A Title is Worth a Thousand Words (Big Girl Panties)

We all know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Well while I kind of agree with that sentiment, I also think the title of a book can be worth a thousand words too. Truly good titles leap out at you, and grab your attention from the get go. They’re unforgettable, and typically their meaning fits the book like a glove.

The title of the book I’m discussing today definitely fits that bill.

The first thing I noticed about this book was its title. I was perusing the book shelves, and it just jumped out to me. It stood out. Big time.

Its title also happens to be a saying that I use more frequently than I’d probably like to admit, but I do just love saying it. Like all the time. The second thing I noticed about this book was its cover. It was just too fun, and I couldn’t help but pick the book up, and boy am I glad I did.

Long story short I bought the book, read it immediately, and I can’t wait to introduce you to today’s seriously fun and engaging book being discussed at The Never Ending Book Basket:

Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich

Big Girl Panties tells the story of Holly Brennan. She is a young widow still dealing with the many repercussions and emotions that come with the loss of her husband’s, one of which being that she’s taken to eating more than she probably should. Then you got Logan Montgomery, a well known personal trainer with a bit of an ego. And when I say a bit, it’s about the size of Texas.

Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich

Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich (I’ll apologize for the quality of the picture. Note to self: don’t forget your camera at home next time…)

These two seriously enjoyable characters meet on a plane, and have a life changing conversation for them both. Though neither of them really realizes it at that moment. Logan offers to train Holly and get her to a healthy place physically, though over the course of this seriously engaging book he’ll get her healthy on so many more levels.

Big Girl Panties follows these two as they train together, and work on building a friendship that ends up taking them to places they never really thought they’d be together or individually. Soon those inevitable sparks begin to fly, but of course nothing is as simple as it appears. Holly has to put on her big girl panties, and Logan needs to pull his head out of his ass, but watching these two phenomenal characters attempt that, makes for an extremely entertaining book you’ll just adore.

What I loved about this book:

  • The title: Titles make or break a book in my opinion. The title of this book is what made me pick it up. It hooked me in, and it just fits this book perfectly. And it’s just really fun! What more could you ask for?

    Big Girl Panties (In the sun!)

    Big Girl Panties (In the sun!)

  • Amanda and Chase Walker: Don’t know who these people are? Well let me enlighten you: they’re the couple that makes it all happen. They act kind of like a catalyst. These supporting characters make the book shine, and help the two main characters pull their heads out of their butts, so what’s no to love? (They’re even getting their own book which I can’t wait to read!)
  • Holly’s got spirit (And I don’t mean cheerleader spirit!): Holly was a genuinely vibrant character to read. She had a pretty emotional and bumpy past, but that didn’t stop her from being her, and pushing back full force with everything she had. Whatever that pushing back meant. She’s spunky, and honestly there’s nothing you won’t love about her.
  • The sarcasm: Do I really need to explain this one? We all know I heart me some sarcasm something fierce. If it wasn’t Holly and her pushing, it was Amanda’s and hers. The one liners these girls had had me cracking up. And since it was mainly at the expense of the opposite sex, that made it all the better.
  • The points of view: I love a little multiple perspective, and this book provides that in spades. It’s told in third person omniscient (which means all the thoughts and feelings of every character presented is shared. Basically you get to jump inside the head of everyone!) So since I love multiple personalities, it was fantastic to see a wide array of them here. They’re all thrown in together too so the transitions are quick, so bring on the instant gratification if you’re dying to know what a characters is thinking.
  • Logan’s attempt at redemption: Logan was kind of a dick. And when I say kind of, I mean I wanted to reach in and slap him half the time. He’s got some things he’s gotta work out personally before he even really gets to know Holly. When they start building their friendship/relationship/whatever label you want to use, those issues rear their ugly head. Logan does some pretty messed up stuff, but his fight to cut the crap and redeem himself made me actually root for him, and like him a hell of a lot more by the end.

    A sign bought for me because it held one of my favorite phrases....

    A sign bought for me because it held one of my favorite phrases….

  • The body image honesty: Holly’s journey with her weight loss and her own body image pretty much nailed it on the head. It couldn’t have been more honest and authentic, and I couldn’t help but relate to many of the emotions and thoughts she was thinking and feeling. (And I know you will too!) Seriously, try not to be a female and relate to what Holly is going through. I dare you.
  • The whole nature of starting a relationship: This book follows Holly and Logan as they build different types of relationships. First its friendship, then it’s more, and then it really gets crazy. But through it all, the emotions, self-esteem issues, doubts, and questions that are raised fit exactly what it means to be starting any kind of relationship. And that just feels right as you’re reading this book.

Big Girl Panties is an extremely fun and lovable book that will have you adoring its characters, smiling and laughing on a pretty consistent basis, and feeling an overall connection with every aspect of this book. It’ll make you smile, it’ll piss you off, and it’ll just make for a pretty fabulous reading experience.

It’s definitely full of moments that will make you swoon, but it’s still got a little spice that may or may not make you want to slap someone silly.

Like I said, a title can be worth a thousand words, and that sentiment definitely rings true here. So do yourself a favor, and find out how good those words are asap.

To check out more on the author Stephanie Evanovich, check out the following links:

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