It’s a Cover Reveal: More Than Money by Allison Michaels


More Than Money

By: Allison Michaels

Releasing: November 7th


Ryan McMillan believes hard work and perseverance are the keys to success, not games of

chance. When he receives an instant lottery ticket, he never expects to win a dime, much less

walk away with the grand prize.

Collette Russo is no stranger to hardship. Loss has taught her valuable lessons in grace and

modesty, traits Ryan can’t help but notice on the winner’s cruise. Collette is the only other

passenger not obsessed with material things, and their mutual humility sparks an attraction

neither of them anticipates.

As good fortune continues to favor Ryan, his relationship with Collette turns into a romance

filled with affection and laughter, and his career begins to take off. Yet when his loyalty is

tested, an old friendship turns sour.

Ryan chalks it up to greed and arrogance and finds comfort in Collette’s experience with both.

But an unthinkable event reveals that nothing is as simple as it seems. Envy and greed threaten

to ruin everything.

Has Ryan’s luck finally run out? Can he take back control? Will Collette stand by him in the


Only time will tell if love is worth more than money.


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