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Debut novel Shelter Me by Author Kathy Coopmans

Releasing: September 7th


At the young age of nineteen, Shayne Andrews thought she had it all. She had the love of her life, her high school sweetheart, and a bright future ahead of  her. That is, until one day he just disappeared, leaving a note as his only goodbye. With her heart shattered and broken, Shayne did the only thing she  could. She left her small town on the shores of Lake Michigan to start her life over, needing to distance herself from the memories she and Luke had made.  At that time, she vowed to herself that she would never return to her hometown again. Seven years later, Shayne realizes that fate is not on her side as  she returns home for her aunt’s funeral, bringing back the one secret she swore to protect.

Luke Schavone has regretted every day that he had to leave Shayne behind. Though he didn’t have a choice, his heart still bore the scars from the impact. After five years, Luke returned only to find that Shayne was gone. His best friend was the only lifeline he had to finding her, but Adam wasn’t talking.  When the one thing Luke has wanted everyday for the past seven years runs right into him one night, he becomes determined to make sure he doesn’t lose her  again.

At first, Shayne is hesitant. She wouldn’t be able to survive losing him again, but the pull toward him is so fierce, she can’t deny herself the chance. With the decision to start over, Luke and Shayne must admit truths and come to terms with the events that forced them apart in the first place. When  secrets are revealed and old threats come to pass, will Luke be able to shelter Shayne from the destruction, or will she become lost to him forever?

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My Review

****4.5 Wonderful Stars****

Shelter Me was a truly wonderful debut novel by Kathy Coopmans. This book had so many aspects to it that I just loved, and the story itself was one that I just fell in love with instantly. Shelter Me is about getting a second chance for something utterly beautiful.

This book is about what happens when those second chances come along, and how light and happiness can be found in even the darkest and hardest of times.

What I absolutely adored about Shelter Me:

  • You hit the ground running. I loved that this book hit the ground running with everything its got. It’s extremely well-paced and you are thrust right into the story. That just works. It also makes it easy to sink right in with what is going on with the fantastic characters.
  • The immediate and deep connection of Luke and Shayne. From the moment these two are on the page together, you feel the instant connection and the true depth of feeling between Luke and Shayne. You feel the pain and anguish they’re feeling at seeing each other again, and you feel the hope and desire thrumming from both of them. You will be captivated by the connection between these two, I promise.
  • Shayne is one tough cookie. Shayne is one strong female character who was extremely relatable. She goes through a lot in the events of this book, and she definitely is put to the test with all the things she experiences. But through all of this she holds her own, and never gives up. She fights and that is utterly fantastic to read, and it really made me love and admire her character for the toughness she had through everything.
  • Luke is a protective gem of a man. Luke was a magnificent male character to read. He is fiercely protective and majorly passionate about many things, but especially Shayne. The way he looks at her, talks to her, and opens up to her exemplifies every wonderful thing about his character. I am telling you he will just warm your heart with how amazing he is. (He also uses a seriously heart melting term of endearment for Shayne, and that was just the best.)
  • The mystery and questions. There are some mysteries and questions that come up with the story being told, especially surrounding Luke and the past as well as motives behind what is happening in the present of these characters. Those mysteries come to the page in a truly thoughtful way, and they really piqued my interest. It makes it so you are dying to know what’s going to happen, and certainly makes the book engaging as all get out.
  • The heat between Luke and Shayne. These two have got it going on. You will feel every single thing these characters feel for one another, and that is hot. The chemistry and desire between them is palpable and continues to throb throughout their entire story.
  • The feel of family. I absolutely loved that this book had such a feel of coming home and family to it. All the different characters in this book come together to make a crazy kind of family. The feeling of family and home weaves together with the story beautifully, and makes every event in this book that more extraordinary to read. It also truly resonates with what is going on with Luke and Shayne.
  • Second chances. This is a true second chance at love, and books like this are why I adore these kinds of stories. These magnificent characters are getting a new chapter together, and though they have much to go through, this second chance brings out the best in them. The second chances in this book are hard fought and well deserved, and this book exemplifies what it means to get a second chance at it all.
  • The fight for the happy. Shelter Me makes Shayne, Luke, and many of the other characters fight for the happy they are seeking. Both Shayne and Luke are fighting for their second chance together. That fight has its ups and downs and puts them to the serious test, but that fight is so worthwhile and enthralling to read.
  • Bringing it all together. I loved how this book brought the past, present, and futures of both Shayne and Luke, along with everybody else, together. The meshing of these 3 mediums made me love Shayne and Luke more, and it made me invested with them. The author does such a fabulous job of this that you will want to fight for them too with all you’ve got.

Shelter Me was a highly engaging book that explores what happens when two people are given a second chance at the happiness they are both seeking. The connection and power between the two main characters it just utterly wonderful, and will have you in love with their story the minute you meet them.

This book truly exemplifies what it means to take that leap of faith even when you can’t exactly see what’ll happen next. The story within this books page is filled with fantastic characters that will truly captivate you in every way, and in the end the overpowering sense of love, family, and home in the book will just melt your little heart.



“Baby, I never thought I would get to taste those sweet, sexy, seriously fuckable lips again.”

“Fuckable? I ask, “What happened to us starting over?”

Luke brings his mouth to my ear. “I said I wanted us to start over, and I meant it. Doesn’t mean I don’t remember everything that happened between us, my beautiful girl. Especially involving those fuckable lips.,” he whispers, a glint of mischief in his eyes.

“Oh, is all I can get my mouth to say.”

“What’s the matter baby? Did I kiss you senseless?” Luke asks as he pulls me up to a standing position.

“You wish, big boy.”



Full Playlist: Shelter Me by Kathy Coopmans

Rob Thomas – Ever The Same

P!nk – F**kin’ Perfect

Sheryl Crow – The First Cut Is The Deepest

Evanescence – My Immortal

Faith Hill – Breathe

Daughtry – Home

Sara Bareilles – I Choose You

Bob Carlisle – Butterfly Kisses

Train – Marry Me

OneRepublic – Good Life

Drake – Take Care

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

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 Kathy is a Michigan native where she lives with her husband Tony. They have two son’s Aaron and Shane.

She is a sports nut. Her favorite sports include NASCAR, Baseball and Football.

By day she is a hairstylist and loves her job.

She has always been an avid reader and at the young age of 50 decided she wanted to write. She claims she can do several things at once and still stay on
task. Her favorite quote is “I got this.”


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