Releasing Now: Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate is Book 2 of The Renegade Saints series.  (Click HERE to see Book 1 on Amazon)
Beginning on Friday June 20 Picture Perfect will be on sale for 99 cents on Amazon. Sale will run through Wednesday June 25th.

Twist of Fate also includes a novella. Two great stories, one low price! Twist of Fate is $2.99 now but will go to it’s full $3.99 price on Wednesday June 25th.



One night changed everything. 

Leah Cooper was an absolute mess caught in a downward spiral until Gavin Wilde made a brief appearance in her life at a critical moment. Gavin forced her to re-evaluate what she was doing and make necessary changes. 

Years later a Twist of Fate brings them back together again when Leah has no choice but to go on tour with The Renegade Saints. 

She needs special loving care to bring her back to life and Gavin Wilde knows that he is just the man for the job. 

Will Leah be able to get beyond the pain of her past and let Gavin in? 

HARD TO HANDLE (novella) 

You know what sucks? Gettin’ a Dear John letter from the love of your life five days before your wedding. Know what sucks more? That she’s back, and in order to keep my ranch, I’ve got to marry her.

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There’s No Crying In Reading!

There’s No Crying in Reading.

Okay so that statement may be a bit of stretch. Or a downright lie.

Maybe I should amend that to say There’s No Crying in Reading for ME.

Recently I saw a film adaptation of a very well loved and known book. This book and film are both serious tear jerkers. There was full on ugly crying going on in that theater from almost every person present. It was a sob fest.

I, on the other hand, barely shed a tear.

That’s not to say that I don’t cry during emotional moments. Crying is actually my go to emotional reaction at pretty much any heightened state of emotion.

I can watch a movie 100 times, and still cry at the same parts. I’ve even teared up reading human interest stories on the internet. (You know the ones that “restore your faith in humanity”) Heck, I’ve been known to cry during car commercials if they’re sentimental enough. And do not even get me started on those gosh darn ASPCA commercials with Sarah Mclachlan.

Bottom line: I AM A CRIER.

This would be me and my little brother circa 20 years ago. Clearly you can see I'm all hunky dory while he's having a meltdown. Not much has changed.

This would be me and my little brother circa 20 years ago. Clearly you can see I’m all hunky dory while he’s having a meltdown. Not much has changed.

Despite all these instances that tend to bring a tear to my eye, I can count the number of books that have ever made me cry using just 8 fingers.

Now you may be thinking, “So what, only 8 books have made you cry. That’s a lot”

Well let’s take into consideration the fact that I have read hundreds of books. Many of which have had some seriously gut wrenching and highly charged moments full of emotion, pain, and vulnerability. Numerous books I’ve read have killed off characters I connect with and like more than actual human beings.

Yet, I still don’t find myself getting emotional enough to cry while reading very often.

Maybe it’s weird I find that interesting about myself, but I do especially since it’s often a natural reaction for me. Scores and scores of people will review a book, and mention a moment that made them cry. Even my close friends will tell me about moments in books we’ve read that sent them hunting for tissues. Me, not so much.

Apparently I have the emotional range of a piece of paper.

At least when it comes to reading.

So I thought I’d use this post to share the 8 books that have ever made me cry, so we could all have a moment of “feels” together. (I’m sure you all want to share that moment with me.)

The books that make up this list vary in genre and subject matter, but each one had my tear ducts working something fierce. Honestly though, I wanted to share with you those books that reached in and made this “cold hearted” reader shed a tear.

The 8 Books That Have Made Me Cry: (If you click on the link, you’ll find your way to the Amazon page for each book)

  • The Last Lecture: This autobiography by Randy Pausch details his last lecture as a professor, as he was dying from pancreatic cancer. His lecture was all about achieving your childhood dreams, and its chalk full of words of wisdom and life lessons. The whole book is laced with emotion, but what really got me was the last chapter when he reveals what this lecture was really all about for his audience and his family.
  • Two Kisses for Maddy: Now I went into this memoir knowing it was going to be seriously emotionally charged, as the book follows a new father in the first year of his daughter’s life. The life that began on the same day his wife died. I stayed strong in this one until the very last page. The words Matt Logelin wrote on that page still give me chills and set my tear ducts to work with how much power and love they hold. (Even now as I’m typing I’m getting chills)
  • Tuesday’s with Morrie: Now if you are ever looking for a book full of emotion, Mitch Albom is your guy. Tuesday’s With Morrie tells of Albom’s meetings with his ailing professor slipping away from ALS. This is probably the only book I’ve cried multiple times throughout reading. It just had so many moments that were beautiful, emotional, powerful, and just sad as Albom and his professor reconnect.
  • Such a Pretty Face: This is one that made me cry not out of sadness, but out of shear healing. The main character in this book goes through a major journey. Think major transformation. At the end, there is the purest moment of healing this character experiences, and that had me balling like a baby. It was freaking powerful. Amazing Grace was also playing in the scene, so I was just doomed.
  • The Promise of Stardust: To say this book takes you through the lowest lows of serious emotion is an un
    photo (5)

    Just look at all these “feels” books!

    derstatement. The Promise of Stardust follows the main character as he must decide and battle to keep his wife on life support to keep their unborn child alive. At the end of the day this book is overflowing with love and pain, and I couldn’t not cry while reading this one. It just was utterly breathtaking in so many instance.

  • Love You, Mean It: This is another book that I persevered with not crying until the very last page. This co-written memoir is told by 4 widows of the 9/11 attacks. Their journey in this book is paved with mountains of pain and emotion. All 4 of these women are reeling throughout this book, but in the end their message is clear: “Cherish the love you receive. Remember, the heart’s capacity for love is unending. Make the decision to live. It would be wrong not to”.
  • All You Could Ask For: This wonderful book details the relationships and support system 3 women battling cancer build together. Each woman goes on her own individual journey, but one in particular had me running for the Kleenex. Katherine’s story, and her ending thoughts that come to terms with her diagnosis and what truly makes life worth living are phenomenally powerful and emotional.
  • The Fault in Our Stars: So this is the book/film adaptation I mentioned in the beginning of this post. And while I shed only a few tears during the movie, I’ll admit that I might have sobbed at the end of reading the book. Not because it was sad, but because of the intense love you could feel in the end. This book isn’t about dying, it’s about living, and John Green’s wonderful words at the end surmising that just did me in.

So there you have it. The list of the whopping 8 books that have EVER made me cry.

Now while these books don’t get trophies or anything for making me cry, they do have the distinction of having truly powerful moments that I couldn’t not tear up at. Apparently sometimes I do have more emotional range than a piece of paper!

That’s not to say other books haven’t come close, or that the other books I’ve read haven’t gutted me to the emotional core or pulled at my heartstrings. I guess the books above just knocked me upside the head with emotion.

And if I could, I would so totally give them all a trophy. Probably a bronze Kleenex box.

So now that we’ve had our “feels” moment together, I’d love to hear what books have ever made you cry. (We can compare notes! Haha)

Please feel free to comment on the post with whatever books have brought a tear to your eye, for whatever reason. (And Lord knows I’d love to know the reason!)

And just to end the post on a high note, I’ll leave you with the line from one of my all-time favorite movies that inspired the title for this post.

Enjoy, and Happy Reading!


Releasing Now: Sweet Southern Sorrow


*Note: Sweet Southern Sorrow was originally published in the no longer available anthology, Southern Seduction. Therefore, it will be $0.99 from Friday 6/20- Sunday 6/22 for anyone who missed it the first time around. The new addition includes 15k words in bonus scenes at the end of the book.

Sweet Southern Sorrow (Sweet Southern #1)


Parting has never been such sweet sorrow, at least not for Sawyer Callahan and Cheyenne Hamilton.

One summer forever changed the lives of Sawyer Callahan and Cheyenne Hamilton. Two very lonely people found solace in one another and in the end, fell in love. Unfortunately their plans for the fall took them in entirely different directions. Despite their best efforts, family issues and life’s circumstances got in the way, breaking both of their hearts in the process. 

Almost six years later they find themselves face-to-face, and old feelings resurface. When the past collides with the present, will they be able resist the temptation, or will they finally realize that they’re where they’re meant to be?

A 65k word novel of broken pasts, first loves, and ultimate sacrifice. New edition includes 15k words in bonus scenes.

This is a standalone series with interconnecting characters.

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Also by Tessa Teevan:

Inflame (Explosive #3)

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Incinerate (Explosive#2)

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Ignite (Explosive #1)

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Author Bio:

I’m a twenty seven year old book junkie who is also obsessed with sports. Bengals, Buckeyes, Reds are my teams! I work for the government during the day, hang out with Air National Guard on the weekends, and have been married to my own book boyfriend for over seven years. We currently live right outside of Dayton, OH with our two cats. 

If I’m not writing or looking through tons of photos of hot men, all in the name of research, then you can probably find me curled up with my Kindle, ignoring the rest of the world. I love my sports almost as much as I love my books. My other obsessions include red wine, hot men, country music, and all things Grace Potter. 

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I’ve absolutely freaking loved every single one of Tessa Teevan’s books, so be sure to fall in sweet southern love with this book today!

Star Struck

STARSTRUCKblogtour (1)

 Title: Star Struck

Series: Lights, Camera Companion

Author: Laurelin Paige

Publisher: Samhain

Publication Date: June 17, 2014


Onto every diva’s backside, a little wood must fall.Lights, Camera, Book 2

Hollywood actress Heather Wainwright was looking forward to a long, relaxing break before starting her next shoot. Except her assistant volunteered her for L.A.’s annual 24 Hour Plays.StarStruckCover

Nervous about doing a good job for such a worthy charity, Heather falls back on “diva” mode, a defense mechanism that always carries her through. Until she encounters something that really gets on her nerves—a lowly carpenter whose Norse god eyes pierce right through her.

Highly sought-after production designer Seth Rafferty has little patience for A-listers with superior attitudes, which is why his attraction to Heather is absurd. Yet, sensing vulnerability beneath her screen-queen act, he lets her assumptions play out.

After the wrap party, Heather awakens with little memory of the night before—except that Seth gave her the best orgasm of her life, then disappeared. When he shows up on the set of her next movie, she winds up to give him a piece of her mind…and Seth shows her just how stinging hot “chemistry” can get.

Warning: Contains an outwardly snobby actress with a good heart, a delicious carpenter with a power drill, some much-deserved spanking, and an appropriately consensual—if tipsy—orgasm, as well as sex at an inappropriate time of the month.


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My Review:

Star Struck,  follows Heather Wainwright, an A-List Hollywood actress with a diva reputation that precedes her. Though that reputation may not be wholly deserving or accurate, Seth Rafferty comes to think it is when he meets Heather at a charity event for an urban arts program. These two are not sold on one another. There first conversations are highly memorable, and to say there is no love at first sight between these two is the understatement of the century.

That doesn’t deter these two from trying to figure out what it is they are seeing and feeling in one another. What ensues between these two as they try to figure out what in the hell they’re feeling for one another makes for a truly engaging story with some laugh out loud moments, a smidge bit of spanking, many instances of wanting to reach in and hug and/or possibly hit the characters, and plenty of events that will just make you smile about these two.

What I absolutely loved about Star Struck:

  • The real Heather Wainwright. Heather has a reputation that’s not so stellar. People think she is stuck up and a diva, and while she is in some ways, that girl has a heart of gold. Even in the moments when she was saying and doing some not so fantastic things, I still felt for her character. I could also see that that girl’s heart was huge, and even though it may have taken awhile to make a public appearance, when it did, it was wonderful.
  • Seth Rafferty and his pushing. I LOVED Seth’s character, especially the way that he “pushed” Heather. (And I don’t mean physically people!) Seth was a just a good guy with a past who tried his damn best to help Heather handle and accept hers. The way he pushed her exemplified his character, and in turn made me love him and Heather more. Seth is also really good looking, so there’s that too…
  • The banter and name calling. The banter and name calling between Heather and Seth is off the charts. It was hysterical, and had me laughing out loud many times throughout Star Struck. It also just made the chemistry between Heather and Seth that more apparent.
  • The kinetic chemistry. The chemistry between Heather and Seth comes of the page easily. Even when they’re yelling and screaming, you feel it. It’s so thick at times you could probably cut it with a knife. All that chemistry just made it easy to heart them as they tried to figure out all their crap together.
  • The many layers and messages. Not to get too deep her, but I have to say that the messages in Star Struck were great, and they added another layer to the story being told about Heather and Seth. The message of acceptance of past flaws and choices added another dynamic to this story. It also made the characters seem extremely relatable, even though they were living in Hollywoodland.
  • The human connection and ability to relate. Many of the characters in this book were easy to relate to and understand, no matter what their circumstances, and I absolutely loved that. The human connection that Laurelin Paige created was fantastic, and it made the characters instantly relatable and believable. (Even if you aren’t living in California and stinking rich!)
  • The laugh out loud moments. There are plenty of moments that had me cracking up in this book. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the events that happen, some of the crazy that Heather says, and the kinetic banter between Heather and Seth. The humor was flawless.
  • The past is the past. I absolutely adored that both of these characters had a past they had to deal with. They both had flaws, and they both needed to own them. These pasts made the characters who they were, and ultimately brought them to where they needed to be.

Star Struck was a fantastically fun and engaging story that had me hooked in until the very end. Even when I wanted to strangle Heather or slap Seth, I loved it. It kept me entertained throughout, and I couldn’t wait to see how it would all work out.

This book did a wonderful job of combining it all. It had some fantastically created characters with some bumpy pasts, it had humor, it had plenty of spice, and it had that connection and spark we all love to read about. It also does a pretty magnificent job of balancing the heavy with the light.

About Laurelin: Laurelin Paige is the NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Fixed Trilogy. She’s a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn’t seem to complain, however. When she isn’t reading or writing sexy stories, she’s probably singing, watching Mad Men and the Walking Dead, or dreaming of Adam Levine.

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Excerpt: (Check out a sneak peek at the book below!)

The entire back counter had an array of tools—hammers, saws, screwdrivers, and tools she didn’t know the name of. This was where Seth would be constructing the set pieces. These must be his tools. He’d touched these tools, used them.

She put her hand out and brushed the items as she walked along the counter, enjoying the rush that came from knowing they belonged to the sexy carpenter. Images of him using them filled her mind, turning her entire body to warm mush.

She let her hand settle on an electric drill. It felt strange in her grasp, not an item she’d ever find herself in contact with. She wasn’t even sure she knew how to use one. It was perfect—an unexpected prop and one that a writer could have a lot of fun with.

But she couldn’t take it…could she?

She heard voices from the stage and could tell the group was gathering. The intros were about to start. She had no time. She glanced around to see if she had any other options and spotted an older, more worn drill on the counter. Black sharpie marked it as “Property of Broad Stage”. This drill was better. Bigger and more awkward, but she’d feel less guilty about borrowing it. Without another thought, she picked up the old drill and began wrapping the cord around its body.

“Did you get lost?”

She spun around at the sound of the familiar voice—the voice that made her slippery in her silk panties—and clutched the drill behind her back.

Seth stood in the doorway, one arm propped against the frame, his blue eyes freezing her to her spot. He wore a plain burgundy T-shirt and carpenter jeans. She hadn’t imagined the intensity of her attraction to him—it was real. Just looking at him now made her chest tight and her lungs struggle for air.

Realizing he’d nearly caught her in the act of “borrowing” a tool, she threw her shoulders back and put on her best innocent look. “No, I was…just…trying to find some place I could be alone.” She could feel her eyelashes fluttering as she spoke, as if they had a mind of their own. Whether they were trying to hide her guilt or flirting, she wasn’t sure.

God, she was pathetic.

Seth narrowed his eyes and approached her with long slow steps, each making her heart beat faster. “There are lots of places in the theater to be alone. This isn’t one of them.”

It certainly wasn’t. Though she was alone with him. His words pretty much acknowledging that fact made her lightheaded.

He kept coming toward her until he was right beside her. “Aren’t you supposed to be at the cast Meet and Greet?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be there?”

“I’ll get there eventually.” He leaned against the counter and gestured at her with a nod. “Whatcha got behind your back?”

His scent, a mixture of soap and sweat and cedar, wafted from his skin, making her weak in the knees. “Nothing.” Yeah, that didn’t sound childish. “I mean, none of your business.” Oh, much better.

Why did speaking to Seth always get her so flustered? He wasn’t supposed to talk to her, anyway. It was a rule all the crew was given—only talk to the actors when necessary for the show. That was the assurance given to protect the stars’ privacy. She clutched onto that rule now like a life vest. “You aren’t supposed to talk to me.”


Obviously, Seth didn’t care too much about following rules.

And if he was going to be that way, she wasn’t going to feel bad about borrowing a drill. She just had to figure how to get out of there with it. Glancing around, she spotted another exit just behind her. If she walked backwards, she could make it to that door without him spotting the drill. She had to try.

“Well, since I’m essential out there, I better go.” She took one cautious step away from him.

“You mean as opposed to me being unessential.”

She hadn’t meant for that to sound so snotty. “No.” But it was true. The Meet and Greet was about the actors. The set was completely unnecessary. “Well, yes. But…”

“Don’t fret it, princess. I knew what you meant.”

His tone reaffirmed that he’d already made up his mind about her. He thought she was stuck-up, and wasn’t she? But he didn’t have to parade his disgust for her. “Whatever.”

She took another couple of steps backward, but the cord slipped from where she’d wrapped it around the drill. Before she realized it, the heel of her sandal caught on it, throwing her off balance. She cast out her arms, trying to stop her momentum, but she only managed to postpone the inevitable fall.

Thankfully her plummet was stopped by strong, fast arms that circled around her waist in a firm grasp.

“Whoa.” Seth held her, his face inches from hers, concern in his eyes mixed with something else. Desire? “You okay?”

She stared into his face, at his lips so close she could kiss them if she lifted her head. She wanted to lift her head. So bad. “I’m okay.” Her voice was a whisper. “I just tripped.”

His eyes scanned her face, lingering on her mouth. Then moved lower to her breast line. She felt her skin warm and redden under his gaze. When his stare found its way back to hers, he unwrapped an arm from her waist and brought it between them.

She tensed, waiting for his touch. Longing for his touch. Would his hand trail up her arm? Or caress her cheek? Or, though highly inappropriate, brush her breast? She let out a shaky breath at the thought.

But the touch she longed for didn’t come in any form. Instead, he pulled the tool she still clutched from her grasp and curled his lip. “If you needed a drill, princess, all you had to do was ask.”

Disappointed and embarrassed, she pushed out of his arms. “Don’t call me that.”

“Do you need a screw as well?”

“Stop it, okay.” It surprised her how near tears she was. “I needed a prop. Are you happy? I knocked over my purse in the car and my handcuffs must have fallen out and my assistant is clear out in Bel Air picking up my birth control and she won’t be back in time for the Meet and Greet, even if I manage to go last and I was desperate so I came in here to look for something I could use and this was the first thing I found.” Her words tumbled out in a rush.

He chuckled in a way that both irritated and excited her. “Handcuffs? Birth control?”

Her face warmed from equal parts frustration and humiliation. “Can I just…can I use it?”

“Can you use what?”

“The drill, Seth.”

“Of course. I told you all you had to do was ask.” His eyes sparkled with amusement. “But here—” He exchanged the theater’s drill for his own still on the counter. “Take mine instead. No one will know who it really belonged to or that you came unprepared. Now, wasn’t it a good thing that I was around?”

He held out the drill to her and she took it, brushing his fingertips as she did. The touch shot a surge of electricity through her body. Still, she said, “This doesn’t make us friends.”

His hand sprang out and grabbed her arm just below her elbow. “Do you really think I want to be friends?”

Confused by the roughness of the action and the delight of his fingers on her bare skin, she didn’t know if she should pull away or lean in farther. “I…I don’t know what you want,” she managed to stammer, realizing she didn’t know what she wanted either.

His grasp softened slightly and he drew her closer. For the second time that night, she thought—no, wished—he would kiss her. Instead, when his head bent toward her, it stopped near her ear. “Isn’t it too bad that you won’t let yourself find out?”

His husky whisper sent a serious shiver through her body. For one minute she believed she could let herself find out. That she could forget her past and everything that Seth represented to her. That she could fall into his arms and let his mouth and body erase every bad memory and association she had with people who performed manual labor for a living.

But she’d spent too many years believing just the opposite. The walls she’d have to break down to let someone like Seth in were pretty sturdy.

When she spoke, her voice didn’t sound like her own. The tone was meek and unsure and breathy. “I have to go.”

“Yes, you do.”

He released her and she turned and walked away on unsteady legs. And just like when she’d left her trailer house at sixteen, she didn’t look back.

He was like her past. She didn’t need him. She didn’t want him.

This time, though, the effort to not look was excruciating.

Releasing Now: Hardline

Hardline Banner2


The Hacker Series #3


Meredith Wild

hardlline cover


Software mogul Blake Landon has met his match in headstrong Erica Hathaway. While his controlling nature and her independent spirit continue to battle, Blake has no intention of letting her out of his life again.
Erica has given Blake her trust and her love, determined that they will conquer any challenges together. But when he demands more and tests the boundaries of her commitment, she is forced to face the dark desires he’s kept hidden.
As their bonds grow tighter, their enemies close in. With Erica’s start-up in danger, Blake’s frustration grows as he tries to protect her from those who would ruin her only to get to him. Can their relationship survive when Blake’s enemies cross the line and threaten more than her livelihood?

Hardline Teaser 2


My Review

I have to say I don’t think I have ever been through such an emotional journey while reading, as I was with reading Hardline (Hacker #3) by Meredith Wild. This book put me through the emotional ringer. I am quite positive I stopped breathing, gasped, shrieked, and had heart palpitations more times than I could count while reading this magnificent book. It was all freaking worth it too!

Suffice to say, Hardline is my new favorite in the Hacker Series. Meredith Wild and her outstanding writing skills hit it out of the darn park with this one! I’m going to try capture what the magic of this book is, but I am going to fail at doing that. I can’t even begin to capture the beauty of what Meredith Wild created in this book.

This book begins right where Hardpressed ended, and you hit the ground running. Blake is still Blake, and Erica is still trying to navigate the balance of giving him the control he so desperately needs in their relationship, while still being the stubborn independent fighter she’s always been. The chemistry between these two sparks off the page, and you can seriously feel the heat. Their love for one another continues to deepen, and it was wonderful to have another glimpse at their relationship and the level of connection they shared.

Blake Landon is still himself, but boy did I love reading his controlling ass. Especially when it was shirtless. There are many emotional and hugely vulnerable instances that show Blake in a different light than I had ever seen him in in any of the other Hacker Series books, and that made me love him more. Erica is as much of a spitfire as she was before, and I heart that girl something fierce. She’s no wilting flower, and even as the events of Hardline throw everything at her and put her through a great deal of emotional pain, she’s still there fighting. God love her for that. She is a true gem of a female character, and her perspective in this book is one you’re going to feel for and connect with whole heartedly.

The events in Hardline put Erica and Blake’s relationship to the ultimate test, and their evolution in this book is filled with raw emotion, pain, and vulnerability. Reading that evolution is breathtaking. Literally. It makes you think, it makes you question, it makes you wonder where these characters are headed and if they’ll find the light at the end of the fight. (Talk about some serious character development people!) There are moments in this book that are filled with so much emotion and meaning for both characters. They both face some honest truths and have many emotionally wrought instances, and watching how it all unfolds makes for a reading experience that’s gonna leave you with one hell of a book hangover.

I am in awe of how enthralling this book is. It will capture you in from the get go, and will take you through so much by the book’s end, but you will absolutely freaking love every single word of it. Even in the moments when your heart is beating out of your chest, and you’re wondering how in the hell it’s all going to go, you’re going to love it. Trust me. (Remember, anything worth having is worth fighting for…)

Not to be outdone, the supporting characters of this book make the story whole. They add another engaging dynamic to it all, and add a layer to the story that just brings all the events and craziness together. Alli, Heath, Marie, James, Simone, Sid, and even Daniel pull it all together into one shining book that’s going to leave you dying to know what happens next. The puzzle pieces are all coming together in this one, and I for one am eagerly anticipating where this is all going.

While this book does take you through the emotional ringer a tad, it’s also chalk full of moments of sheer joy and love that make this a true honest to god love story. At the end of the day, through all of the ups and downs that this series puts Erica and Blake through, their love shines through and you will feel it in your bones. In those moments you will fully feel the enormity of Erica and Blake’s relationship, and the true depth of their feeling and connection with one another. Their love story is one to remember, one worth fighting for, and in this book, their love is exemplified in ways that’ll warm your heart and put a ridiculous smile on your face.

Hardline will blow you out of the water. It balances it all with an intensity and complexity that will captivate you from the first word, and it will give you the reading experience you’ve been looking for. It has the light with the dark, the love with the hate, the good with the bad, the joy with the pain, and everything in between. You will feel a gamut of emotions while reading this book, and you will adore every single moment of that. This book has it all, and I for one am sold.

Hardline is the pinnacle of extraordinary writing, and it’s a book you won’t soon forget. It’s exciting, captivating, gut wrenching, phenomenally emotional, and healing in a way. If you haven’t checked out Meredith Wild and her phenomenally written books, do so today. You’re going to be kicking yourself if you pass up this book, or any of her other books for that matter.

So do yourself the favor, and 1-click this one as soon as you finish this review! (And I do mean now…)

 Meet the Author:

Meredith Wild

Meredith Wild is a USA Today and international bestselling author of erotic romance. She lives in Boston with her husband and three children. When she’s not writing or interacting with fans, she’s working with high-tech startups. 

Buy the Books:

Hardline (Hacker Series Book #3)

hardlline cover

Buy Links:

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Hardpressed (Hacker Series #2)                


In Hardpressed, the highly anticipated second book of the Hacker Series that began with Hardwired, Blake and Erica face threats that put both their love and their lives on the line.
Despite Blake Landon’s controlling ways, the young and wealthy hacker finally won the trust of the woman he loves. Internet entrepreneur Erica Hathaway broke down the walls that kept her from opening her heart and her business to Blake.
Ready to start this new chapter in her life, Erica is determined not to let anything come between them, even if that means giving Blake back some of the control he craves in and out of the bedroom.
But when demons from her past threaten their future, Erica makes a decision that could change their lives forever.

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Hardwired (Hacker Series Book #1)


Determined to overcome a difficult past, Erica Hathaway learns early on to make it on her own. Days after her college graduation, she finds herself face to face with a panel of investors who will make or break her fledgling startup. The only thing she didn’t prepare for was going weak in the knees over an arrogant and gorgeous investor who seems determined to derail her presentation.

Billionaire and rumored hacker Blake Landon has already made his fortune in software, and he’s used to getting what he wants. Captivated by Erica’s drive and unassuming beauty, he’s wanted nothing more than to possess her since she stepped into his boardroom. Determined to win her over, he breaks down her defenses and fights for her trust, even if it means sacrificing a level of control he’s grown accustomed to.
But when Blake uncovers a dark secret from Erica’s past, he threatens not just her trust, but the life she’s fought so hard to create.

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I seriously can’t recommend this book, this series, and this author to you more.  These books are phenomenal. Once you get them, you won’t be able to put them down, and y’all are gonna be head over heels in love and awe with Erica and Blake from page 1 of Hardwired.  I heart this author and her phenomenal books something fierce, and I know you will too! Truet me, this is THE series to read and fall in love with, so get to 1-clicking!

Happy Reading!

Releasing Now: Inflame

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Inflame (Explosive #3) by Tessa Teevan




Easy going soldier Kale Montgomery, a self-proclaimed ladies man, has no plans of settling down, especially not with his best friend- the sexy, sassy schoolteacher Lucy Dawson. Their relationship, though unconventional, is mutually beneficial, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Friends with benefits? Casual lovers? Whatever you want to call it, they’re having fun, in and out of bed, and to them, that’s all that matters. At least that’s what they think, but how long can you spend in someone’s bed before you find they’re also infiltrating your heart?

As their casual fling with no strings attached progresses, it’s not long before they realize they’re both in way over their heads. One fateful night changes their lives forever in ways they could never have imagined, giving them the push to finally admit that maybe, just maybe they want more than they’ve let on. Their mutual attraction rapidly intensifies as it shifts from burning lust to unrelenting want, need, and possibly even love. Suddenly the idea of settling down doesn’t seem so bad. In fact, it sounds pretty damn perfect.

Just when things seem to be falling into place, past pain and renewed insecurities rise to the surface and threaten to smother the flames of their passionate relationship, reminding them both why they’ve always kept the idea of love at arm’s length. Will Kale and Lucy realize that what they’ve been waiting for is each other, or will the blazing whirlwind of their feelings burn out too quickly, causing it to all go up in smoke?



She looks me over, and I love the fact that she’s checking me out. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to her, but I am, and I want to get to know her better, at least where the bedroom’s concerned. Eventually, she extends her hand, and I give a firm handshake, the kind she wanted when we first met. “Please, Kale, call me Lucy.”

Shaking her hand, I say it out loud. “Lucy. I like it.”

“That’s fortunate since I’m stuck with it. Okay, Montgomery. As much as I love flirting with a hot ass soldier in the parking lot of an elementary school, I’ve got to get going. Maybe I’ll see you around?”

She starts to walk away, but I grab her hand, reeling her back in. I’m not ready for her to go, yet I don’t want to seem like some crazy stalker guy.

“Can I see you again? You know, outside of an elementary school?” I ask, my eyes bearing down into hers, begging for her to say yes.

She hesitates, and I’m afraid she’s about to say no when she finally responds. “I don’t date. I’m not looking for anything serious, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m the wrong girl.”

My cock practically sings at her words. A no strings attached relationship with a hot teacher right before I deploy? I couldn’t have asked for better luck.

“I don’t do relationships, either, Lucy. I just want to get to know you and to have some fun. No feelings, no strings, no nothing,” I tell her, and watch as a look of relief washes over her.

She starts digging in her purse and I watch as she scribbles something on a piece of paper before hanging it to me. “Number’s right there. Call me when you’re feeling adventurous,” she says. Before I can say anything, she spins around and swiftly walks away, leaving me to wonder just how adventurous she can be.

My Review:

As many of you know by now, I tend to list my reasons of why I love a book, and nothings changing with this post. What I absolutely loved about Inflame:

  • The spark between Lucy and Kale. The chemistry between these two characters was off the charts. You could feel it in every scene in which they were together, and it really made it that much more enthralling to read their story. I am not exaggerating when I say that you will feel the absolutely kinetic spark between them.
  • The painful pasts both characters have. Both of these seriously well-developed characters have painful pasts for different reasons. They’ve both got their issues and flaws that lead them to have similar dissatisfied views on love, and if it really exists. Those painful pasts come across wonderfully, and reveal so much about both of them individually and as a couple. It also makes what’s going on between them in the present tense that more important.
  • Kale. Kale is getting his own bullet point because I truly adore his character. He’s probably my favorite character so far in this series, because he really just struck a chord with me. I felt for him from the first page, and I just wanted to reach in and make him feel better. He had a past that just made me want to cry, and fight for him. He is a gem of a male character, and is so charming that you’re going to wish he were very real.
  • Lucy’s and her undeniable strength. Lucy is an extremely strong female character which freaking rocked. She’s got some serious personality, and I loved that even in the toughest of situations and conversations, she could totally hold her own. Seriously, don’t mess with Lucy! I also simply loved that Lucy came across as extremely relatable, and it was so easy to understand why she felt and thought the way she did.
  • The gangs all here. I have to say that Tessa Teevan did a phenomenal job of including the other characters from the previous books in the series, without making this book all about them. The balance of these characters was freaking fantastic, and it gave more of the characters that I have fallen in love with over the course of each book in the series. Bottom line: the gang is all here, and they still rock, which makes this book terrific.
  • The female friendship dynamic. The female friendship dynamic in this book adds a lovely little layer to the overall book, and its easy to relate to each of these female characters. The interactions, friendships, and connection between Lucy, Charlie, and Alexa is so well written, and you truly feel the authenticity in each of their friendships.
  • The light moments. There are plenty of heavy moments in this book, but those light moments of humor and just downright love add a pretty magnificent layer to this book. They help break down the heavy, and they just make you smile.
  • The fight for it all to work. Lucy and Kale are both working through a lot of things when they come together in this book. They’re both fighting for something, and watching that “fight” build over the book was seriously engaging.
  • The seeds for the future. Many seeds were planted in this book with many different characters in Inflame. These seeds fits seamlessly into the story, and have me seriously intrigued to see what happens next with the characters yet to be explored.
  • The pace of the book. This book’s pacing is remarkable. It is extremely well paced, and makes total sense for the events taking place in the book. The pacing also makes it easy as pie to get sucked into the book. Be forewarned you’re probably gonna read this one in one sitting. It’s just that good, and you’re not going to be able to stop!


My Rating:

 I have loved every book in Tessa Teevan’s Explosive Series, but I have to say Inflame is probably my favorite. I just absolutely loved reading Kale and Lucy’s story, and I couldn’t help but love every minute of it. They were also really easy to connect to, and that made it all the easier to just love them, and want to fight for them. I am telling you that you need to discover this book as soon as you can, and I have to give it…

5 Hot Hot Hot Stars!

Seriously, get you fan ready while you prepare to read this one.

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Inflame (Explosive, #3)

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 Ignite (Explosive #1)

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Incinerate (Explosive #2)

Amazon US | Goodreads

 About the Author:


I’m a twenty six year old book junkie who is also obsessed with sports. Bengals, Buckeyes, Reds are my teams! I work for the government during the day, hang out with Air National Guard on the weekends, and have been married to my own book boyfriend for over seven years. We currently live right outside of Dayton, OH with our two cats.

If I’m not writing or looking through tons of photos of hot men, all in the name of research, then you can probably find me curled up with my Kindle, ignoring the rest of the world. I love my sports almost as much as I love my books. My other obsessions include red wine, hot men, country music, and all things Grace Potter.

 Connect with Tessa:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Email | Goodreads

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love 2

Bait (The Wake Series #1) by M. Mabie (It’s a Cover Reveal!)

Coming this Summer…



He was trouble from the start, but I couldn’t resist.

She was the best kind of trouble. The kind that was so wrong, it felt right.

I’ve tried and failed to stay away from him.

I’ve done everything in my power to make her mine and keep her.

He’s almost impossible to say no to.

She never tells me yes.

We’re always fighting.

When we’re not fighting, we’re… well… making up.

He makes me laugh so hard.

I miss her laugh the most.

I’m a liar.

She knows the truth, but won’t admit it.

Sometimes, I wish I’d never met him.

I wish we could meet all over again. I’d do better.

His sweet girlfriend knows.

The guy she’s with is a fool.

I’ll never love anyone like I love him.

She doesn’t love me enough to choose us.

It was the wrong place.

It was the wrong time.

It should have been him.

It will always be her.



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M. Mabie lives in Illinois, NOT Chicago, with her husband. She is the author of Fade In, a contemporary romance novel; and loves writing for Fifty5Cents Book Blog, which she owns and operates, usually poorly.
She cares about politics, but won’t discuss them in public. She uses the same fork at every meal, watches Wayne’s World while cleaning, and lets her dog sleep on her head.
M. Mabie has never been accused of being tight lipped or shy. She’s THAT girl.
(She doesn’t usually speak in third-person, but surprisingly does when she’s weirded-out about writing her bio.)




Relentless Hope (It’s a Cover Reveal!)

Releasing June 24, 2014


Sometimes playing by the rules and doing everything right is just not enough. A single mistake can turn your entire existence upside down, and irreversibly change the course of your life.

Aleah Lateef’s life changed after one bad judgment led to her being attacked, threatened, and abandoned by all her friends and family. Having been forced to drop out of college, with no money, no job, and no one to turn to, Aleah finds herself on the verge of homelessness and about to lose all hope. One chance encounter with an unlikely savior, however, takes her life on a journey she never imagined taking. 

Relentless Hope is book 1 in a story of losing everything and finding yourself as a result. It is a tale of the resiliency of the human heart in the face of continuous difficulties. This is the journey of a young woman’s struggles to find her way in the world and the unlikely friendships she forms along the way. It is the story of finding love in the most unlikely places and losing it all when you least expect it.






Ashley Cassidy is an avid reader with a lifelong passion for writing, who has decided to share her love of writing with the world. Though she reads all genres, her favorite books are romance novels with happy endings.
When she’s not reading or writing, Ashley can be found spending time with her family, enjoying the outdoors, and sipping on a cup of coffee.

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