive supporting characters in this book. They each have their own unique personality that adds to the Erin and Adam’s story. I was happy to be back with many of the characters I met in Shelter Me, but I was also thrilled to meet the new additions to this book. Shayne, Luke, Antonio, Shelby, and all the rest of the engaging supporting characters are just another factor that will have you loving this book.
  • The feeling of family. There is such a feel of family to this book, and I just loved that. You feel that with the friendships and different relationships that all of these characters share. Feeling that sense of family just amplifies what is going on in this story, and it will just have you falling more in love with these characters and Erin and Adam’s story.
  • All the fight. There is so much fight in this book and I just love that. Erin is fighting to find the strength that lies within herself. Adam is fighting for what the two of them could share together. They’re both fighting for what they could share together, and they’re both fighting against the pains of the past that seem to be lurking around the corner. That level of fight makes you want to fight right along with these characters, and you will just love the reading experience that that fight gives you.

Rescue Me was just a fantastic book that had characters I loved, a story I couldn’t put down, and just so many aspects that made it great.

Erin and Adam have a story that has so much wonderfulness to it. They’re story is one that will capture you in from the moment you start it, and in the end you will be dying for the next chance you get to spend more time with these characters.

If you’ve yet to begin these books by Kathy Coopmans I urge you to start Shelter Me this instant, so that you can soon thereafter find yourself encapsulated in the fantasticness that is Rescue Me. Erin and Adam’s heartfelt story is waiting for you, so get to reading it this instant!





“Ready?” I ask as I approach him and continue on into the kitchen to get my purse.

“Yup, and I am starving. Let’s go.” He advances towards me. “Damn, woman! You’re not wearing those jeans, are you? No fucking way.”

Bewildered and totally caught off guard by his statement, I stand there with my hands on my hips.

“What the hell are you talking about? There isn’t anything wrong with these jeans.”

“No there’s not, and that’s the problem. Your sweet, fine ass looks too good in those jeans. I don’t want to have to kick someone’s ass for checking you out, especially when I have the girls with me. Can you go put on a baggy pair of sweatpants or something?”

“What are you playing at, Adam?” I remove my hands from my hips and place one of them on his forehead. “Are you coming down with something?”

 He gently pulls me into his rock hard body.

“Oh, sweet cheeks. I came down with something three months ago when I checked out that ass of yours when I was in Texas,” he says with humor and as low-key as he can be. “And I am not playing.”

“You’re unbelievable,” I say, rolling my eyes.

Adam lifts me up onto the counter and whispers in my ear words that leave a tingle of pure pleasure down my spine.

 “Although I love every tantalizing, sexy curve of your body, I am most definitely an ass man, sweetheart. And this ass,” he says as he places his hands underneath me and gives my bottom a light squeeze, “Has been in my dreams for the past three months. I can’t wait until I can feel it uncovered because Erin, I am going to make you feel like you have never felt before.”

“Oh my God, Adam.” I can barely get out a word as I feel my throat tighten up and, holy hotness, this man is mentally seducing me and I love it.

 “You feel it too, don’t you, Erin?” he speaks in a ragged, raspy voice as he trails soft kisses up my neck.

“I do,” I whimper.

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Kathy is a Michigan native where she lives with her husband Tony. They have two son’s Aaron and Shane. She is a sports nut. Her favorite sports include NASCAR, Baseball and Football. By day she is a hairstylist and loves her job. She has always been an avid reader and at the young age of 50 decided she wanted to write. She claims she can do several things at once and still stay on task. Her favorite quote is “I got this.”

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