The Best 5 ½ Places to Find Books: #2

Welcome back to The Never Ending Book Basket’s completely opinionated list of the Best 5 ½ Places to Find Books.

We’re getting close to the homestretch of this countdown, and I for one can’t wait to reveal the two remaining spots! (These remaining spots are some of my very favorite places to find the books that I must acquire ASAP!)

As we all know, there are many different places that us book addicts can find books, but let’s be honest: some of those places are way better than others.

That’s why I created this countdown: to list the best places I’ve found to find the books we all desire to acquire.

Previously on the countdown I detailed the #5 spot Target (My own personal hell!), the #4 spots Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million (The big name book stores), and the #3 spot The Miscellaneous Grab Bag (aka yard sales, flea markets, and the good old Goodwill)

Up today on the countdown is a place that is majorly responsible for all of my book buying. (I place my blame on this place, rather than myself because that’s easier than admitting I have a problem….)

Number 2: Amazon Books (Also known as one of the many reasons I have no money.)

I dare you to find someone in this country who has never heard of or bought something from Amazon. Seriously, is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard of Amazon?

(That’s completely rhetorical by the way, because I do realize there are people who haven’t heard of this amazing establishment. The question is for effect people, calm down.)

Amazon Books: #2 Place to Find Books (photo credit: Twitter)

Amazon Books: #2 Place to Find Books (photo credit: Twitter)

Amazon is a website that will sell you anything from clothing, to knick knacks you don’t really need, to an underwear dispenser. (I shit you not on that last one.) Its got something for everyone, and I swear Amazon is bound and determined to make people spend all their money.

Although you can find just about anything on Amazon, I’m sure it’s no real shock that the department I find myself frequenting the most is the book section. (Was that ever really a question?)

The book section on Amazon is about as large as they get. You can get all types of books on this website including textbooks, children’s books, e books, and of course your standard novel.

If you frequent this website as much as I do, you’ve probably seen that Amazon has a section on its website for books and for e books for your Kindle. I am not even going to try to open the can of worms that is the “e book vs. traditional paper or hard back books” debate. (I ain’t going there, because that battle will never truly ever end.)

My point in identifying these two categories of books is to point out that Amazon offers a wide array of book types, so you’ve basically got a plethora of ways to pick whatever book poison you want.

As you can tell, I am a HUGE fan of Amazon Books, and as always I plan to justify that sentiment with my list of completely biased reasoning.

Why Amazon Books basically rocks my socks:

  • The recommended for you section. Amazon Books has this lovely little thing that’s kind of like the Pandora for books. It has this section that recommends books specifically for you based upon what you’ve looked at or bought. I love this section. It has so many books that you may not have seen normally, and I have personally found a multitude of fantastic books from this section. It is also constantly updating, so don’t you worry your pretty little head. Soon enough you’ll have more recommended books just for you!
  • It has so many genres of books you can buy. I am basically schvizting over all the different genres of books Amazon has to offer. You can find anything and everything on here from paranormal romance to history to self-help. Suffice to say there is something for everyone on Amazon Books.
  • The reviews of other customers. A huge feature on Amazon Books is the reviews of other customers who have bought the books that you’re looking at. These reviews are painfully honest sometimes, but when you get past all the bias they can really help you decide if a book is worth taking a chance on. They can also be really funny to read. (Believe it or not, I have seen many a fight take place in this review section between some pretty passionate readers!)
  • The organization of the books is to die for. Finding books on Amazon is easy as pie. You can search for books, browse through the many genres of books they offer, or just get lost in it all. No matter what way you choose to find books on here, it is pretty clear that the organization of this website is phenomenal, and it makes it all the more easier to find the books you want.
  • The fantastic lists of books. Amazon has a pretty cool feature of creating lists of books that are grouped together in some way. These lists could be about the best romances, the books you have to read before you die, or the books everyone is currently talking about. These lists are always worth a gander, and are sure to provide you with something good to read.
  • The buy with one click feature. One of the best and worst features of Amazon is that you can buy items with one click. (All you have to do is set up your billing
    The Buy With One Click feature that is my downfall. (photo credit:

    The Buy With One Click feature that is my downfall. (photo credit:

    information, and you’re good to go.) This feature is my downfall, as it makes it way too easy to buy books from here. (Especially e books.)

  • The prices. All of the books on Amazon are discounted in some way, shape, or form. Books on here can range from free (And yes I mean absolutely free!) to a few dollars, to just below the regular retail price. Whatever book you’re looking for, rest assured that you’ll save a few bucks at least finding it here. They also sell used books on here that are always worth a look at.

There you have it. I could go on and on about why Amazon Books is a completely amazing place to find books, but that would take more time than you or I have. Suffice to say Amazon is a place book addicts can frolic freely in.

(Not so freely because you’ll buy more books there than you actually weigh, but it’s the thought that counts.)

I solemnly swear that Amazon Books has something for you, and if you’re ever looking for that next great book, this place is where you should start. This place really deserves to be at the top of YOUR list of places to find books.

Until next time book addicts, may your book shelves continue be full as you keep searching for that next out of this world read.

Up next on the countdown is the #1 spot! YAY!!! I won’t give you a hint about what this place is, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s my very favorite place to find books.

(See what I did there?)

ps. You should totally head over to Amazon Books right now, and check out all their books. Like now. Now. Now. NOW. NOW!

During the writing of this blog post 2 e books were purchased through Amazon’s one click feature. Be warned people, this website feeds addictions…..